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GTA 3 Rampage Guide

- created by IKHAM

Rampages have been in the GTA series since the start. They are the most brutal part of the game, but also very fun.

Here is a description of all the rampages in GTA3, where they are, what weapon is used and a brief description of what tactics to take when attempting them.

Some rampages are easy to do, some are hard even when you use the tactics here. Ocassionally, a little bit of luck is needed to complete them all. Either way, you should have full health and armour when attempting them.

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Portland Island Rampages

1 - Kill 30 Diablo Members Weapon: M-16 Difficulty: medium
Location: Red light District. Locate Luigi's Sex Club 7 (if you dont know where it is, check out your map). The building opposite it has an alleyway behind it. The rampage is down that alley at the bottom of some stairs.

Tactics: Ok first off make sure you have full health and armor. Changing to standard controls gives you FPS style contols meaning you can run around as if it was quake (although you cant fire when running - doh!). Now make your way out onto the streets and waste the suckers! Try and get them in groups and check behind you ocassionally to make sure none are coming up behind you. If you run out of targets just run down the street a little and keep looking around you. More will appear soon enough.

2 - Kill 20 Triad Members Weapon: UZI Difficulty: easy
Location: China Town - Travel south (Left) from your hideout down the main road until you see a Rockstars billboard on the roof of a building on your let, It is down the alley behind that building.

Tactics: Get a sturdy vehicle, like the patriot, then once you activate the rampage, jump in your car and drive around shooting the triads from the safety of your own car. Note- running them over does not count! awwww!

3 - Destroy 10 cars Grenades Difficulty: medium
Location: Drive to the train station in saint marks, at the top of hill near hospital. Get on the platform from the stairs, you can drive on if you like, turn left and move down the track down hill. The rampage is in the middle of the track quarter of the way down the hill

Tactics: Stay on the tracks and Change to top view mode. This way you can see below you and can drop grenades onto cars below if you stand right on the edge and tap the fire button. Doing this at junctions cauases traffic jams. As more cars pile in to the jam you have more targets and a better chance of getting a few chain reactions. Watch out for the train though. Best to stay on side where train doesnt run.

4 - Destoy 13 Vehicles Weapon: Rocket Launcher Difficulty: hard
Location: China Town/Trenton Border. Position yourself at the junction to the callahan bridge, facing north. You have a car park on your left with two Idaho cars parked. Drive forward and take the first right. There is an alley way quickly to your right. The rampage is just down this alleyway and in the corner immediatly to your right.

Tactics: The main problem with this level is the fact that passersby try to beat you up as you are blowing up cars, dumb i know! Again change your controls to standard for FPS style controls. Now go out and blow them cars up. When the police are alerted make sure you blow their cars up before they get out. There is nothing worse than having a cop following you on foot, they are virtually impossible get rid of without doing yourself serious damage. Dont forget the two Idaho cars in the nearby car park. Another good thing to do is jack a few cars before you start so that you have a few easy targets to start off. Blow up your own car if you want but bear in mind that you may have to make a quick getaway when its over.

5 - Kill 20 Mafia Members Weapon: AK-47 Difficulty: hard
Location: St Mark's. Find the entrance to the Mafia House. Drive down hill opposite to this entrance and just on the left you can see a ledge with health on it. There is also a mafia sentinal car parked here. The rampage is between two garages opposite this mafia car.

Tactics: This is more tricky than the two other previous missions of this type, because you have to do it on foot and all gang members carry guns. Make sure you have full health and armor. Try to get your health from somewhere other than the ledge as it wont respawn for quite a while. There is some armour around the corner and down the slope to the health. You can get this now because you wont have time to get it during the rampage anyway. Once the rampage starts, its a good idea to stand on the ledge and pick them off from across the street. Some of the mafia will begin to collect below the ledge you are standing on. Keep an eye on the time and your heatlh and use the health on the ledge if you need it. If time is getting a bit tight and you need several more kills then you should think about taking on that little group gathering below you. Doing this gives you quicker kills but be warned that you will get shot more quickly yourself, so dont even think about it if you have hardly any health left!

