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G-Unleashed Forums _ GTA: SA Gameplay _ How To Get The News Chopper, Hydra And Hunter Without Cheats

Posted by: gta freak4122 Nov 28 2016, 04:56

head for the the race "whiry bird checkpoint"(for the news chopper).the race will start and u will find ur self in a news,insted of heading for the corona, head for the air strip.when u have reached slow down and carefully move ur heli into the large garage in the air strip(it neeeds some practice but it is prossible to do it.)once its in, get down and quickly get out of the garage.after the time is up , u will be transported to the lv air prot.if u go and check in your garage, u will see the chopper still in there.u can do the same for hydra and hunter.For hydra,do the race"millitary service".its easier for the hydra because u will be teleproted to ur own air strip with the insted oof going for the corona, adjust ur thrusters and move it into ur garage.done!u can also do it for the hunter.again, u can also do it do get cars,just start the race, and instead of going for the checkpoint,drive ur car to any garage.hope it helped!

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