Portland Missions GTA: 3


Legend: easy Easy medium Medium hard Hard

Give Me Liberty
Difficulty: easy

Welcome to your first mission. Straight out of the opening cut scene. You have to take '8-Ball' to the hideout which you will be getting to know quite alot during the game. Look at your radar and you will see a pink dot on the radar. This tells you where you have to go. It tells you in which direction it is but it is not neccesarily the quickest route. As you play longer and get to know the city you will discover quicker ways to get to different places.

Ok. Once you get to the hideout, park the car on the blue marker and wait. A cutscene will explain to you how to save your game and a car, in this area.

Next, 8-ball will come out again and he will want you to drive him to see luigi at 'sex club seven'. Dont worry about knowing where this is as it is clearly indicated on your radar again.

Stop in the blue marker and watch the cut scene. This is the end of this mission but you cant explore yet as your straight into the next mission called 'Luigis girls'

Luigi Gotorelli - Red Light District

Luigi's Girls
Difficulty: easy

Dead simple. You have to drive to the hospital to pick up misty, one of luigi's girls. There is nothing more to this mission apart from using your radar to locate misty pull up beside her and wait for her to get in. Then take her back to the club. Once completed, you get your first pay check and a chance to now explore the city. You can also take this opportunity to save for the first time.

Now the world is your oyster... Well, the city anyway! Explore. Get to know the city and memorise certain landmarks. You could make a mental note of the area names you travel through but this is not essential as you will always have your radar.

A good way to learn the city is to get yourself a taxi and do the sub-mission. If you can learn where to drop off people by the place name instead of using the radar, you will learn parts of the city quicker.

Ready for the next mission? Head towards the L on the radar then. This indicates where you can get work from Luigi :)

Dont spank ma bitch up
Difficulty: easy

Right! Now we get to do something a bit more interesting. As the cutscene explains you have to beat up a drug dealer who is selling spank to luigis girls. Pick up the bat across the street if you want and then drive to Portland harbour using the green dot on your radar as guidance. Once you enter the harbour area you will see a large blue arrow pointing to your target.

Now you can take him out using any technique you can think of. You can use the bat or just drive him over. Dont worry about running over the prositutes, this does not seem to matter. Once you have the dealer lying in a pool of his own blood, get into his car (the one with huge big blue arrow above it).

Take the car to the respray garage, indicated to you by the spray can logo on your radar. Dont worry about damaging the car. Once at the destination, drive the car over the blue marker and into the garage. The door will shut and when it opens the car will be resprayed.

Now you have to drive it to luigis lockup which is marked by the pink dot on your radar. Again dont worry about damaging the car, just dont blow it up!

Drive the car into the garage, get out and then exit the garage as instructed by the message that pops up.

Mission completed!

Drive Misty for me
Difficulty: easy

This is not much of a mission more like an introduction to Joey Leone who you will be doing some work for in the future. Get in your car (I bet you've found a nice one by now) and make your way north to the flats in hepburn heights.

In the little park area you will see the blue marker to stop in. Do this and sound your horn as instructed by the message that pops up. Misty will come out and jump in your car.

Now simply drive her to Joey's garage in trenton indicated on your radar as usual by the pink dot. Stop on the blue marker and the cutscene will introduce you to Joey Leone and you will pick up another stash of cash.

I wish it really was that easy to pick up a grand!

You can see now that you have two letters on your radar. The L is the original place where you can work for Luigi and the J is where you can pick up work from your new associate Joey

Pump-Action Pimp
Difficulty: easy

The diablos are pimping their prost's on Mafia turf and Luigi is not happy about it. This is where you come in.

Before you start you can pick up a free pistol around the back or ammunation which is indicated to you on the radar by the green gun icon. Dont bother going in to the shop itself, as the guns inside are not available until you progress through the game. The free handgun is around the back. Where you can get a little target practice. Carry out the instuctions from the popup message that appears if you have never used a gun before as this will teach you how to use the gun properly.

There is no one way to do this mission but make sure you have a car that isnt too trashed and have full health. Full armour would be handy but is not essential as you may not even have to get out your car.