6 - Kill 20 Triad Members Weapon: Shotgun Difficulty: easy
Location: Trenton. Next to the Bitchin Dog Food Factory is Mean Street Taxis. Running between this and another factory is a narrow alley. The Rampage is down that alley.

Tactics: This is more easy than it may sound. The only tricky part of this mission is finding enough triad members to kill in the time limit. Again make sure you have full health/armour. Leave contols to classic so that you use the target button to aim instead of the mouse. The shotgun is an excellent gun as it takes out victims in one shot. Not only that, but it has the capablility of killing more than one target at a time in one shot. Then it is just a case of walking around and taking out every triad you find. Making your way towards the callahan bridge is alway a good bet as there tends to be alot of triad there.

Staunton Island Rampages

7 - Kill 25 Yakuza Members Weapon: Flame-thrower Difficulty: easy
Location: Bedford Point. North west corner of the car park above the underground carpark (not the underground carpark in Torrington).

Tactics: Make your way out the west alley to the street. Yakuza members patrol the pavement on both sides of the street. Keep running back and forth across the street to respawn more yakuza behind you. Most people underestimate how far the flame thrower can shoot so spray the flame thrower about to pick up more kills. Be careful not to get run over by the fire engine that may turn up. If there is a police car about, hold off until it passes. You dont want police attention if you can help it.

8 - Kill 17 Yardie Members Weapon: Sniper rifle Difficulty: easy
Location: Torrington. On the roof of the AMco building. Use the stariway in the south-west corner of the building to get to it.

Tactics: Make your way as quickly as you can back down to street level and take the Yardies out from there. Strangely they do not attack you even though you are standing right next to them killing them with the sniper rifle. Keep looking around you to find more yardies using the zoom on your scope. Try not to kill any if police are around. Dont bother taking out any body else but yardies. It doesnt add to your score and only attracts the police.

9 - Kill 20 Yardie Members Weapon: Rocket Launcher Difficulty: hard
Location: In the Cathedral graveyard, accessible through a small gap in the wall at the west end of the cathedral.

Tactics: This rampage is difficult becuase the Yardies come and attack you with baseball bats and seeing as you cant select another weapon, its difficult to get them off your back. Firing the rocket launcher at yardies right next to you is obviously a bad idea so fire it behind them. It may take some energy off you but it should kill them. Stand with your back to the wall so that Yardies cant sneak up behind you. Keep looking about for yardies and move about a bit to respawn some more. If any Yardies begin to run at you, take them out before the y reach you. Dont forget to look across the road as they may be on the pavement over there too. Remember to keep your back to a wall! Dont run out into the middle of the road. There may be more Yardies but your a sitting duck and before long you will be overwhelmed.

10 - Destroy 8 Cars Weapon: Difficulty: medium
Location: South-west corner of the Park in Bellville park.

Tactics: A good tactic to use here is to create a traffic jam by blocking the road with a car. As soon as you shoot a car the driver will try and make a break for it weather he/she is blocked or not. Pulling drivers out stops this happening but some drivers will take offence and try to beat you up. Women tend to run away so pull them out their cars if you want. Once there is a large jam, shoot at a car near the back as close as possible. Hopefully it will start to burn, make a break for it and then drive passed the cars in front of it blowing up in the process. This should set other cars on fire and start a chain reaction. Avoid cars on fire and keep out of the way of panicking drivers. They wont hesitate to run you down if you are in the way. Using the mouse to aim in this rampage helps as you cant target cars using the target button. If you shoot a car close up and it doesnt set on fire, be wary as the next shot will blow it up straight away.

11 - Kill 16 Yakuza Members Weapon: Molotov Cocktail Difficulty: easy
Location: Find the over pass that takes you from the south-east corner of the Pan Atlantic construction site, over the other dual carriageway with the grassy ledge in the middle. Driving from the north end of this overpass on the east side, you should see the rampage in the doorway of a building just as the road drops back down into the city.

Tactics: Drive quickly north until you are outside the city hall. Jump on the grassy ledge on the middle of the road and throw the cocktails at the yakuza who will be patrolling on the pavement at either side of the road. Keep looking round to respawn more yakuza and dont come off the ledge. It takes practice to throw the cocktails at just the right distance but practice makes perfect!

