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Become a G-Unleashed Section Manager!

Are you the kind of person who likes to write helpful guides and help other players on your favourite game? Are you willing to spend alot of time making the best games help information on the net but don't want dont have the time or willpower to make a website of your own? Then we may just be the answer.

Make sure read through all the following information carefully! Don't skip it, it's very important!

What's this all about then? G-Unleashed has been developed with a custom made content management system that allows any user, to sign up to be a manger of a games section. A user can sign up to manage a section about almost any game they wish*. They then have the freedom to create as many webpages containing guides, information and anything else that may be interesting or useful to visitors. A game section can be thought of as a mini site inside the G-Unleashed framework. Check out the current games sections already available in the left menu for an example.
What exactly would I be able to do? You can do pretty much everything any other webmaster can do. You can post news, create polls, create content add links to the menu, add and manage affiliates, recieve email from visitors from your section, add downloads** plus more features that will be coming in the future. Each section has it's own homepage which contains news you post about the game, the section poll and your section affiliates. Our site system also contains a section managers control panel where you will be able to easily manage your section. This includes controls for section settings, news, polls, wallpaper uploads, screenshot uploads and management of all your sections pages and files. More features will be added in the future. You DO NOT need an FTP client to manage your section. Everything is done through the site.
Do I need to have any knowledge in creating content? Yes! You need to be familiar with HTML and preferably CSS, although knowledge of CSS is not essential. You MUST be able to create clean, interesting and easy to follow content. So if you've only used a WYSIWYG editor before, such as dreamweaver or frontpage, it may not be a problem if you can show that you are able to create excellent content. However to work on G-Unleashed you will need to be able to code HTML through a text editor. If you can't code html through a text editor, but feel you still have very good skills in creating content, then get in contact with us anyway and we can see if we can work something out. When you do contact us, we'll ask you to provide an example of webpages you have done.
I've got a couple of weeks to do nothing, so i thought i'd make a section! Turn around and leave right now. If you are going to apply because your bored at the moment and need something to do for a week or two, then don't bother. Unless you've already created fantastic content and want to just transfer it to GU, your section is probably going to be closed to the public for a long time. Running a section is not a temporary thing, it is ongoing. BE PREPARED TO PUT ALOT OF WORK IN!
I've got all these guides and info from other sites and i can copy loads of stuff from gamefaqs.com! Once again, just leave now. We're looking for people who will write their own information. Copying guides from other sites is totally unnacceptable. If you are NOT into writing guides and information, don't bother signing up.
What do I need to consider before signing up? Before you sign up you need to think about how much time you have to run your section and create the content. Creating and managing a section can take alot of time and equally, creating guides and useful information takes rather along time. So if your the kind of person who only has a few hours a week spare, you may as well stop reading now and close the page. Also consider what game you want to create a section about. Can you create interesting and helpful content about the game? Is it a popular game? Do you really passionately love the game? If the answer is no to any of these questions, then you need to reconsider.
What is expected of me and my section? We'll be truthful with you now. We won't open your section to the public until we see some decent content. So if your intending to copy and paste the info off the back of the game box, add a system specs page, upload a few screenshots and then sit back and wait for us to open your section to the public, you will be waiting for a very long time. We expect there to be helpful, informative, interesting and most of all self created content. If you are unsure of what is required, look at the current games sections and featured sections to see what kind of information is in them. We should aim to create the same kind of content for your section, if not better.
I want to work on a games section, but the game i want to work on already has a section open! This is not necessarily a problem. Some sections have more than one person working on them and the current managers of that section maybe willing to let more members work on that section. We can't guarantee you will be able to work on that section, but get in contact with us anyway and we will see what we can do.
Do I get money for doing a section? No. We don't make any money from g-unleashed so neither will you. All the advertising on the site, is used to finance the server to host this site. What you will get is the respect from thousands of members who used your guides or content to complete or get more fun out of the game.
*not all games will be accepted, it's up to the discretion of the webmasters
** downloads over 2mb need to be uploaded to a different location and will require special permission.

Ok if you've read through all that and believe you've got what it takes to be a section manger then continue to the contact page and give us your contact details (name, email address, msn address, etc) and also tell us which game you want to do a section for. You will then be contacted by us and asked to provide some examples of webpages you have done before.