Ok drive towards the purple dot on your radar. This is the diablo car you saw driving passed ammunation in the cutscene, so it will always be moving. If you feel like going to find a better weapon then go ahead. There is no timer on this mission and the diablo car will drive around for ever!

Once you have located the diablo car (it will have a blue arrow above it) its time to take action. Bear in mind there are two guys in the car. The pimp is dressed in purple and his driver is a regular diablo. If you ram them or shoot their car they will obviously know your onto them. They will then come after you.

If you stay where you are then they will probably ram you back and then get out the car. Be warned that the pimp (purple guy) has a shotgun which can do significant damage to your car so either run him over quickly or if the diablo car is between you and him then ram the diablo onto him. All the while make sure none of them pull you out of your own car.

If the pimp manages to get a shot off at your car and then it begins to burn get out as soon as possible and run away from it. Hopefully the pimp will run after you passing your trashed motor and then BOOM if ya lucky! hehe

Once you have killed them both the mission is complete.

The Fuzz Ball
$4,000 + $2,000 bonus
Difficulty: easy

There is a policeman's ball going on at the Old school hall (building next to the callahan bridge exit) and luigi wants you to gather up as many of his girls and deliver them to the ball. The actual mission requires you to deliver at least 4 but there is a total of 8 to collect. If you deliver them all you recieve a $2000 bonus.

Your radar will show you a number of points. The green ones are luigi's girls and the pink one is the location of the police ball. Before you start make sure you dont run any of the girls over otherwise its mission over.

The best way to get all 8 is to get a fast saloon car, like the mafia sentinel. This allows you to pick up 3 prost's at a time and speed along in the process. You will have to make 3 drop offs in this case but you tend to have more time if your car is fast and you pick the girl's up in a logical order.

Alternatively you can pick up one of the coaches parked in the coach depot at callahan point. This allows you to pick up all eight of the prosts in one go. Its possible to do it this way but you will have to be quick.

What ever you do. Dont bother using the banshee (dodge viper look-alike). This car only has enough room for one person so you will have to drive back and forth continuosly and unless you are super fast you wont have time.

Joey Leone - Trenton

Mike Lips Last Lunch
Difficulty: easy

The Forelli brothers owe Joey money whom has become tired of waiting for it to be repaid. You must take 'Lips' Forelli's car, get it rigged with a bomb and replace it within the time limit.

This is easier than it sounds as you are given more than enough time to do this in, unless you drive like a maniac. Drive to Marco's Bistro at the top of the hill in Saint Mark's using the radar as guidance.

There you will find 'Lips's car. Get in and you will see an icon appear on your radar of an eight ball. This is the bomb shop you must take the car to in order to rig it. Drive quickly but carefully and try not to hit anything as any damage will mean in you having to take it to the respray shop to be repaired.

Drive in the bomb shop which looks like a garage. Let the door shut so that the bomb can be fitted. When it opens again carefully reverse out and drive back Maro's Bistro using the radar if you cant remeber where that is.

Park the car in its spot (shown by the blue marker) and activate the bomb using the fire button. Then get out and move away from the car. After you have moved far enough away, the cutscene intialises and its the easiest 10 grand you ever made!

Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong
Difficulty: easy

Ok now the heat is turned on a bit as you get your real piece of gang work. This is what this game is all about, so make sure you have full health, armour and a decent gun. Uzi is the best gun for this mission as you can run and fire with it at the same time which is important for this mission.

This mission is a slight introduction to the Columbian Cartel whom 'chunky', the guy you have to take out, is selling spank for in the middle of china town. You dont see any cartel in this mission though, only triads.

Head over to china town where the green dot (chunky) shows on your radar. You will notice when you get there, 'chunky' is on a street running in a north-south direction. I am going to call this 'CHUNKIE'S STREET'. You cant drive down this street as there are posts blocking all entrances, So this one will have to be done on foot, for the moment anyhow. Dont enter chunkie's street yet as you have something to do before you go after chunky.

Drive to the south end of Chunkie's street and You will notice there is an old car parked here. There is also one parked to the east of Chunkie's street but this one can be ignored. Chunky will use one of these cars for a quick getaway depending on which way you approach him. Deny him his chance of a getaway by either moving or destroying the car at the south of Chunkie's street. Do this to the other one if you feel it necessary.

