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The problem with wins even when everyone is trying is that a hero on the losing team, possibly osrs gold displaying more skill as an individual than anyone on the winning team, gets absolutely nothing; while an afker on the winning team gets the maximum possible rewards. It not a sensible way to give out rewards, which is why minigames can be allowed to have good rewards.
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As I said, if you could measure the contribution of each player and reward accordingly, the way every popular game with PvP in it does, this would be the perfect way to give out the ex BH rewards, but Jagex are both unwilling and unable to measure and reward contribution. Players putting in effort would be reward far more then afkers over time.

Lastly your solutions of saying afk abyssal demons will be multiple times faster at getting better weapons just means no one will ever play minigames for the rewards anyway.Wins are how Castle Wars tickets are gotten for the trim requirement, and Castle Wars is full of afkers, and plenty of games are made between mains and alts where the mains get one flag and then everyone afks. Wins is not enough to stop boosting.

If incentive is great enough wins are enough. Castle wars trimers are the only ones currently who have an incentive to play castle wars and given there small number its easy to balance out with alts and afk. A huge influx of players hungry for a decent reward would throw this balance out the window. Clans and Fcs would pop and fight for dominance again and they sure as hell wouldn want afkers on there team.

It would be ideal to reward based off effort but in the short term I think mixing minigames up with decent rewards is a good experiment. It would require very low effort by jagex to added the tier 87 to the rewards shops and if it increases there popularity maybe jagex will be more inclined to perform a more through update to the reward system in the future.

The integrity of the rewards has long since been compromised by the year long botting and alt farming of BH. So why not try adding them to mini games for a few months and see if it revives them? It address the issue of the lack a decent reward in minigames. So maybe it will help. Its not like its going to have any major downsides.
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