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>  Termin-matrix, Cameron, Wachowskis Phonies??
  Post#1 | May 12 2005, 18:37 + Quote Post Go to the top of the page
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Oddly enough I've been hearing things like this for a good four years now. I thought it was a hell of a good rumor so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this article. On the scale of provactive/intruiging 1-10 this rates about a 5 with the discovery of the Earth being round coming it at an 8.5. Could the creative ideas behind two of the biggest Sci Fi movie franchises not only have come from someone else but in fact the same person? This now seems more than a common possibility....

Matrix plot 3 Ripped???

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"Who's shooting at me?" Neo thinks as he ducks away.

In a way this story makes a few plot points from the movie make a little more sense. Two of the most major influences on Neo are Morpheus and of course the Oracle. Both minorities and in the final film both black, however incidental as the original actress who played the Oracle died before the filming began. It seems odd to me that two white guys would write two charaters such as these. Granted things have become more progressive in recent years, but to place such a mantle on these guys may be more of a stretch. But I can't confirm any of my suspicions until I actually read the original manuscript of The Third Eye. The Wachowskis did make a good film which makes this hard. But if this woman is truly the creator I think a change in the credits is due. As well as heavy ROYALTIES.

As for Cameron, I've been waiting a long time for ammo to use against him since the release of Titanic. A movie that made that much money with the corpse of a haphazard script floating above expensive special effects is more than I can still stomach. As for Arnie, I am glad to hear that most of his professional acting career may be founded on something that was ripped off from someone else. Oh wait, I don't need this revelation to affrim that. His current career is as much.

"It's Not a Tumuh!!!"

It could be big guy. If in fact this article turns out to be even-steven. Whether it is or not does not take away from the Profound implications that many of todays biggest movie vehicles have been jacked. Food for thought. thumbsup.gif

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