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> Announcement: FORUM RULES Read before posting
FORUM RULES Read before posting 

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Welcome to the G-Unleashed Forums. We hope you enjoy your stay but please abide by these rules otherwise you may find yourself being cautioned or even banned.

No Warez/piracy.
The discussion of warez/piracy is forbidden. Even mentioning methods and programs involved is not tolerated. STEER CLEAR OF THIS TYPE OF DISCUSSISION. - Repeat offenders will be banned.

No Pornography
Explicit discussions, images and links are forbidden. Once again it's better to steer clear of the whole subject. - Offenders will be banned.

Create topics in the correct forum
Before creating a topic, make sure you are in the correct forum. If you are unsure, contact a member of staff BEFORE creating the topic. - repeat offenders will lose a life.

Keep on topic
When participating in discussions, do your best to stay on topic. If you find a discussion has strayed off topic and you want to comment on the original subject matter, you are free to do so. You are also free to encourage other members to stay on topic. - members suspected of deliberately going off topic over many topics, will lose a life and maybe suspended.

No flooding or spamming
Spam (posts that contribute very little or nothing to a discussion) is forbidden. Postcounts are not available anywhere on the boards to discourage spam. - repeat spammers will lose a life. Extreme spammers will be banned.

No flaming
Flaming (when members personally insult each other aggressively) is forbidden. Debating is ok, but if a debate deteriorates into a flame war, it will be closed and the offenders will lose a life. Respect other members opinions and decisions even if you don't agree with them. - repeat offenders will be banned.

No advertising
Posting a link to your website in order to obtain feedback is acceptable, but if it is apparent that you post a website link merely to obtain hits, then the link will be removed. - repeat offenders will lose a life

DO NOT use [img] tags in posts
You are free to use them to use them in your signature, but DO NOT use them in your posts. Use the attachment system for uploading images. Guide to adding attachments

No copyrighted material/leeching
Posting copyrighted material or work that is not yours and then claiming to be the owner/creator is seriously forbidden. You can post someone elses work, but give them credit for it. Repeat offenders will lose a life.

Moderate your swearing
If you feel the need to swear, please censor your swear words. The forum automatically censors certain words, but DO NOT try to outwit the censor's. - repeat offenders will lose a life.

Do not insult Newbies
New member's arrive all the time. If they ask a question that is common knowledge, DO NOT insult them, encourage them to use the search or point them to the relevant topic.

No Double Accounts
User's are forbidden to create more than one account. If you want to change your name, contact an admin. - Offenders will lose a life. Repeat offenders will be banned.

Do NOT re-register after you are banned
If you are banned from the forums, DO NOT re-register. You were banned for a reason and you must stay banned. If we notice that you've registered again, we will trace your Internet Service Provider and report you to them as abuse of the internet. Be warned that ISP's deal with this kind of behaviour very serioiusly.

DO NOT drag confidential staff discussions onto the forum
If a confidential discussion is being carried out between you and the staff, do not drag it onto the forum no matter how upset you get. If you do, you are upsetting the rest of the forums and you WILL BE BANNED instantly. No excuses. We DO NOT tolerate forum uprisers. We've dealt with them in the past and we know what damage they can do.

Appealing Staff Actions
You are free to appeal a course of action by a member of staff if you have a valid reason. However, if your'e appeal is turned down YOU MUST NOT argue any further. Accept the decision and move on.

We reserve the right to change these rules with due notification. We reserve the right to delete any post that we feel to be in violation of these rules and to caution or ban any members that directly infringe upon them.

Thankyou. Lucas & IKHAM. Forum Administrators.
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