Getting to Shoreside Vale Early GTA: 3


Getting to Shoreside Vale Early

- by Adam Michalik

In the Staunton Island's docks, near Asuka's first HQ, by the first pier stands the speeder boat

Get inside it, go North and West around the island until you reach the Military Base and the pipe keeping you from crossing over to Shoreside Vale. Next to the base, on the left there is a steep slope going down to the water

You then need to get the boat up onto the land so get some good speed up and try and get the boat up on the land. Try hitting the land close to the base - it create less work for you later on. When you have the speeder on land

Get out of the boat and find a car. Push the boat with the car along the pavement around the base. Watch out, besause the boat may catch fire if damaged too much. Perhaps you will need to use the GESUNDHEIT (full health) cheat inside the boat to finish the trick.

When you get with the boat to the end of the base where there is still no wall on side of the pavement, position the speeder paralell to the bank

Then push it gently on water by running towards it. Jump on the boat and get inside. Shoreside Vale lies in front of you!

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