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Posted by: JollyRoger Jul 29 2010, 03:57

Critics and Gamers are already at each others throats just after the release of the much anticipated sequel to 1998's Starcraft.

Despite the fact that I have not played this game I do have to wholeheartedly agree with Amazon's Neosplicer that single player campaigns are getting downsized in favor of multiplayer content. Too many developers are releasing partial games with lame single player features. It seems I'm not the proverbial urine-drinking hermit all alone in the wilderness in my feeling that this is a copout by unimaginative or just plain lazy developers catering almost exclusively to the online multiplayer crowd. Multiplayer mode is fine. Don't get me wrong on this. But it's kind of like selling box Mac n' Cheese with just the cheese powder and no pasta. Developers = FAIL.

Posted by: Simon Jul 29 2010, 12:32

I played the Beta, I liked it but I won't buy it until I get a better computer... smile.gif

Posted by: Laurell Jul 29 2010, 15:37

You have 20 hours of single play if you play it through, probably the double if you hunt the achievements. Currently so are there only campaign for the Terran race, so when the campaign for the Protoss and the Zergs comes along, so will you probably have 60 hours of campaign...

Besides campaigns is just annoying in strategy games anyways, the story is less important than in other genres.

Posted by: Simon Jul 29 2010, 18:20

Yeah but twice as fun as you sometimes get to fight and use units you can't fight or use otherwise. smile.gif

Posted by: JollyRoger Aug 4 2010, 05:14

The point I was trying to get across is that a meager single player story mode gives the impression of the developer being lazy. Just like trying to sell just the cheese powder as macaroni and cheese. Sure WoL packages a few noodles with their cheese powder but being told to wait for the other Two portions of pasta to arrive is a little perplexing.

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