Flying the dodo GTA: 3


One of the best secrets of the game. The Dodo is only supposed to fly a few meters due to its clipped wings.

However, it is possible to fly all around the city. Learning to fly it, is like learning to ride a bike. Tricky at first but when you get the knack, you will never forget.

You will have to wait until you have access to Shoreside Vale before you can get the Dodo. There are three of them dotted about the airport.

Once you have one. Park it at the end of a runway and make sure its lined up. The south runway is better because it aims away from the tall buildings of Staunton Island.

Ok. When it is lined up press UP on your controller and hold it.

Now accelerate down the runway, always pressing UP so that the nose points downwards. Do NOT press DOWN at anypoint.

After several seconds the nose of the plane will drop and sparks will begin spewing out the back. This is the most important moment.

You can hold the plane in this position for as long as possible but when you are ready, let go of UP.

The Dodo will immediatly begin to rise but you dont want it to rise too quickly so immediately begin tapping the UP button again to keep the plane level.

Keep the Dodo as level as possible, using the side view to help should you need it.

After several seconds you will have gained a good height and the dodo will stop rising. It will then probably begin to nose dive a bit. DONT DO ANYTHING! When it begins to fall, leave the controls alone.

The dodo will fall but as it does, it will pick up speed again and regain any height lost. It will continue TO dive and climb all the time so better get used to it.

To steer the dodo. Gently tap left or right to bank. At first you may want to steer gradually but you can actually turn quite sharply once you get good at it.

One word of warning though. Never ever press DOWN at anypoint. This will cause the Dodo to lose speed. Do not fly over unique jumps either. The game switches to the slow motion view and will not come out of it until you crash!

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