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Posted by: Mark Jun 2 2009, 13:43

IPB Image

Left 4 Dead 2 takes place in the South of the USA, beginning in Savannah, eventually reaching New Orleans. There’s four new characters to play, each with back-stories to be hinted at in their conversations. Coach is a high school football coach from the Savannah area, used to leading the kids, comfortable in his life, and perhaps not enamoured by the arrival of a zombie attack. There’s Rochelle, from Cleveland originally, working for a cable news network. She’s producing a segment on this strange story occurring in Savannah, and gets caught up in the events. Ellis is a Southern boy mechanic, an enthusiastic but smart guy with a “Southern flair”. Finally there’s Nick, a gambler and a conman, unsure of his company and cynical about the events.

Posted by: Simon Jun 4 2009, 10:35

This is awesome, Im so going to get this one and the first one, ohh and TF2 then I have all the props and ragdolls on Gmod. smile.gif

Posted by: Version One Jun 6 2009, 19:23

i'm actually surprised that they're coming out with a sequel so soon but am looking forward to it. gun.gif

Posted by: -=[The_Funto]=- Oct 24 2009, 15:43

Can't wait woot.gif
Just got 1000GS on L4D

Posted by: Laurell Oct 25 2009, 16:40

Heard was a leaked intro...

Wait for it to load, and then press the white arrow happy.gif

Posted by: ReMcO Oct 25 2009, 20:51

Whatever it is, it's a really cool vid. I kinda like it but two things: 1. running zombies and mutated zombies with long tongue's. Oh please. 2. The graphics are sooo outdated. I try not to be a graphicswhore but still. Damn an update would be nice.

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