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Posted by: coolredneck090 May 11 2005, 23:14

you will be making flames with your text
user posted image
Open the doument you want to add the flaming text to. I will use the sig below.
user posted image

Now duplicate the text layer and clear layer style if any. Text should be white. Then get out the smudge tool.
user posted image

Smudge up the white text til you get something like i did.
user posted image

Duplicate the smudged text and color the layers using Ctrl+U and these settings. Make sure the red layer is below the yellow one.
user posted image
user posted image

Set the blending option of the yellow layer to hard light in the layers window, and you are done.
user posted image
Normal flames can be made the same way, but with a white brushes strip instead of text.

Posted by: Neo_Kai May 12 2005, 01:15

are you giving free lessons?

Posted by: coolredneck090 May 12 2005, 03:06

what excatly do you mean?

i have tutorials

Posted by: F1 Racer May 12 2005, 11:18

sorry, the flame looks ugly no.gif

Posted by: coolredneck090 May 12 2005, 14:39

QUOTE(F1 Racer @ May 12 2005, 03:18 )
sorry, the flame looks ugly no.gif

i know i kinda rushed
if you take you time you can make them look alot better

Posted by: BigCheese Jun 12 2005, 22:54

The flames look like brown fish.
You're pretty rubbish at making tutorials.

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