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Posted by: DeWolfe May 13 2007, 19:00

Im REALLY stuck on challenge number 49. Its the one where you use the Police Corvette. I can only get to the first checkpoint with 1 - 2.5 seconds left and only just scrape into the second checkpoint. Ive even resorted to using the unlimited NOS cheat on AR Max but even that doesnt help. Dont get me started on hitting those invisible walls... fury.gif

Any help much apprieciated.

Posted by: Max D best Aug 29 2007, 12:04

Well i done it 5 time till I finished it
I know it is a hadeach at 1st,
then it will be like nothing!

Posted by: DeWolfe Aug 29 2007, 17:53

That really doesnt help. Ive given up on NFS anyway.

Posted by: Max D best Sep 1 2007, 11:56

Well I have 2 be near u & play with it so I can tell u how.
But I can't tell u with written,I have 2 do it near u & explain u tricks,hints,bla,bla,bla......
sry I can't help u no.gif
or i'd told u how

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