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> Announcement: Main Site News Posting Rules
Main Site News Posting Rules 

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Main News Posting Rules

Topics posted in this forum will appear on the front page of g-unleashed.com. Thus all topics made here need approval from a member of staff before they can be seen.

Because these topics appear on the front page there are some strict rules that MUST be met before your topic can be approved.

  • HEADLINE Your topic title is the news headline. Make sure it outlines the news article in as little words as possible.

  • WRITING STYLE We ask members to post news in good quality style. 90% of posts made on the forums would fail this style, so please make every effort to write a good quality post that isn't too long, but makes the point. 1 liner news items will NEVER be accepted. We expect a couple of paragraphs at least.

  • SPELLING AND GRAMMAR We need the utmost standard of spelling and grammar. Staff will do there best to correct any minor spelling and grammar mistake, but if your post is riddled with them, your news posting will not be approved.

  • NO LEECHING You MUST NOT leech news from another site. If you quote news from another site, you MUST place a link to that site.

  • QUOTING When quoting news items from other sites, please use the QUOTE tags provided.

  • RE-WRITING NEWS When finding news from another site, you ARE ALLOWED to re-write it in your own words and not place a link to the site. However if any quotes are taken, no matter how small, you must put a link.

  • CONTENT News MUST be of global gaming interest. By this I mean news items concerning new games, consoles, mods etc. Just think of the kind of news that would appear in a gaming magazine, and it will be good here.

  • No BAD LANGUAGE or JOKES! News postings should be of a formal nature.

  • POSTING IMAGES You can use the image tags to post an image, but the image must not wider than 375 pixels, otherwise it will stretch the front page! Please make sure the image is good quality/filesize ratio.

  • UP-TO-DATE NEWS! Please keep news items recent. Anything older than a week is really taking the biscuit!

  • Please be patient while we approve your news post. If it is rejected, take it like an adult and don't cry.

  • Staff reserve the right to reject any news item for any reason.
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