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> Announcement: Explanation of The Lives System
Explanation of The Lives System 

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This is an explanation of the Lives system.

Every member begins with 3 lives. If a member behaves particularly badly or breaks the same rule repeatedly, they may lose a life. Check the forum rules to see what you may lose a life for. This reduction in lives is carried out by a member of staff. When all lives are gone, the member is banned.

When a life is taken away from a member, that member's posting ability will be removed for 24 hours. During which time, they will be able to continue reading the board, but will not be able to post.

Occasionally, if it is apparent a member has learnt from their bad behaviour, they maybe given a life back. However the more a member pester's staff to give back a life, the less likely it will happen.

This is what the lives bar looks like and the meanings:
2 Lives left: 2 Lives left
1 Lives left: 1 Lives left
0 Lives left: 0 Lives left

Extra Notes: Member's can only view their own lives. Members MUST NOT create topics discussing what lives they have left.
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