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I have a bad headache and I can't sleep. I don't want to bother anyone facebook and I don't want to shoot a video for YouTube. So I'm on here taking the p*ss out of myself here instead. Why? Because this place presents the least likely possibility of anyone actually reading my inane brain farts. So without further ado, while my OTC remedies churn in my system, lets get it on!

Hey everyone. GU has existed for almost 13 years since the release of GTA SA. Not the strongest entry of the Grand Theft Auto catalog in my opinion, but a decent effort nonetheless. Vice City will always be my number one regardless of where the series goes with advances of technology. If GTA VI takes place in VC I hope it's not just another dreary dramatic snoozefest like IV and V turned out to be. Rockstar needs to emerge from their emo phase like the rest of western civilization has. In other words . . . . .


Popular culture from the last ten years has brought us a lot material that Rockstar could derive their story for GTA VI from, but I recommend they set all that Bullsh*t aside and bring gamers a bright burning hot electric shock that Vice City, and VC Stories to some degree, was. Leave the fecal muted color pallet in the past with the rotting corpse of reggaeton where it belongs. Muted tones belong in the horror survival genre. So Rockstar . . . .


Online gameplay is only as fresh as the last gimmick. Cut away 3/4 of the dead flesh festering online or put out at least half as much quality updates for all of us local gamers who prefer not to be strafed by some 12 year old working on his fifth to be banned Reddit account. Of course this is all dependent on having an interesting story to make extending the experience a worthwhile investment. To make a long story short. . . .


So if any perspective can be gained as the pain slowly leaves my skull, it is that in all the years I an everyone here begged for realism, none of us gave a second thought to what we were asking. It's as if as the games became more elaborate the fun factor just rotted away to an average at best crime game with no more Razzle or Dazzle where it really counted. I'm sorry if I had anything to do with this. If any dev lurker was seduced by anyone's knuckleheaded ideas, I hope they weren't mine.

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