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GTA 3 Average Vehicles

Vehicles in this section range from being fairly poor to completely average to being almost great.

Some of the vehicles I have selected for this section you may expect to be in the excellent section. That section, however, is reserved the absolute top of the class vehicles.

A couple of vehicles in this section are hard to get and are a bit disapointing after all your effort. The Borgnine being one of them . You spend ages doing the taxi missions to be awarded with a 'not so great car'.

Dont let its appeaqance put you off. The Blista handles better than you might expect. It's got a bit of speed in it too and is fairly tough. One of the better cars in this section.

Borgnine Taxi
The Borgnine is only available after you complete the Taxi Driver mission. Even so its nothing to shout about. It feels unaturally light and as such makes it too twitchy for my liking. It's not as tough as it looks either.

A bit of a disapointment this one. Fairly tricky to obtained, it's practically identical to the police car in handling terms. It's nothing more than a black souped-up Kuruma with a siren. Can be used to start the Vigilante mission.

Fire Truck
One of the better emergency vehicle. Not as good as the Barracks OL but close. It suffers from bad brakes due to its weight so you will be reaching for the hand brake at nearly every sharp turn. Can be used to start the Fire Fighter mission.

Flat Bed
The flat bed is basically the same as the Barracks OL. Its very difficult to tell them apart. The only difference between them is that it doesnt have armour. Still very tough though.

Hoods Rumpo XL
A dark horse. It's looks do not reflect on it's performance. Although it is still a van and prone to turning over more than a car, it is very quick. You can do a lot worse.

A good all rounder. Neither brilliant nor rubbish. A good car to learn in which is probably why its the first car you get control of in the game.

Average speed and twitchy handling, make this an unpopular choice. Having said that, there is nothing to make this vehicle a poor one. Merely average.

Mr Wongs
This is identical to the Mule below except that it adorns the Mr Wongs Laundrette advertisements.

This handles better than you might expect. You can throw it round corners quite aggressively without tipping over. It's only let down by bad brakes and poor acceleration but then it is only a van!

Exactly the same as the pony but with a different paint job. As average as they come, although it is slightly better than the Mule.

Police Car
While probably the fastest car in the game it's definitely not the easiest to drive. If you are good with the hand brake then this will suit you. Novices will strugge to drive this fast through busy traffic. It's best police vehicle to use for the Vigliante misson though.

This handles pretty much how you expect it to. It's got a bit of speed in it but it will take you a while to get up to it. The Panlantic and Toyz are two different versions of it.

RC Bandit
A handy little device this. Only available when doing the Toyz Van missions. It manouveres how you would expect it to. Due to its rating it should be in the poor section but it's just to much fun to drive!

There is so many of these about it's understandable that you don't want to touch them but it is a pretty good car. Excellent handling and good speed mean its fun to drive during the Taxi Driver mission.

Exactly the same as the Pony and the Panlantic. If you find one of these parked around the city then jump in to activate the Toyz Van missions.

Pretty slow vehicle this but with plenty of strength behind it. It's got more power than the Securicar and handles slightly better. Can be useful for ramming missions but there are faster vehicles of this type out there.

Triad Fish Van
Dont turn your nose up at these. The Triad's have been under the bonnet and made them pretty fast. Cornering is good too. It's actually quite hard to tip one of these over so you can drive as agressively as you like.

Yakuza Stinger
The cars looks are backed up by some top speed. You will feel part of the Yakuza cruising around in this but it's let down a bit by some unresponsive steering. Not nippy enough to challenge the faster cars.

Yardie Lobo
Great until you try to take a corner. Goes like a bat out of hell but its weight and springy suspension mean it's difficult to keep under control. Press your Turret left/right/up/down buttons to jack the suspension about.

Poor Vehicles
Vehicles that aren't really worth driving unless you can help it.

Excellent Vehicles
If you see one of these beauties driving by, jack it!

Non Road Vehicles
Planes trains and erm... boats!

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