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>  Unique Stunt Jumps, One not registering.
  Post#1 | Nov 3 2015, 20:58 + Quote Post Go to the top of the page
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I know the Unique Stunt Jumps are not required for 100% completion, but I am finished with the game, and at 100.00% completion, and wanted to get all 70 of the Unique Stunt Jumps done, and my stats say there's 70 out of 70 found, but only 69 out of 70 done. I've went through all 70 of the jumps 3 times now, and I'm hitting every jump accordingly, but still cannot find the one I'm missing. When I restarted my new file, I wrote down every jump I hit during any missions, and that was 3 total. Now when I went to do the rest of the jumps I knew those three wouldn't give me the Unique Stunt Jump award, and there was another jump in San Fierro which would not give me the Unique Stunt Jump award, and I know I've never hit this jump before, because I've never even seen this jump before, but no matter what I do, it's not registering. ????? Desperately looking for any help, or info please!
  Post#2 | Nov 6 2015, 23:47 + Quote Post Go to the top of the page
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If your accomplishments aren't being recognized even after you do them there could something very wrong with your data. If you are positive you have done every jump right there has to be a glitch somewhere. This means a corrupted save game 9 out of ten times. A some point before or during your jumps the game didn't save right and now there is a discrepancy. The best thing you can do is find an earlier save game and start your jumps again. If you don't have one you're probably out of luck. If it's a corrupted save game it won't matter how many times you redo the jumps. The computer has your jumps recorded wrong and won't correct itself.

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