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The 36 Unique jumps in Vice City are most easily completed using the PCJ Motorcycle. Some jumps cannot be done by anything else, so you may as well use it for all of them.

Obviously every jump should be taken as fast as possible. Alot of jumps require that you clear an obstacle or that you jump onto a buildings roof.

Be wary of jumps that require you to jump water. If you dont make it, you will drown. If you keep making a jump but dont get the Unique jump bonus, it maybe that you have to aim the bike slightly in a different direction.

Make sure the 'UNIQUE JUMP' bonus screen comes up, otherwise the jump doesn't count.

Tip submitted by: Torbjorn Andersson

Jump #9 One doesn't have to jump onto the roof! Yes, I got the unique bonus by just jumping along the alley. Maybe it's the height, because when you're about to hit the jump you just lean back briefly, and you'll jump higher. This way it's possible to jump straight at the building and get up on the roof. Although it's kinda hard to stop up there.

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KaRei May 5, 2010, 09:00 am
For jump 9 the description says you must jump from the crates to the roof on the opposite side of street. You don't need to do so. Just make a straight jump from the crates to the alley. Trick to get this jump is make it long, not the roof. Go to location of jump 10 and from that point drive as fast as possible, that should be enough Just make sure you don't jump too much to the right, or you'll crash in a pole ;)
HookShot Jun 20, 2005, 02:53 pm

Number 11 ramp is the stairs next to the stairs for number 12...

Except number 12 has you going south and for number 11 you back up east as far as possible (up against the Seawall) and speed West, hitting the stairs and launching your bike up and into the Wall of the Police Department. Most folks don't get this one the first few times... It took me about 6 tries...

Hope this helps!

Don Morte May 23, 2005, 06:42 pm
oops, i put my jump explanation in the 100% bitty in answer to Bob. i reckoned that you should do ALL of the jumps again, on the PCJ, then do as many as you can in cars. Also, try going back to ones from missions, like the "hog tied" jump over ammu-nation. i did it in the mission then did it again in a deluxo randomly and it went from 34 to 35 complete. there's one like that on ocean beach as well. I warn you, this will take aaaaages to do. i suggest, if you really are desperate, to start a new game and dont do any jumps at all until all islands are unlocked, then do them all (except the ones across the rooftops for the Film Studio mission coz you need to do the mission to unlock the lift) very time consuming. Make a list of all the jumps you've SAVED and CHECK how many you think you've done with how many the game says. this is important in the double jumps, like the one from alleyway up the garage stairs to the pink roof with helicopter then straight onto the jump to the brown building. the second jump is hardest as it sometimes doesnt register if you land on the brown building's roof, for me i had to hit the bit of the wall that goes in and fall off for it to register. this is a long post so i'll shut up now and GOOD LUCK!!
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