12 - Destroy 16 Vehicles Weapon: M-16 Difficulty: hard
Location: Liberty Campus. At the south side of St. Matthias University. Between the university block and some apartments.

Tactics: Make sure you have a fast car before you start the rampage. Drive quickly as possible to the white multi-storey carpark in newport (south-east of the rampage). As long as your quick and move up the levels there are plenty of parked cars in the car park. This way you shouldnt attract police attention and even if you do they wont be able to find you. The time limit can be tight doing it this way. Keep your car close to you so that you may drive up to another level of the car park if you need to.

13 - Kill 25 Yardies Weapon: Grenades Difficulty: easy
Location: In an alleyway behind the firestation.

Tactics: Make sure you have full health and armour just in case. Dont hang around. Run into the stadium carpark that is to the north. In here you are free to throw grenades at the Yardies and they wont be able to get to you! Dont get to close to the wall as they can still shoot at you. Keep moving around the car park to respawn more Yardies. Dont go near the entrance of the carpark as the Yardies can get in here.

Shoreside Vale Rampages

14 - Shoot off 15 Columbian heads Weapon: Sniper Rifle Difficulty: easy
Location: In the north-west block of Pike Creek is an alleyway behind a warehouse. Down the alleyway behind a crate is where the rampage is. Its close to two wooden ramps.

Tactics: Run straight the nearest ramp to the wall edge and look over on to the streets below. Just zoom in and take off their heads from here. They shouldn't shoot back at you from here and they will respawn if you keep looking around. Be sure to shoot them in

15 - Destroy 15 Vehicles Weapon: Rocket Launcher Difficulty: easy
Location: On the roof of the Turtle Head fishing Co. Warehouse in the south-east corner of Pike Creek. Use the staircase to get to the roof.

Tactics: Stay on the roof of the warehouse as this is a good vantage point. Simply point your rocket launcher off the side to the streets below and take out as many cars as possible. Waiting for them to build up abit can get you some quick points. Try to avoid pedestrians. Killing them alerts the police to you quicker but taking out cars doesn't for some reason. If you do get a wanted level you always take out the helicopters with the rocket launcher too! hehe

16 - Kill 20 Cartel members Weapon: Flame-thrower Difficulty: medium
Location: Cedar Grove. Follow the highway that leads from Pike Creek across the bridge and past some houses. One of these houses has a landstalker parked in its drive way. The rampage is behind the garage of this house.

Tactics: Make sure you have full health and armour. Simply walk to the street and begin burning of the Cartel members. Once you set them on light move to the next one. They will eventually burn to death. Keep looking around you to check thatthey are not behind you. Try to keep in the garden as you will be safe from attacks from behind.

17 - Kill 20 Hood members Weapon: Shotgun Difficulty: hard
Location: Witchita Gardens. Just east of your hideout is a road ramp taking you down to the housing blocks. Look over the north edge of the ramp 3/4 of the way up to see the rampage on top of a garage.

Tactics: Make sure you have full armour and health. Stay on the garage roof because if you drop down to the street below you will quickly be over come by the many hoods about. As soon as you shoot the first hood, any that are around you will come after you. Move back so that they run over and group below the garage. Then lean over and shoot them. Watch out for hoods that jump from the ramp above. Keep looking up there to find a few who may be shooting down at you. If there are no Hoods about, run about the top of the garage to respawn more.

18 - Behead 20 Hood members Weapon: M-16 Difficulty: easy
Location: Witchita Gardens. Drive down the road ramp east of your hideout and turn left. The rampage is behind an orange advertising board that says squid on it, that should be right in front of you.

Tactics: Stand in front of the advertising board and look down on to the street below. Use the zoom target to shoot them in the head. Dont hold your fire button down. Just use it in spurts as if it was a pistol. Keep looking around to respawn more Hoods. If none respawn run up and down the ledge.

19 - Run Over 20 Cartel Members Weapon: Your Own Car Difficulty: medium
Location: Find the road that runs in front of the Airport along to the subway entrance. As you are driving along it towards the subway (south) there are advertising boards up on a ledge to your left facing the airport. The rampage is behind the last set of advertising boards.

