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>  GTA: San An Forum Directory, All the topics you need! Last Updated: 1/23/'08
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Because GTA San Andreas forum has over 1500 topics and many replies, I have created this index to navigate this forum and topics you might want to see or just know that these topics are already in forum. If in front of the topic is word "Poll", it means it has a poll where you can vote.

GTA: SA General

- Most Hated Mission

- Funny moments how you were busted/wasted etc.

- Info about Wang Autos

- Missing Pieces - Topic about discussing what SA could have

- Funniest way you killed someone

- Weird things in game

- Guess the quote

- Funniest Comment

- GTA Beta's

- Most Favourite Mission

- Hidden Interiors via Ganton Gym

- How to enter houses

- Worst thing(s) in San Andreas

- ...

GTA: SA Gameplay

- Small topic if you have problem with girlfriends

- Favourite Sports Car

- Triathalons and Infinite Sprint

- How to get the Combine Harvester

- Poll: Favourite Radio Station

- ...

GTA: SA Screenshots

- GTA: SA Photography Thread

- CJ Fashion Show

- Post your funny screenshots

- Post your modded rides

- ...

GTA: SA Vehicles and Weapons

- Car location maps

- Game cars in real life

- Poll: Favourite Plane and Helicopter

- Getting Hotknife another way

- Easy way to do vigilante missions

- Fun things to do with R3

- ...

GTA: SA Secrets & Glitches

- All criminal ratings in San Andreas

- Official cheatdevice (Armax, Gameshark etc..) topic

- Tons of secrets and glitches

- Fun things to do with Tractor/Towtruck

- Do not save at Madd Dogg's, it will cause basketball disappearing

- "Supply Lines" tips

- Missing tattoo parlour: How to get it (PS2, Xbox)

- ...

Newbies: Didn't find a topic which has guides? Well don't hit New Topic button yet, please check out GTA: San Andreas section! It has lots of information you need such as Tags, Snapshots, Horseshoes guides, even Vehicle database and all info you need!
GTA: San Andreas section

I tried to keep up with the dates, mostly topics here are topics from '08, '07 and some are from '06. Polls, which topics are spammed, aren't on this list and never will be. I will update the list everytime, if you think i have missed a topic, please post here or PM me and I will add to the list. Topics with bullsh*t will not be added here, neither will which have only 2, 1 or 0 posts. Topics with at least 10 posts would be great. And remember that topics can be from '08, '07 and last year '06, no older ones! Except if it's really necessary.

Please report me all not working links or if topic got deleted, please tell me too.
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