Leave a car to the south of chunky (no, not the one you've just moved/destoyed :) ) you may need this depending on what happens. Dont worry, chunky wont use this for himself.

Now make your way around chunkie's street so that you enter it from the north end on foot. As soon as you enter it a cutscene will point out chunky to you and you will see that there are a few triad members standing around. Some have pistols while others have baseball bats. Dont bother shooting them! All your interested in, is wasting chunky!

As you approach chunky he will make a run for it and head for the place where you moved/destroyed his getaway car. If you enter the street at the other end then chunky will go for the other car.

He is easy to spot. He is wearing a white shirt, has a big blue arrow pointing at him and runs like a girl. Run after him ignoring the triads who will now be trying to kill you. Simply run round them and try not to get knocked to the ground by them. If you get shot dont worry your body armour will absorb the damage.

Keep your eye on chunky. Run after him and shoot him as soon as possible. My preferred way is to use the target button instead of the mouse but its up to you. If you lose him, use your radar to find him again. If he makes it out onto the streets get in you car and you can run him over. So long as you dont let him get too far away from you hes chop suey!

Van Heist
Difficulty: easy

This is your first ramming misson. A security van is moving across town after it has picked up its daily takings. Joey wants you to ram the security van until the gaurds driving it get scared and bail. Then its up to you to drive the van to the lockup.

First off you are going to need a vehicle with a bit of ramming power. The security van is tough, so you will need something a bit tough yourself such as the patriot (hum-vee look-alike) or the fire engine. Dont worry about speed because the security van is very slow.

Although Joey mentions time as a factor, there doesnt appear to be any time limit to this mission.

The security van is marked by a purple dot. Make your way to the security van and hold back when you see it. The security van does not know that it is a target until you attack it so you can follow it for a while.

Bare in mind the following things happen when you make contact with the van. Your wanted level will immediately go up, the security van will try to make a getaway from you and it will suffer damage which you can see on the damage meter that has appeared on your screen. The guards will bail when the damage meter is full. Dont bother trying to the guards out yourself, the doors are locked. There are now two tactics that you can employ:

1. Smack the van to oblivion as fast as you can! This will damage it quickly and the guards will bail sooner, but you will attract more police attention. This way you may aquire a police wanted level of 3 but usually only if you run over a few cops. Generally it stays at two.


2. Gradually damage it, nudging it here and there. When your wanted level rises simply wait for it to disappear again. Bear in mind if your wanted level goes to two, then it wont drop until you complete the misson or you find a police bribe. This way is slower but safer, as its easier to take contol of the security van, once the guards bail, without the threat of being shot or run over by the police when you are on foot.

However you manage to get the guards to bail, jump in the security vans driving seat and you will then see a pink dot appear on your radar. This is the lockup joey wants you to leave the van in, which is situated in portland harbour.

So make your way there and once you enter the harbour you will see the blue marker in front of you. Its in front of the garage that the van is to be parked and as soon as you stop on it, the garage door opens and whatever wanted level you have, is wiped. Even if the police are right behind you the wanted level is wiped.

The key to this mission is to get into the security van as soon as the guards bail as once you are inside it its very difficult for the police to stop you due to its toughness. Just make sure they dont pull you out!

Completing this mission unlocks the the El burro missons which can be found by using the blue phone icon on your radar.

Cipriani's Chaffeur
Difficulty: easy

A mission to introduce you to 'Pops Capo', more well known as Toni Cipriani who owns a restaurant in St Mark's.

This mission requires you to simply drive Cipriani to a Laundrette where he has little bit of business to deal with. Despite Toni Cipriani's insistance on not damaging his car, dont worry about it. A little damage wont hurt so there is no need to drive like a granny. However if the car is destroyed then you will fail the mission so dont drive like maniac either.

Use the radar to locate the laundrette and position the car on the blue marker so that you can make a quick getaway. Toni then walks into the laundrette to speak to two triads. After a moment he will then come running out under gun fire and jump into the car. Two triads will follow and then fire at the car.