Tactics: First make sure you have a tough car that is in peak condition. It's going to take a bit of gun fire here so it needs to last. The Patriot is an ideal vehicle for this rampage. Dont drive down to where the road circles itself as there are usually so many cartel down there, that they waste your vehicle quickly or at least do terrible damage. Make your way up to the highway and head up to Pike Creek (north). Drive along the footpath and run over as many Cartel as you can. Keep your speed up and dont reverse back if you miss one. Just carry on.

20 - Driveby and destroy 7 vehicles. Weapon: UZI Difficulty: easy
Location: Follow the highway that takes you from the bridge, past the airport and up to Pike Creek. At the first junction you come to there is a wooden shack across the road at 11 O'clock to your position. The Rampage is just behind the shack.

Tactics: Regardless of what it says, you can do this one on foot if you like. Dont bother trying to destroy cars on the roads. As soon as you shoot them they will drive off at speed leaving it very hard to get them. Instead drive quickly down to the airport car park which is south of the rampage. There are plenty of cars in there that you can destroy easily.

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daNtZ Jul 31, 2013, 09:26 am
you really get rich with these, making all gives total like 1.5 million
i have 4.4 million cash and i havent used cheats or done any missions yet except paramedic checkpoint scramble etc :D
prithvi_007 Dec 24, 2012, 08:46 am
Thanx mduffy, that solution helped a lot!!!
prithvi_007 Dec 24, 2012, 08:46 am
Thanx mduffy, that solution helped a lot!!!
mduffy Jun 6, 2012, 07:02 pm
I had considerable problems completing the flame-thrower rampage against the Cartel, until I stumbled across this solution( I'm sure it will help with other rampages.
Get a wanted level of one( best to bump into a police car, and let the cop pursue you on foot. Then you'll find the gangsters won't fight back! All you end up with is a loss of energy as the cop punches you
Edgam20 Nov 28, 2009, 08:01 am
dunno if anyone has posted this but i was stuck in "Kill 20 Mafia Members" cause i had over 80% of the game done, but i finally found a way to win this with no problem.... grab a tank, haha... that's it, grab a tank and kill them bastards, that's it, gg ;D
gta,lives,4ever Oct 3, 2009, 09:34 pm
to pop heads u need to turn on the more gore off limb cheat.

this is the cheat:


NOTE: Once activated, it will not say "Cheat Activated". U must test it by taking an M16 or Sniper a shoot someone in the head, arms, or legs. they will then fly of their body. (except the head. It just dissapears when u shoot it)
garyrai Jun 20, 2008, 02:42 pm
popin heads is hard with the m16 and sniper
Tom@GTA May 1, 2008, 04:51 pm
WOW that links great Ghetto D just found the 2nd locatiins and completed the rampages on portland island
Tom@GTA May 1, 2008, 09:39 am
hey ppl new to the game and lovin it so far.
jst got a little stuck on the rampages thogh as i have failed numbers 1 2 and 5 and cant find them. can anyone help me plz?
Ghetto D Apr 15, 2008, 09:52 am
hey felpsnudio, here you go.
The 2nd Location of Rampage Number 6...
Portland View, on a ledge at the back of the hospital.

I noticed this website only lists the 1st Location of each Rampage.
here is a page that lists the 1st & 2nd Locations.
felpsnudio Nov 2, 2007, 07:51 pm
Help Me!!!

I´ve lost the rampage nº6 - Kill 20 Triad Members Weapon: Shotgun.
Now I can´t find again the the rampage icon in Trenton... Enyone know where can i find it?

Zeppelin Jan 10, 2007, 10:44 pm
actually, if you fail a rampage, you can do it over again. Every rampage spawns in a different part of the duristiction it was originally found in. For example, if you did a rampage in Bedford point and you failed, the rampage will respawn in another part of Bedford point. If you fail it again, it'll respawn again at the first place you find it at. Also for some, it'll be at a spot simular to it's first location. For example, the grenade rampage on the L-Train tracks in St Marks will respawn further along the L-Train tracks at the border of chinatown and trenton.
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