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Posted by: JollyRoger Jul 9 2010, 17:28

Players of MMORPG leviathan World of Warcraft are putting Blizzard games in their collective doghouse over a proposed plan to require real names for chat purposes. Those black gummy globules you see washing up on Texas/Mexican Gulf coast aren't from the oil spill. Thats the **** hitting the fan from the fallout from this proposal.

Back when I was playing Everquest I had hear rumors of something like this. Nothing shakes malcontents out of the woodwork faster than threatening their anonymity. A large segment of MMORPG players play these games for just this reason. Threatening privacy is a can of worms best not opened. If a legislator is pushing this, or is being pushed into this, than that legislator has to show some cajones to his "constituency" or be voted out by people who aren't. 2 cents submitted.

Posted by: Mister V Jul 9 2010, 20:06 A shame, really. That would have been a very interesting social experiment, to see how all those kids would do with responsibility. It would also be interesting to evaluate the number of real-world crimes committed because of it, to show the extent to which anonymity is important.

Posted by: JollyRoger Jul 10 2010, 05:38

I guess whoever has their collective fist up Google and YouTube's *** can't grow a third fist to cram up Blizzard's collective ***. Not enough fists to cram. I guess it takes too much effort to take out one fist, cram up someone else's ***, pull it back out and cram it back up the *** it was previously in.

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