Checkpoint Missions GTA: 3


Patriot Playground - Portland Island

This mission requires you to collect 15 packages scattered all over the cliff and beach area of portland.

To activate this mission you need to find the patriot outside the Supa Saver in Portland View. Climb in and get ready to go. The cutscene explains what you have to do.
The timer does not start til you pass the first checkpoint so you can drive around and plan your route if you like. Before you start though, make sure it isnt raining. Its not impossible to do it in the rain but its a damn sight easier to do it in the dry. There is no set way to pass through the checkpoints but here is the route I generally take:

First go behind the supa saver and make your way up the slope to the left of the tunnel. There is a checkpoint above and to the right of you under the railway. Give yourself a little bit of speed so that you can get to the next one quicker.

Head up the slope through the trees to the checkpoint that is poised right on the edge of the cliff. Dont go down the cliff, simply pass through the checkpoint and head back south to the harbour area to pass through the two in front of you. Pass through the one on the beach second and then head north down the beach.
You will see on your left, half way up the cliff, the next checkpoint above the parked pickup truck. Dont worry, you can actually climb the cliff, just make sure your perpendicular to the cliff when you begin to climb it and take it easy!. Climb all the way to the top passing throught the checkpoint on the way and then head north towards the mafia house.

The next checkpoint is down a slope just before you get to the mafia house. Go down this slope, through the checkpoint and on to the beach where you should see the next checkpoint in front of you by the sea. Pass through this and pass north again towards the arch in the cliff.

The next one is directly under the arch but be careful as the terrain here is more tricky than it looks from a distance.

Once this one is collected carry on north to the checkpoint that is positioned right on the edge of the sea.

Turn round to face the mafia house and you will see several checkpoints left to pass through dotted around the cliff and hill area.
First head south towards the mafia house to the checkpoint at the bottom of the cliff on a small ledge.
Turn around again to the right and look at your radar. Go pass through the checkpoint that is the most northerly.

It is placed on a small cliff side. Go up it and turn left towards the mafia house again. Go through the checkpoint in front of you up the slope followed by one that is just off to the right on a grassy mound.

Now turn around again towards the mafia house and drive down the left of the house towards the back. You will see a checkpoint on a ledge lower down to your left. Dont get this yet this is your last one.

Head behind the mafia house, pass the three benches on the cliffside and drive, carefully, down the slope in front of you.

The checkpoint is near the bottom. Finally make your way back up the slope to the checkpoint you saw previously on the lower ledge. Be careful when driving down to the ledge you dont want to completely fall off down to the beach again. That's it you should have all the checkpoints and a nice mission passed logo, together with that familiar welcoming music!

Did you enjoy that. Dont worry there is a harder one, later, on the final Island!

A Ride In The Park - Staunton Island

To activate this mission you must find the Landstalker parked outside the boathouse in Bellville Park and get in it. The cutscene will explain what you have to do.

If you have done Patriot Playground, on Portland Island, before then this will be familiar to you. You have to pick up the twelve checkpoints in 2 minutes. However you are only given 10 seconds each time you pick up a checkpoint.

This task may prove more frustrating than challenging because the landstalker is an absolute dog to drive and usually ends up on its roof far too easily. The best way to do this is to get through some checkpoints in quick succession at the start, to build up some time.

Look around before you pick up the first checkpoint to see where they all are. You will quickly realise that some of them are in very tricky positions.

Find the one that is on the top of the steps of the monument. Reverse up the steps backwards and get ready to pick it up. Look ahead of you and you will the park toilets with another checkpoint down the steps. This is your next one.

When you are ready to go reverse into the one behind you carefully and make your way down the steps towards the toilets. Drive down the steps, pick up the checkpoint and up the other side. Just to the left is two checkpoints close togther. One of these is above the park wall and will require you to jump at it to get it.

Drive quickly up the bank to collect these two and hopefully you will not turn over. You may jump over the wall at this point. If so turn to your left and enter the park again through the entrance. Now make your way to the foot bridge and get the checkpoint directly under the bridge first.

Next get the one on the east bank of the footbridge. Make sure the Landstalker is perpendicular to the slope because if you try and take it at an angle it will topple over. Don't try to climb the slope. It will take too long. Get the checkpoint on the west side of the bridge next. Donot try and get it from the path because the slope is too steep. Get if from the other side.

Now you should have about 25+ seconds on your counter so head out to the one at the southern end of the park on the mound. Take care along the way as it is bumpy. After you get this one head back to the monument to collect the checkpoint that is next to it.

Quickly find the checkpoint that is above the west park wall close to the toilets. It is just down from the two you picked up earlier. Use the slope to jump for it but try not to go completely over the wall.

Time may be getting a bit tight now but dont panic. Get the one on the island in the middle of the boating pond. Drive carefully in the water, its slippery. Drive up the bank of the island and once you have the checkpoint reverse back down the slope.

Finally get the one that is on the jetty. Dont try and get it from the water, drive around the other side. Be careful of the wooden stumps its far too easy to lose the mission at this point be getting stuck on these.

Multi Storey Mayhem - Staunton Island

Get yourself a stallion car and park it outside an entrance to the white Multi-storey carpark in Newport. There is actually a stallion in the bottom level of the carpark itself. Get out of the stallion and then get back in to trigger the start of the mission. A cutscene will tell you what you have to do.

Bare in mind unlike 'patriot playground' and 'ride in the park', you do not have any time to plan your route. The clock is ticking from the moment you regain control.

There is no real set way of picking up the checkpoints and is much to difficult to explain in word form. Just make sure you park the car near the entrance so that you can get in as quickly as possible. Work your way from level to level making sure you have them all. The radar is not much help because although it tells you where they are, you dont know which level they are on.

Dont slack off if you build up alittle bit of time. The last checkpoint requires you to jump off a ramp at the top of the carpark and you need a bit of extra time to get a run at it. Keep moving and use your left and right view buttons to look in corners. If you think you have missed one on the bottom levels keep going. You may have time after you jump off the roof to go back round a get it.

The more you do this mission the easier it gets as you learn the positions of the checkpoints. Use your hand brake to get round tight corners and be wary of the pillars that block your way.

Gripped - Shoreside Vale

Welcome to the final checkpoint mission. As you might expect this one is quite tough as you have 20 checkpoints to make this time and they are scattered all over the hillside of Shoreside Vale. However it is easier than 'a ride in the park' in my opinion as you get control of the Patriot again. Nice!

Be sure that the weather is good as any rain will render your attempt very difficult indeed. The order in which you should pickup the checkpoints is more obvious than the previous missions. Keep glancing at the radar and you will see the next one to get. In most cases the closest one to you on the radar is the one you should go for.

When you get up to the road above, be careful not to let any Cartel drag you out your car otherwise its mission over. Once you make it up onto the grassy hillside above Cedar Grove, drive carefully because there are many hills and bumps that are difficult to see. It's all too easy to hit a bump and go barrling off the cliff side.

If you build up plently of time, dont relax to much because you may use up all that trying to get some of the checkpoints that are on top of some very steep mounds. The checkpoints are also very spaced out in some places.

As with the other missions of this type, the more you do it the easier it becomes as you learn the position of each point. Stay calm and keep an eye on the Patriot to make sure its not turning over.

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