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Everyone may now choose one person for each category, who can be any active member, except for yourself! Put in just a little effort and say why you chose that member.

I will count the votes in a week or two, then all winners will recieve a small banner to put in their sig, not to mention the gigantic ego-boost.

Now for the categories!

Most Ownage member
-> You either admire this person most, or think he's simply the best member we have.

Wisest member
-> This is someone who seems to know everything and always has a wise opinion.

Most Helpful member
-> When there's something you don't understand, or you're stuck in a certain game or simply need help about anything, you can always rely on this person for help.

Most Creative member
-> Though it's possible, this is not per se a person with great artistic skills. This member is a visionary, and always has great and original ideas.

Funniest member
-> This member has you rolling on the floor over and over again. Ok perhaps not that funny, but he's the forum comedian anyway.

Weirdest member
-> Not much to say here. This person is just plain weird!

Most arrogant member
-> This person always complains about everything, or is sarcastic, thinks he's superior, calls people names...

Biggest Spammer
-> This person likes to post a lot of crap and isn't very loved by the staff.

Most Missed member
-> This is a member who probably won't be receiving his award. He (or she) was active once, but left for a certain reason, and you've missed him(or her) ever since.

Best Moderator
-> This moderator or admin is always around to move topics, delete useless things, stop the spamming and generally makes sure everyone posts by the rules.

Most Moderator Potential
-> Even though he's no moderator, he always obeys the rules and perhaps even plays mini-mod sometimes, such as trying to stop arguements and the like.

Make it easy for yourself and others by copying this in your post, you just have to replace the ****** by the member of your choice and add a reason behind "because:"

[b]Most Ownage member[/b]
[i]******[/i], because:

[b]Wisest member[/b]
[i]******[/i], because:

[b]Most Helpful member[/b]
[i]******[/i], because:

[b]Most Creative member[/b]
[i]******[/i], because:

[b]Funniest member[/b]
[i]******[/i], because:

[b]Weirdest member[/b]
[i]******[/i], because:

[b]Most arrogant member[/b]
[i]******[/i], because:

[b]Biggest Spammer[/b]
[i]******[/i], because:

[b]Most Missed member[/b]
[i]******[/i], because:

[b]Best Moderator[/b]
[i]******[/i], because:

[b]Most Moderator [i]Potential[/i][/b]
[i]******[/i], because:

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Nico's the name, bumping's the game

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