Make a move and get away from the triads. Run them over if you want but you dont have to. Toni will want you to take him to his restaurant in St Mark's. Use your radar to find the location of the restaurant and park the car on the blue marker to finish the mission.

Dead Skunk in the Trunk
Difficulty: medium

A mission with a twist!

Joey informs you that one of the forelli brothers has been bumped off and placed in the boot of a car at the cafe next to the callahan bridge. He wants you to take the car to the car crusher in Harwood to dispose of the evidence.

Make your way to the cafe using the radar as guidance. It's not far. In the car park of the cafe, you will see a blue arrow pointing to a car. This is the car that has the stiff in the boo and you must take it to the crusher.

Now before you get in, you should look around you because also parked in the car park is a sentinel car with a shifty looking fella sitting in it. This is another Forelli brother (dont ask me how many forelli brothers there are) and be warned that there is another one parked just north-west of the cafe in front of a tunnel.

The Forelli brothers are waiting for you to enter the car and then they will hunt you down and make you pay.

Most people will try and drive the car straight to the car crusher, trying to avoid the onslaught the Forelli brothers give you in the process but this can be difficult if your not an expert yet. Even the Experts can be pushed into an unavoidable collision by the pursuers so here is an alternative method should you fail to do it this way:

Get yourself a big tough vehicle. The fire engine is perfect for this as its quick and manouverable for a vehicle of its size. Now all you have to do is take out the Forelli brothers first by ramming their cars to oblivion. As soon as you make contact with one of the Forelli's cars they will both begin to attack but concentrate on takin out the one parked at the entrance to the tunnel. A good way to do this is to Use the dual carriageway to pick up some speed and ram the car side on as fast as you can, sending it spinning out of control.

With any luck the sentinel you just hit will end up on its roof and explode taking the driver with it. If it doesnt try and push it into the sea. Dont be tempted to get out and pull the driver out of the car. The door is locked!

The second car is harder to get as you dont have a run at it. It will be trying to get at you from the moment you make contact with the first car. If your still in the tunnel it shouldnt be able to get at you until you leave it. Try and turn it over by pushing it up slopes or hitting it side on. You can also try luring it towards the sea front and nudging it in if it gets close to the edge. Be careful not to drive into the sea yourself!

Unless your brave or you have no choice, DO NOT get out of the Fire engine until both Forelli brothers are Dead as you will be at very high risk of being run over. If you find yourself on foot try and get into another vehicle as soon as possible.

Once the Forelli's are dead you are free to take the car to the car crusher as calmly as you like, using the radar if you dont know where this is.

The Getaway
Difficulty: easy

Joey has some friends who want to rob Liberty bank and need a driver. Joey has nominated you as the driver. This mission requires you to be quick and have good knowledge of the city.

This is so easy to do if you know the exact location of the respray shop without looking at your map. I recommend memorising where it is as you will need some form of cop evasion tactic and using the respray shop is the quickest. However if you have the two police bribes at your hideout from completing the vigilante missions, then this is a good alternative.

First off, you need to get a fast car. There are three guys to pick up so dont bother getting the banshee from easy credit autos. I recommend a mafia sentinel. Once you have a car you like make your way to the bank robbers by using your radar as navigation. Stop on the blue marker once you have found it and sound the horn.

Three guys will come out of the garage and get in the car. Do as the guy says and take them to the destination outside the bank. Using the radar again find the blue marker outside the bank and park the car facing north along the road. This is the direction your going to have to drive in so it gives you a bit of a head start.

The robbers will enter the bank and when they come out the alarm will be sounding and your wanted level will instantly rise to three! Dont panic! In a few seconds it will be down to two because as you drive towards the pink dot on your radar there is a police bribe in the alleyway that you can cut through at the end of the road.

When you exit the alleyway at the other end do not go for the pink dot as you will not be able to finish this mission with any wanted level at all. You can either go to the respray shop in the red light district or your hideout if you have the two bribes. Both locations are north-west of your current location.

Once your wanted level is gone you can make your way to the pink dot on the radar where there is a blue marker waiting for you. Park on it to finish the mission. Easy as pie if nothing goes wrong!

