Getting a Prostitute GTA: 3


Probably one of the most controversial features of any game, but also one of the funniest.

Cruising around the streets at night. You have probably already seen the hordes of prostitutes walking around.

Well you can actually pick one up! Just pull up alongside one in a suitable car.

After a few seconds the hooker will get in and your money will begin to tick down.

Drive to a secluded spot. Usually amongst some trees is fine.

Stop the car and watch. Almost instantly the car will begin to rock! If it doesnt then you will have to find a more private place.

Changing view to try and look inside the car, reveals that there is nothing to see. You and the hooker are just sitting there. Awww.

Anyway your health will go up to a maximum of 125.

After you have finished the hooker will get out. Take this opportunity to run her over!

Now you can pick up the money she took off you! Dont worry. An ambulance will be along in a minute to help her. Maybe!

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