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>  Proper Way To Get Gold For Wow With 3x Reward Points During Apr13-apr19, Proper way to get gold for wow with 3x reward points during Apr13-Apr1
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SubscriptionsGo buy wow gold to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIf you've got a yen to have a go at Glitch, a new browser based, massively mulitplayer, online social game, you'd better join the queue now. Even though the game won't move into beta release until next week, there are, according to the game's creators, already around 40,000 people waiting for invites.Glitch won't even be officially launched until fall. All four left Yahoo! in 2008 after the vesting of the stock options granted to them in Yahoo!'s 2005 acquisition of Flickr.Butterfield is leading the Glitch creative team in Vancouver while the engineering and programming happens at Tiny Speck headquarters in California. The modest space is in Vancouver's trendy Yaletown district. Butterfield has an office, with windows, but the rest of the 10 person creative team face each other from workstations set up on two rows of long library tables pushed together in one main room.Butterfiled in front of images of scenes and characters from Glitch. ((Courtesy of Tiny Speck))Glitch is free to play, but subscriptions and extras special wardrobe options, for example will be available to those who want to pay. Butterfield said there's also a plan to create mobile applications for iPhones and Android devices that tie into the world in which the game is set and would generate revenue.Glitch takes place in a world created by the dreaming of 11 giants. That's all we really know about the story at this point."There's a really thin backstory to the game," said Butterfield in an interview.It's not the least bit reliable, either. The main conflict, Butterfield explained, is how the world came to be. Either it's new or there were previous worlds that were destroyed or 11 separate worlds have fused together.Artifacts that you'll find in the world will provide conflicting evidence about what's really going on. A tree will tell you a story one day, and the next, a pig will tell you the tree was full of it."Nothing makes sense," said Butterfield.Which is just as well, because the players actually carry much of the responsibility for creating the story, and the world, of Glitch.It's a different kind of user generated content than the game industry has tried to work with before. LittleBigPlanet, created for Sony's Playstation 3 console, started a trend by giving gamers the tools to create their own levels, but Butterfield wants to enable people to play with character and story."I think there are more people who can write and tell a story," he said.Talking trees, needy pigsIn the game, players move two dimensional characters through the Glitch world. It's a (mostly) non violent place filled with fantastic things like egg producing plants, talking trees and pigs that will give players meat but only if the are first petted, then nibbled. Characters can learn and upgrade skills like animal kinship, teleportation and grilling.It's more than just a little surreal, and the whimsical effect is enhanced by the varied art styles used in the game. It's called Glitch, after all.
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