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Before you read, know that we had to write a two page minimum paper on magic realism. I chose Charizard hosting a daytime talk show and then it being sabotaged. Enjoy and share your thoughts of it.

“Another day, another dollar.” said Charizard to himself while make-up was being put on him for the show’s taping. “5 minutes, Charizard.” It was the 100th episode of his talk show, a good celebration to rejoice and count your blessings. But Charizard knew something was going to happen, he had a hunch boiling up inside of his gut.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, …

“Hi, welcome to the Daytime Talk with Charizard, and I’m your host, Charizard. This is our 100th episode today, and we’d like to celebrate it by giving each of our audience members something special. So everyone look under your seats, and unravel the twi- wait, there’s not supposed to be twine around the boxes..”

Charizard noticed this incredibly significant but all so petite detail too late. His entire audience was blown up like Waco, Texas in 1993. Charizard stood up, wiped the ashes off of his anxiety filled eyes and just stared at his empire crumbling like messed up artwork on a balled sheet of paper. He began to weep. All of what he worked for was no gone faster than Speed Racer going Super Sayan. The worst part of it all was that the show was still being shown live at that very moment.

The show, for obvious reasons, went on a leave for a bit. The network was in negotiations of a possible cancel hitting harder than the XFL. But Charizard said “Stop” like The Supremes and asked for another chance. He had one shot to seize this like Eminem, and he was praying and wishing that it’d be smooth like butter.

“Sorry for the technical difficulties on our last taping, America. We had a little mix-up worse than Ru Paul that we’re still trying to track down.” The show went all as planned, but it was afterwards that gave Charizard a bigger shock then when we found out Doogie Houser is gay. “You may have some theories on your show, on who tried to pull a sabotage like the Beastie Boys. My advice to you is don’t put you nose anywhere it doesn’t belong.” written in newspaper clippings. “How Cliché” Charizard thought to himself for a brief moment. “But like every movie and story I've seen or read with a story similar to this, I must find out who did that to my three time award winning talk show and take justice into my small abnormal dragon hands.

The next few weeks, Charizard started dressing like d**k Tracey and pulling bigger clues than Sherlock Holmes. For the next few months his abstract, 2D world revolved around finding out who tried to mess up his show worse than Soy Bomb messing up Bob Dylan’s performance at the 1998 Grammy Awards. His show started going down the tubes, he was no more subjected to A-Lists, and they revoked his job to light the Olympic torches using his fire-breath. It was either justice, or move back home with his ambidextrous mother and watch “Top Cat” and “Huckleberry Hound” on Boomerang! all day in his Homer Simpson boxers.

Another two months passed and Charizard had found out who had tried and successfully murdered what he had of a career. He went to his house, and rang the doorbell. “Who is it?” and sounding like Rambo, Charizard said “Your worst nightmare.”

Then Blastoise opened the door quicker than Mike Tyson eating a plate full of ears. Then Charizard challenged Blastoise to Mortal Kombat. Blastoise used Hydropump, it damaged critically. Charizard’s hit points went down from 210 to 170. Charizard used Dragon Rage – but it missed. But before Blastoise could finish him off with a tackle, Charizard leapt up and then swooshed down and ripped out Blastoise’s spinal cord then used it as a jump rope and sang ‘Ms. Mary Mack’. Charizard had won his dignity back.

The next Monday, Charizard appeared on his show with a new attitude and with much more optimism than Prime. The ratings were bigger than Rosie O’Donnell’s weight. He was now a bigger star than Star Jones (figuratively) and was now the King Of The Hill again like Hank Hill, and it stayed like that until Conan O’Brien took over in 2009.

I'm turning that in tomorrow. How do you guys like it?

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