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GTA 3 Poor vehicles

The poor vehicles in GTA3. Some of them you may have expected them to be really good but, in most cases a vechicle is in this section, due to one very annoying characteristic or a complete lack of excitment to drive.

Just because it's incredibly fast doesnt mean it's any good. It must be drivable too.

Generally you will want to avoid driving any of these vehicles but in some cases you may have to use in them in certain missions. Saying that, you should play around with these cars because you never know when you will have to use them to evade the police.

There's nothing worse than jumping into one of these to discover how undrivable they may be, with the FBI crawling all over your back.

A very frustrating vehicle to drive. The speed it has only gives it more potential to tip over. Simply cornering too fast can turn this vehicle over. The benefit it is that you recieve 50% health. You can also do the Paramedic mission in it.

Far too slow to be a fun drive. It's also very twitchy and you feel like it just needs a bit more speed. It has some demon brakes though.

Looks as bad as it drives. It's a bus so it's not going to excite you in any way. The only advantage to it is that its tough and difficult to stop by the police.

Not really a bad car to drive but it has strange handling. It feels too light for its size and can be difficult to keep under control sometimes. It's not quite as strong as it looks either.

Cartel Cruiser
A horrible car. Great in a straight line until you meet a corner or other traffic. It's highly unstable and has poor grip. It's slightly better off road but no where near as good as the Patriot.

This is actually quite fast and has good handling but it's size gives you a real problem when driving around. Other traffic will give you a real problem. It's very tough and will take alot of pounding though.

Diablo Stallion
Another car I have no interest in. The speed it has makes it harder to control. It has very little grip so you will find yourself powersliding around most corners. Dramatic, yes but not when your trying to get away from the cops.

The enforcer is a big disapointment. Like the Ambulance it is fast. It is also quite tough but it's too fast for it's own good. It's much easier to do the Vigilante mission in a police car or FBI car.

A big heavy car that is fairly quick but has terrible braking power and the handling is completely rubbish. The only thing it is good at is taking a bit of pounding.

Very similar car to the Esperanto except there is better brakes. It's probably got the worst acceleration of the lot. Its got some demon brakes though. The only car to scrap its bumper on the ground when you slam the brakes on.

Avoid like the plague. The Lanstalker is too difficult to drive at speed. Any slight knock can send it rolling down the road. It's even worse when you take it off road. Like most 4by4's then.

Although its tough and gives you a sense of superiority on the road. It fails through it's slow pace and wide turning circle. If you get boxed in by the police, you may as well make a run for it.

Yawn! If you feel like cruising the city at slow speed then this is your car. Good at darting between the traffic and can stop on a sixpence, but people walk faster than this car.

Mr Whoopee
The Mr Whoopee is one of the rarest vehicles in the game. Not very special but essential for the import/export garage. Either partake in the Firetruck missions or 'I Scream, You scream' mission from the El Burro phone in Hepburn Heights.

Even worse than the Manana. By the time it has gotten up to full speed you will be fast asleep. Your granny would be proud!

A slow van with no real reason for you to drive it. It has a souped-up version, Rumpo XL, that is alot faster. There are better vans out there.

This is very tough, as you would expect. Unfortunately its armour means it is extremely slow. Out running the police is not an option. Interesting company name on the side of it though! Hehe nice one Rockstar.

Just because it's alot slower than the Diablo version, doesn't mean that it is easier to drive. It acts just the same but slower. The only consellation is that because it's slower your less likely to kill yourself in it.

Stretch your patience more like. Driving this is like you would expect a limo to drive like. Dont even bother taking on the police in this. They can easily overcome you.

Absolutely nothing special about this van. It can go fairly fast but you rarely get the chance to get up to speed due to its poor acceleration.

Average Vehicles
Nothing special but nothing bad.

Excellent Vehicles
If you see one of these beauties driving by, jack it!

Non Road Vehicles
Planes trains and erm... boats!

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