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>  11 Easter Eggs Guide, Pictures/Locations/Descriptions
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NOTE: This topic is used ONLY to discuss the 11 Easter Eggs, other secrets PLEASE POST HERE.


Q: What is an Easter Egg?
A: Easter Egg in VCS is an image hidden throw various places in VC. Every egg has smilie on it.

Q: Where can I find them?
A: They're hidden throw various places, map soon!

Q: Can't find X easter egg!
A: Please look at the pictures, map, description. If not enough, feel free to ask. I or someone else will always try help you.

Q: How many 'Eggs' are there in total?
A: There is 11 in total + the image that leads you to easter egg #11.

Q: Lies! I can't get to the #11!
A: 10 + sign on PSP version, 11 + sign on PS2 version.

Location: In the trailer park on one trailer
IPB Image

Location: At the docks where the Graffiti is look inside one of the trailers.
IPB Image

Location: In the alleway near the empire*
IPB Image

Location: Remember the fence near Malibu where you had to save Reni. Go throw it and turn around.
IPB Image

Location: On top of the yellow house in Prawn Island. Go there by Helicopter and the egg is under a small wood (ramp).
IPB Image

Location: It's somewhere behind the stadium on the wall.
IPB Image

Location: In the ruined building. You will see it when you try to get to the top. The ruined building is next to Pay'N'Spray Ocean beach.
IPB Image

Location: Behind ammu-nation small opened garage*
IPB Image

Location: It's inside the North Point Mall at the books (records) shop. See map for details.
IPB Image

Location: Under the bridge, just next to an empire.
IPB Image

Sign that points you to #11
Location: Under the big ship left side. Just across the street from Phil's Old Place.
Description: To see this sign you must swim under the ship from the left side. On PSP version it says "HELLO AGAIN : )" and on the PS2 version it says (see the image below)
IPB Image

Location: Inside the VCN building. You have to jump from the helipad to a small window. Just like in VC - same window, jump on it, you will fail on PSP version though.
IPB Image

Attached Image

guide made for G-U by Mark (tongue.gif).

* - more info added soon.

PS. If you have any info feel free to post and I'll give you credit if it's good.

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