The Key to this mission is to get to the bribe in the alleway North of the bank you are robbing, as reducing your wanted level down to two, makes it instantly easier. The police are a bit crazy once they get up to level three but calm down a bit when your at level two.

This is the last mission for Joey Leone.

Toni Cipriani - St Mark's

Taking out the Laundry
Difficulty: easy

Toni is still fuming from the ambush the triads pulled on him in a previous mission. He wants revenge. What you actual task involves is to destroy 3 Laundry vans that are circling the city. Any car will do for this mission although a faster one will help.

Toni mentions 8-balls as a place to get gear for this mission so this is where you should head first. If you dont know where 8-balls is its indicated on your radar by the green gun icon. You only need to go here if you dont have any grenades though. Once at 8-Balls you should see an arrow pointing to some grenades. Pick these up and then take a glance at your radar.

There are three purple dots on your radar representing the vans you have to destroy. How you do this is really up to you but here is an easy way:

Locate one of the vans and pull up in front of it so that you block it from moving. DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH YOUR CAR! Doing so will cause the driver to become alarmed and you will have to set off on a wild goose chase after it.

Instead, when you pull up in front of it, get out your car and run up to the van and pull the driver out. Now take the van to an area where there is no people (this is so you dont attract police attention). Select your grenades which you are going to use to blow up the van. If you have never used a grenade before then bare in mind the longer you hold the fire the button the further you will throw it.

Tap the fire button so that the grenade is thrown at your feet right next to the van and immediately SPRINT away. You should get far enough away before the grenade blows up. A few seconds later the van will blow up. Just make sure you are no where near it, when it does.

One down and two to go. Just repeat the process with the other two vans and remember not to collide with the van before you pull the driver out.

Its best to avoid car jacking a van in triad territory as its easy to be overwhelmed by the triads should they catch you.

If you do accidentally hit the van and it drives off. Find a large vehicle before trying to ram it. Cars dont have much ramming power against the van so you wont be able to force it off the road as easily.

The Pick Up
Difficulty: medium

A bit of gang warfare here as Toni asks you to pick some money that the Laundrette, who you destroyed the vans of, has agreed to pay up. But as you guessed its not quite as easy as that.

Make sure youve got a good gun such as the uzi and plenty of ammo. Health and armour should be at a max as your going to be in the firing line here.

Ok now head for the blue dot on your radar. This is the location of the briefcase containing the money owed by the laundrette. The briefcase is right in the middle of a T-shaped alleyway. Run down the alleyway but dont pick up the briefcase just yet. Look around you. There are three exits to this area. North, south and east. Its the east one you want to focus your attention on.

As soon as you pick up the briefcase, a cutscene will show you a gang of triads grouping at each entrance and a van blocking the east entrance. As soon as you get control again you will be told to kill them all. All the triads that are to be killed have blue arrows pointing to them and a green dot on the radar. Dont kill any yet just run down the east alley and jump into the van as fast as you can, running past all the triads in the way.

Once in the van accelerate away as quickly as possible so as not to get pulled out by another triad. Once you are sure you are not going to be pulled out go back and run over all of the triads with arrows above their heads. If any of the triads are still in the alleyway then either throw a grenade at them, shoot them or run them over in a car.

Once you have killed them all be careful not to be attacked by any other triads who may be around. You now have to return to Toni's with the money, which is indicated by the pink dot on the radar if you cant remember how to get there.

Once you walk throught the blue marker at Toni's Restaurant the mission is complete.

Salvatore's Called a Meeting
Difficulty: easy

Now its time to see the big man. Well done! You have made it up the ranks and now the head of the Leone family, Don Salvatore wants to see you! Don't get to comfortable though. You still have plenty of missions to go before you reach the end.

He's called a meeting and Toni Cipriani wants you to go collect the limo from joey's and then take joey, pick up luigi from his club and then finally pic up Toni himself from his restuarant. Then you are to drive to salvatore's Gentlemens club.

So first you need drive to Joey's to collect the limo. Use the radar if you need it. Once the limo is picked up you then have to drive to sex club seven in the red light district to pick up Luigi. Finally pick up Toni from his restaurant but when you drive up to the blue marker outside the restuarant, park the car so it is facing south.

