Finding the secret Sign GTA: 3


This is the way to see a sign that your not supposed to see.

Get to the carpark at the south-west corner of Staunton Island (marked by the Liberty Tree logo on your pull out map). It's right in the middle of some buildings.

Dont go into the carpark but travel along the road at the north of the carpark and find the steps down an alley that take you up to the ledge shown in the picture.

Take a car and park it like in the picture.

Use this car to jump up onto the roof and run along it, west to the opposite end.

Be careful at the other end as there are some holes in thre roof that will drop you down to the entrance way.

Run across this roof and drop down to the area behind the wall.

Now follow the wall all the way around to the south end of the park.

You will pass a ramp on the way but dont go up it yet. This is your way of getting out of this area.

When you get to the far end you will find on the wall this sign.

Nothing fantastic but definitley worth a look. Maybe they should have put one in the ghost town!

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