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Posted by: JollyRoger Aug 27 2010, 18:45

One the greatest things about the Sega Dreamcast was the huge community of homebrewers. Apparently Sony will have none of that. They have recently succeeded in blocking Jailbreak which would allow for homebrewing in the PS3.

Posted by: Chaos-Energy Aug 27 2010, 19:24

I'm still waiting for a way to do this myself. There's noway I'm paying over 100 for a modified USB stick.

And I wonder if Sony is scared that this might damage their system like the Pandora battery did with the PSP. Only time will tell I guess.

Posted by: Althea Hubbard Apr 17 2019, 07:29

Jail break is the unlocking and unlocking the country code via different methods of the use in the various sector of promotion. The gun leashed has the article on the Sony block jai brake method with the reviews and the comments of people.

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