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>  Firefighter & Vigilante Tips
  Post#1 | Oct 22 2004, 17:30 + Quote Post Go to the top of the page
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I searched, looked through the pinned guides, but couldn't find any tips for the Firefighter or Vigilante missions. Seeing as there's already a Taxi guide, I decided to do this. I'm just bringing to the table what I read elsewhere, or what has been mentioned here before, but forgotten or lost, not making anything up or something new, just organizing it all, so don't shoot the messenger.

Ok, for the Firefighter missions, which are the easiest with or without this tip, all you need to do is start the mission, and as soon as the target appears, start and stop the 30-second replay by pressing the F1 button twice. There's no special timing needed, or any specific moment, just 2 taps of the F1 key. It must be a glitch in the game, since the fire is extinguished without you getting near it. Just pick a spot where gangs or traffic won't bother you, and press away. Also, this is a very, very easy way to get money in the beginning of the game, particularily if you need some extra moolah for 8-Ball in the Bomb Da Base mission later on. If you're one of those blokes with ultra-high morals, and consider this to be cheap, or cheating, or what have you, you can actually put out each fire (long), or head to each car, use this tip, and see if it's needed for the Import/Export Garage, or another mission (A Cheetah for Turismo, obtained from putting it out in a fire truck).

Ok, now for the almost universally known tip for the Vigilante Mission: Getting close to the target (at least within your sights/range), pausing, and then un-pausing the game, so the target gets out of his/her vehicle, stands still for a second, so they can easily be run over without having a chance to shoot your or run, and proceeding to run away on foot. Ignoring the slight damage your car takes from hitting the targets/their cars/random people or things, this makes the mission possible to do one car, with no cheats, as long as you drive at least a bit sanely from target to target. The target, if killed outside of their car, may drop some decent weapons (uzi, shotgun, pistol, etc) as well. smile.gif

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  Post#2 | Feb 19 2006, 09:36 + Quote Post Go to the top of the page
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Does that vigilante trick work for ps2 version as well?

You see, I never actually played GTA3, I bought the double pack for Vice City a long time ago and NEVER picked up the first game. And I just recently started playing VC again (after I bought SA) before that they were collecting dust. tongue.gif

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  Post#3 | Dec 24 2012, 07:35 + Quote Post Go to the top of the page


Does the vigilnate tip works on the ipad 2???
  Post#4 | Apr 26 2019, 11:18 + Quote Post Go to the top of the page


The firefighter and vigilante tips related topic are mentioned here. It's the easiest way that the messenger game extinguished for the gangs or the traffic. I need more helpful hints more clarification on the related topic. I hope all of us have the same opinion regarding the topic.
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