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> Announcement: SIGNATURE RULES read before making sigs
SIGNATURE RULES read before making sigs 

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- The maximum size for signature images is as follows:
maximum signature image size
- Only 1 sig image of this size allowed.
- NO ANIMATED signature images. Not even a tiny flashing pixel. Animated sigs are annoying and slow down page loading times.
- If you use the maximum height for a sig image (100px), only 1 additional line of NORMAL size text is allowed.
- If no sig image is used, up to 5 lines of NORMAL sized text can be used.
- Signatures MUST NOT contain any offensive/explicit images

- The maximum size for avatars is as follows:
maximum avatar size
- Avatars CAN be animated, but MUST NOT exceed 50k if you plan to upload to the forums.
- Avatars MUST NOT contain any offensive/explicit images.

If your signature or avatar is in violation with any of these rules, you will be contacted by a member of staff and asked to change it. If you refuse, you will lose a life and your signature and avatar privileges will be taken away.

User Bars
A user bar is a thin graphic bar that a alot of member have in their signature space. You can view and download user bars from Userbars.com

- NO MORE than 5 user bars are allowed in your signature space. They must be placed one per line, they cannot span 2 across as this will stretch the skin
- Animated user bars are not allowed
Mini ProfilePM
- Choose Skin: