Portland Hidden Packages GTA: 3

All 36 of the packages on Staunton Island. Find all these along with the packages on Portland and you will have the shotgun, body armour and Molotov Cocktails outside your hideout.

There is one package on the raising bridge that you cannot get to until you have access to shoreside vale.

Hepburn Heights - Harwood - St Mark's - Red Light District - China Town - Portland Harbour
Portland Beach - Trenton - Callahan Point - Atlantic Quays

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Hepburn Heights
1. In the next block to the north of your hideout is some apartments. Around the back at the north side of the apartments is a package in a corner.

2. Between the Hepburn Heights Towers (behind your hideout) is a phone with a ramp nearby and some bushes. A package sits amongst the bushes.

3. Just east across the road from the Hepburn Heights Towers are some trees on the bank. Amongst these trees is another package.

4. Find the concrete pathway that runs all along the east sea front of the Island. Follow it right to north end (near the Liberty tunnel entrance) to find a package.

5. There is a package on the roof of the Head radio station (use your map to find it). You will have to get up onto the raised railway so that you can drop down onto the roof.

St Mark's
6. There is a disused railway tunnel running from 8-balls bomb shop in Harwood to the Supa Sava in Portland harbour. In the middle of the tunnel, under St Mark's, is a group of tramps standing around the package. Dont know what they are doing!

7. In the Capital Auto's showroom.(No. 17 on your map).

8. Just next to Capital Auto's (west) is the AMco petrol station. There is package on the roof of the building you would pay for your petrol. To get to it you must jump down on to the small building to the east of it from the road above. Then jump across the gap, which is smaller than it looks.

9. Find the sectioned off piece of road that has big holes in it and a half demolished building beside it (west). The package is in one of the window's which you can get ot by going around the back of it. Alot of people try to get up to it using the scaffolding, which is impossible.

10. In the next block south of the AMco petrol station is a building with an alleyway around the side of it. Enter the alleyway at the north side of the building and follow it around the east side to find the package at the back.

11. West across the road from Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club (no. 5 on your map) is a some benches with a Taxi parked next to them. Continue west behind the benches and over the roof in front of you to drop down to a grassy area below where the package is sitting.

12. Drive north along the road that runs along side portland harbour, past the supa sava and behind (east) the hospital. When you get to the crossroads (where the raised railway passes over head) go straight across. Pass by the junction on your left and before you get to the next crossroads there is an alleyway running up the hill (east) with some laundrey hanging above it. Half way up the alleyway and to your left sits a package in a grassy area.

Red Light District
13. On the roof of Luigi's sex Club 7 (no. 2 on your map). Get to it by climbing the stairs to the roof around the back.

14. Stay on the roof of Sex club 7 and look behind you to see the water towers. You need to jump on to this roof from the Sex club 7 roof and run along it passed the water towers to the far south-west corner to find the package.

15. Across the road (east) from Sex Club 7 is a building that has a package on it's roof also. Go around the back of it (east) to climb the stairway to the roof.

16. Across the road from the Subway entrance (north) is a building that is being renevated. The package is inside which can be got to by smashing the windows.

17. Down in the subway station. Before you drop down to the platform turn left to find a package sitting next to some toilet's. NOTE:- you will not be able to get to this until you have access to Staunton Island.

China Town
18. Roast Peking Duck is at the north end of china town across the road (north) from the basket ball court. Look for a yellow sign with red writing. The package is in an alleyway around the back of it between several scattered boxes.

19. A couple of blocks south of Peking Duck is Hung Hong Inc. (blue sign). It's on the edge of the pedestrianised area. There is an alleyway that runs around the back of Hung Hong inc. with a package sitting in amongst some more boxes.

20. Across the street, west of Peking Duck and the basket ball court is Samo's Wok. Get to the roof by finding the stairs in an alley way in the middle of the building. The entrance to the alleyway is at the north-west edge of the building where there is a van parked. Once up on the roof follow it anti-clockwise around to find the package next to the water tower.

Portland Harbour
21. As you enter the harbour area from the road you will see the carpark in front of you and two warehouses behind it. One of them has a sloped roof under which are some garages and a parked van. The package is on top of the sloped roof but to get to it you are going to have to jump across from the roof of the warehouse next to it (south). There are some stairs at the south-east corner of the wareshouse that will take you to the roof.

22. A package is placed at the south-west corner of the Supa Save store roof. You will need to get up onto the raised railway and drop down onto the roof where it passes over.

Portland Beach
23. Go to Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club (no. 5 on the map) to find a package on a ledge running along the north side of the house.

24. Down below Salvatore's Club is a cliff arch. Just around the north side is a small ledge with a package sitting on it.

25. Find the Bitchin Dog Food factory which is next to Joey's garage and get in through the gate. The package is in a narrow passage between the outer wall and the factory building.

26. Just next to the Bitchin Dog Food factory is Liberty Pharmaceuticals. You should be able to see the package up on the roof next to the large sign. Unfortunately your going to have to get up on the raised railway to be able to get on the roof. It's fairly difficult to get on to the roof this way but as to my knowledge it's the only way.

27. Across the road from Joey's garage is the AMco offices. Around the back is the package in the corner.

28. South of Joey's garage, just west of the coach park is the Liberty Saw Mill. The package is on the roof as shown in the picture but to get to it is a different story. You cant get in through the gate. Look at the picture and you will see a white van parked by a wareshouse in the background. On the other side of this warehouse is a ramp that you can use to jump onto it's roof. This get you into the Saw Mill's grounds where you can go around to the east end where you can use a gravel heap to get onto the Mill's roof and to the package.

Callahan Bridge
29. There is a package in a grassy area over the wall that you find running next to the junction to the Callahan Bridge.

30. A package is hidden around the back of the Turtle Head Fishing co. factory (no. 7 on your map). To get in you will either need to get a Triad Fish Van or use the grassy mound at the west side to jump in with a car.

31. Follow the road that passes the hospital and police station south. When it curves to the right look out for a passage way in the wall on your left just before you get to the junction. Enter the passage way, drive straight ahead towards the ramp but dont go over it turn left and make your way out into the small grassy area shown on the picture.

Atlantic Quays
32. At the very sout-east corner of the island is a pier with a couple of metal containers on it. The package is at the end of the pier behind the last container.

33. The final package isn't actually on the Island. It is on a rocky out-crop in the ocean just south of the Triad's Fish Factory. You will need a boat to get it so you can't get there until you get to Staunton Island. Unless you do an amazing car jump!

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