As soon as Toni gets in, the triads will be all over you in several different vans. Just accelerate away and turn left up the hill. Do you best to fend off the onslaught but you shouldnt have to much trouble because the limo is fairly tough. The entrance to the gentlemen's club is blocked by two triad vans. Go for the gaps and be careful not drive through over the cliff.

Make your way down to the drive and park the car in the opening garage. As soon as the door shuts its mission complete.

You wont be able to do another mission for Toni Cipriani until you complete the first mission for Salvatore Leone called commanche.

Triads and Tribulations
Difficulty: medium

War has now broken out between the Triads and the Leone Family so the streets are a dangerous place for the duration of this mission as gang fights break out all over the place.

Make sure you have full health and armour as you are going to need it. Any car will do as you will be changing car in the mission but make sure it has enough room for the two guys you can take with you.

When you start. You may be taken aback by all the fighting going on. Ignore all this. The only triads you are concerned about are the warlords highlighted by green dots. There are three to kill. Each warlord is protected by a group of triads and has a blue arrow pointing to them. You can take them out in any order but the following order seems to be the most logical.

Looking at your radar you will see the three green dots representing your targets. Head for the middle one first which is in the heart of china town. You cannot get to this warlord by car so you will have to get out your car and take him out with your guns. Hopefully you brought along your friends who will protect you but its up to you to take out the warlord.

The shotgun is a good weapon for this. Take out the warlord using the target button. If the target lands on the wrong triad, shoot him first then try to target the warlord again. Generally you will have to take out both guards before the warlord as they tend to run in the way but if you do manage to get the warlord before the guards, ignore them and run back to the car as fast as possible. Leave your friends behind if you want as they are not necessary for the rest of this mission.

If you did this bit without too much damage then you have a good chance of finishing this mission. Get back to your car or steal another one and head for the warlord to the north using your radar as guidance. This warlord is in a fenced area. The barriers are destuctible but trying to drive over them can cause your car to overturn so use the entrance that is down next to the footbridge and the van.

Drive around and run the warlord over including his guards if you please. Make sure he's dead by seeing if the blue arrow is gone. Then get in the fish van that is next to the footbridge. You need this to get into the fish factory where the last warloard is hiding. Drive to the fish factory down the dual carriageway using the radar for guidance.

When you get to the fish factory wait in front of the gate to open it. You will probably have to rush in and drive over a couple of triads who maybe patrolling. The last warlord is standing on a ledge at the south-west corner of the factory as you can see on your radar. Drive clockwise around the factory and when you pop out from the side , be sure to fire the uzi out of the window at him. If you dont get him the first time, drive round again.

Once he is dead its mission complete but you are still in a place full of triads so dont relax until you are out of the fish factory.

Keeping a cool head in this mission is important especially when on foot. See your target and go for him. Only shoot other triads if they are in your way and never go on a mission of personal vengence if a triad pisses you off. This will only lead to you suffering more damage.

Blow Fish
Difficulty: easy

If you havent realised it from the missoin title, are required to blow up the triads primary source of income. The Fish Food Factory!

To do this. 8-Ball has rigged a 'trashmaster' with a bomb that you will have to drive to the factory under the time limit without suffering too much damage. Drive to 8-balls to pick up the trashmaster using the radar for help.

Once you get in the trashmaster, you have two minutes to get there and a damage bar that must not become full otherwise people will be picking your brains out of their hair.

You are in the north-east of the island and the fish food factory is in the south-west. Travelling in an anti-clockwise direction around the edge of the city, using the dual carriageway is the quickest and safest way to get to the fish food factory.

You should arrive at the factory with a minute to spare in which you must wait for the gate to open and drive around the far end of the factory and park the garbage truck on the blue marker. Dont worry about the triads walking about. They dont seem to recognise you in the trashmaster but they will once you step out. Press your fire button to activate the bomb then get out. Move away to a safe distance until the factory blows up to complete the mission.

Get in one of the fish vans to exit the factory as usual. Taking care as the triads are now aware if you presence. If there are any left!

