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Posted by: Truechaldean Feb 13 2006, 22:50

Yea from now on I will be posting all my sigs in here.

Here is my newest it took me literally 1hour 30minutes you guys have no idea how many layers is in this sig.

tell me what you guys think.

user posted image
EDIT: Update 2-19-06
New sig comment I was trying a new sig messing with the pen tool.

user posted image
EDIT: Update 2-23-06
A new sig I made Comment please

user posted image

Posted by: coolredneck090 Feb 13 2006, 23:57


lots of color, and you made it blend well +
wierd looking girl -
pretty face +
simple but great text +

the only thing i can think of that would improve it would be...
make her eyes stand out more

the sig is great but too dull, all the colors blend too well together
needs a bit of resistance
a bit of shining light in a dull world

also could you send me the psd i am very interested in seeing how you did this smile.gif

Posted by: Version One Feb 14 2006, 00:54

i like this.

Posted by: Rhino Feb 14 2006, 06:42

it's cool

Posted by: Vin Feb 14 2006, 12:24

sig is great. but whats the truth????

i want to know the truth!!!!!

Posted by: colpridenyc Feb 14 2006, 12:34

ts awesome but i would have liked to see the girls face beter.
I also agree with what crn said clap.gif

Posted by: Truechaldean Feb 14 2006, 20:38

lol it says True
short for TrueChaldean

Posted by: actafool169 Feb 15 2006, 01:58

dude it is kinda artsy

Posted by: eddaket Feb 15 2006, 03:11

QUOTE(actafool169 @ Feb 14 2006, 20:58 )
dude it is kinda artsy

wooooooooooooow, of course its arty, ITS BEAUTIFUL ART

o, and good job, 9.5/10

Posted by: Vin Feb 15 2006, 04:24

QUOTE(Truechaldean @ Feb 15 2006, 02:08 )
lol it says True
short for TrueChaldean

DOH! ohmy.gif


so, about showing the full pic of the girl in your sig? rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Truechaldean Feb 15 2006, 20:26

lol I would but its to big of a file to use imageshack or w/e

Posted by: Truechaldean Feb 19 2006, 22:45

UPDATE check the top

Posted by: Vin Feb 20 2006, 14:23

Background 9/10.

jessica alba 4/10 get a better pick of her dude, it does not balance itself with the rest of the sig.

Posted by: SaPd:Lieutenant Feb 20 2006, 17:00

i like the second one a lot, with the yellow, the pink and the colors.

Posted by: Truechaldean Feb 20 2006, 17:16

thanx guys

Posted by: chaosenergy Feb 20 2006, 17:23

2nd one is definatly the best.
8/10 & 9.5/10

Posted by: Truechaldean Feb 20 2006, 19:42

thank you^ smile.gif

Posted by: Truechaldean Feb 23 2006, 20:35

Updated it check it out a new sig.

Posted by: Mister V Feb 23 2006, 20:41

Yeah, it's marvellous. thumbsup.gif

Posted by: Truechaldean Feb 23 2006, 20:43

thank you smile.gif
if you see this comment please

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