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>  Super Tuesday Announcement, Nulli Secundus Factum Est
  Post#1 | Apr 22 2008, 20:29 + Quote Post Go to the top of the page
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(official GTA IV Super Tuesday banner to be unveiled on April 27th)

One week separates the world from the release of what will likely be Game of the Year Anno Domini 2008. One week before capital changes hands in exchange for shimmering disks containing the drama, action, horror and excitement, and comedy that gamerdom has anticipated the day the first rumors of an epic new installment for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Hands await force feedback from tires jumping curbs and slamming into brick wall. Blood awaits it's chance to boil as virtual rounds cut the air on the streets of Liberty City. And all the cones and rods contained in all the eyes of GTA fans await the first sight of these streets as synapses fire like bolts of lightning.

In FIVE days an Official Thread will be posted just 48 hours before enabling G-Unleashed members Past, Present and most importantly Future to get together and open the door to the future of this site and the discuss what will be the future of not only the Grand Theft Auto series, but video gaming itself. So join us on the 27th and stick around through the first few days of an infant phenomenon.

Schedule of Events:

April 27th: Opening of the Official GTA IV SUPER TUESDAY Thread
April 29th: Grand Theft Auto IV is released
May 1st: Mayday arrives. Topic closes. The Future of GU Begins!

Admins and Mods feel free to add

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