Salvatore Leone - St Mark's

Difficulty: easy

Salvatore and his boys are planning to talk business this particular night. It will probably be a serious talk about the growing threat of the triads who have recently become a nuisance to the Leone family. Salvatore wants his lady, Maria, to be out of his hair for the night so he asks you to take her out.

The mission starts in the limo where you have to drive Maria to meet 'Chico'. A drug dealer friend of Maria who no doubt will give her what she wants. Chico is on the sea front on the West side of Portland Island. Use the radar to guide yourself to him and stop on the blue marker.

Maria finds out from Chico that there is a party going on in Atlantic Quays in one of the warehouses. Obviously Maria want to go. So you must take her there, again using the radar for guidance. Park the car on the blue marker, facing the road so that you may get a quick getaway.

Maria will enter the nightclub and you will have to wait a moment. At this point you can get the free cheetah but if your not bothered about that then continue to wait. Before long you will pick up a message on the police scanner hearing that they are making a drugs raid at the party.

At this point you may panic into thinking your in danger as the SWAT team arrive. Remember your not in any danger until your wanted level rises, so sit tight even though world war 3 is breaking out in front of you between the SWAT team and the clubbers. Wait until Maria comes out of the club to get in the limo and then make a break for the Gentlemens club.

Try not to run over any of the SWAT team in front of you or your wanted level will increase and it will become trickier to get to your destination. Use the radar to get back to the Club ,while fending off the police if they hassle you. When you get back to the club drive into the first garage to finish the mission.

You don't need to pick up any bribes in this mission as its pretty easy to get back to the club without being hassled too much. The SWAT team will not chase after you.

Cutting the Grass
Difficulty: easy

The new Columbian Cartel gang are producing spank somewhere in Liberty City and no doubt making a tidy profit. Not only that but, according to salvatore, the cartel know everything the Leone family are going to do before they do it. Salvatore suspects a guy called Curly Bob who works at Luigis club. He wants you to follow him after he finishes work and find out if he is squealing and if so... whack him!

You need to make your way to the club with a slight sense of urgency as Curly Bob wont wait til you arrive. If you take too long, curly will leave the club and you will lose him.

In this mission you are going to have to follow a taxi that is driving Curly Bob to the Harbour. You have to keep your distance from the taxi while being able to follow it. The taxi will be parked outside the club and will drive south towards the harbour once Curly gets in. come in behind the taxi from the north and stop on the brow of the hill right next to the respray shop, which should be on your left.

You will see the taxi parked outside the club in front of you. This is the distance you should keep between you and the taxi at all times. You may have to wait a bit for Curly Bob to appear.

Once he comes out the club and gets into the taxi, a spookometer will appear on your screen. This meter will begin to fill up if you get too close to Curly and if it fills to the top, he will notice your presence and it will be mission over.

So follow the taxi as soon as it drives away. The taxi will drive a bit more swiftly than most other traffic but will obey traffic laws so if it stops at a traffic light, stop yourself where ever you are. Keep a close eye on the spookometer. If it begins to fill slow down or stop. If you are already stopped, reverse away from the taxi.

The taxi will lead you to the harbour where a cutscene shows curly talking to a familiar face. Your ex girlfriend who shot you in the bank raid at the beginning of the game. She obviously has a large presence in the Columbian Cartel and you will realise that a key part of the story has just dropped into place.

Once the cutscene finishes you will have to kill Curly Bob. If your car is totally trashed then I suggest taking him out on foot or find another car as Curly is carrying a shot gun. Drive at him as fast as you can so that you squash him before he gets a shot off. Be careful not to drive into the sea though.

The key to this mission is to keep an eye on your spookemeter and make sure it doesnt rise. Dont panic if you lose site of his taxi around a corner he will still be there when you get there. Most people fail this mission by not paying attention to what the taxi is doing. It will stop at traffic lights and obey traffic laws and most people tend to drive madly after it thinking its going to make a break for it. It wont!

Bomb Da Base: Act i

Salvatore Leone is concerned at the growing force of the Columbian Cartel through there spank factory. He is not certain but he believes it is the ship in portland harbour that is being used as the factory and he wants you to blow it up for him. Not that hard then!

The first act of this mission simply requires you to drive to 8-balls to talk to him about the task at hand. When you get to 8-balls, using the 8 icon on the radar as help, stand on the blue marker.

8-ball will tell you he needs $100,000 to cover the costs of which will come out of your money. Whether you have the money or not, this act is finished so go and save NOW! That way, you can come straight back to 8-balls should you fail act ii instead of having to go to Salvatore first.

If you dont have $100,000 then you better start doing some other missions. Once you have the money head back over to 8-balls and stand on the blue marker to activate the next act.

Bomb Da Base: Act ii
Difficulty: medium

You recieve the sniper rifle for this mission. If you have never used the sniper rifle before practice activating the sniper scope and zoom in and out. I strongly recommend the 'standard' contol system for this so that you can use the mouse to aim instead of your controller or the keyboard. This will make this mission much, much easier! Have your mouse sensitivity at the lowest setting so that you can gain more accuracy from the sniper scope.

Once you have practised and are confident with it, get in your car and wait for 8-ball to get in also. Then drive to Portland Harbour using the radar for help should you need it.

You enter the harbour you will see a blue marker in front of you near the sea fron where you must park your car. Park the car facing the ship and wait for 8-Ball to get out. As soon as he does your objective is to get onto the roof of the warehouse, that is to your right, as quickly as possible. 8-Ball tells you he will wait for you to make the first shot but he wont wait for ever! There is a staircase around the front of the warehouse (where the crane is) so drive around following the staircase to the bottom. Keep your distance from the Cartel guarding the ship.

Make your way up the staircase on foot as quickly as possible and onto the roof. Run to the edge of the roof so that you have a good view of the whole ship. Now get your sniper rifle out and and target the two cartel guarding the gangway to the ship on the dock side.

You should take out each Cartel by shooting them in the head. Take out one of the cartel guarding the gangway and be warned that as soon as you do, 8-Ball will make a run for it so quickly take out the other cartel who will probably move.

Move the viewer up so that you can see a group of 4 red barrels. Shooting them will cause them to explode and take out the cartel standing near them. This means you can take out the cartel quickly without having to spend precious seconds targeting on their heads.

Now work from left to right taking out the cartel as quicky as possible. If one is firing at 8-Ball, make sure you take him out first. Remember! 8-Ball has no gun so you are his only defence.

There is anothter set of explosive barrels to the right. Use these also to your advantage if a Cartel member is near by. Make sure you kill all the Cartel. Keep your eye on 8-Ball once you have them all because one of them may be hiding behind a crate. Once 8-Ball enters the ships bridge, you can sit back and watch the fireworks as 8-Ball blows up the ship.

The best way to complete this mission is to be comfortable with the sniper rifle contols. The quicker you can target them and kill them the better. If you are not happy with the controls, change them.

Alternatively you could run on the ship, quake style, and take them out with the Uzi. But this is harder than the sniper rifle as 8-Ball can get in the way.

Last Requests
Difficulty: easy

After Blowing up the Cartel ship, Salvatore Leone will be pleased to see you. Before you can celebrate he wants you to take a car, with brains all over the inside, to the car crusher to destroy the evidence.

Make your way to the car by using the purple dot on your radar as guidance. It is in the red light district. As you get a few blocks away you will recieve a message on your pager from Maria. She tells you that you are being tricked and not to touch the car Salvatore has sent you to. She wants you to meet her at the slip way near the Callahan bridge.

Under no circumstances get in the car marked by Salvatore. As soon as you do you will blow up. Looking at your radar you will see a new, pink dot has appeared. This is where you are to meet Maria so drive there in your own time. Dont worry nobody is after you yet. Once you get to the slipway throught the tunnel, park on the blue mark.

After the cutscene that explains what is going on and why Salvatore wants you dead you must sail the boat across the channel to Staunton Island. Use your radar to navigate to the peer and stop on the blue mark. Mission complete.

You are now on Staunton Island. A new Island to play with. You can get back to Portland anytime as Callahan Bridge has now been mended. You can also now take the subway or the tunnel which have now both been opened. Best start exploring again then! :)

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