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In the beginning...
Difficulty: Very Easy

After watching the intro scenes, you'll have to go to a hotel called Ocean View. The basics of the game are explained by messages that appear on the top-left side of your screen.

Enter the grey car next to you by pressing the 'enter+exit' button (standard keys are 'F' and 'Enter'). Now just drive to the location marked by a purple square on your radar (on the bottom-left side of your screen), and stop in the purple marker. Get out of the car by pressing the 'enter+exit' button again, and walk into the hotel, where you will be thaught how to save your game. Walk towards the stairs and watch the cutscene.

After this you can either choose to start with your first real mission, or to explore the city. You could try out different cars and bikes, and learn to drive them. A good way to get to know the city is by playing taxi missions. Just steal a taxi cab (run to one, and press the 'enter+exit' button. Tommy will automatically throw the driver out and take place) and press 'caps-lock'.

Note: the police won't come after you when you violate small traffic rules, like driving through a red light, or driving too fast (or under influence ;-), but only if they see you stealing a car, when you kill several citizens, when hitting a police officer or police car, or during missions. The six stars on the right of your screen show you how much the police is after you. The more stars are filled (yellow), the more the police is after you. If you have one star, it will disappear after a moment. If you have two stars, changing cloths (at clothing shops, or in your hotel room) will remove the stars. If you have three or more stars, only driving into a Pay 'n Spray garage with your car will remove all the stars. Also, after completing a mission, all your wanted-stars will disappear (with the exception of 'messing with the man'). Another way to lose wanted-stars is by driving over police bribes, which are located all over the town. When you run over a police bribe, one wanted-star will disappear.

In this mission guide you will read about drive-by shootings. Here's how the drive-by method works: simply press your 'look left' or 'look right' key. As long as you have a submachine gun (Uzi, Mac, MP5) with some bullets, you can now just press your 'fire' button, and Tommy will shoot. It's not possible to aim at drive-by shootings.

When you are ready to play your first mission, go to the 'L' mark on your radar, and walk into the purple marker. [up]

Ken Rosenberg - Washington Beach

The Party
Difficulty: Very Easy

Ken Rosenberg knows a man, Colonel Cortez, who helped him to set up the deal. He's giving a party on his boat, and all the big heads of Vice City will be there. Ken doesn't want to go himself, because he's too afraid they will kill him, so you'll have to go in behalf of Ken.

First you need a change of clothes. Get to the Raphael's, marked on your radar by a blue t-shirt. Walk into the purple marker, and your clothes get changed. Now visit Cortez. He is marked by a purple square on your radar. You can take the bike on the other side of the street if you like, but be careful: the owner doesn't like that you steal his bike, so don't let him get you.

The boat of Cortez is located behind a large white building. You can see on the screenshot below how to get there.

Follow the purple arrow to find Cortez' boat

You will meet Cortez and his daughter Mercedes, who will tell you who all the people on the party are. The mission now is to take Mercedes to a strip club called Pole Position. You can either use a car or a motor bike (or go on foot if you feel like walking) to get there. Once you get there, go to the purple marker, and your mission is finished. You will be rewared $100.

If you like, you can change clothes again. Go to the Ocean View hotel, walk upstairs, go to the left, then to the right, and go into the room at the end of the hall on your left. Now walk over the purple icon with the blue shirt in it. [up]

Back Alley Brawl
Difficulty: Easy

Time for a tiny little bit of action. Rosenberg sais he knows somebody who is very much involved into Vice City's crime business, that he should know more about the coke.

After the cut scene drive to the Malibu Club in Vice Point. Enter the club and watch another cutscene. Kent Paul knows a chef who could give you more information. Get in a car, and drive to the alley where the chef is waiting. However, he will not give you any information and starts beating you. Beat him back by pressing your left mouse button several times, until he is dead. Pick up the portable phone he drops, and watch another cutscene, in which you are being introduced to a new character: Lance Vance.

The Malibu Club should be easy to find

While talking to Lance, three other chefs with knives appear behind you, and Lance commands you to follow him. Although Lance gives you a gun, do not try to kill the chefs, as they will probably wound you a lot, and they're not worth your time. Instead, run after Lance (using your 'sprint' key to sprint), get in his car and drive away. If you run out of breath, you can jump forward, which goes faster than walking. Be sure not to hesitate, or else the chefs will get you. If you like, you can run the chefs over once you're in the car, however you take the risk of drawing police attention.

Now drive to the Ammu-Nation weapons store, where you'll get a quick tutorial in buying weapons. After that, return to the Ocean View hotel, and the mission will end. [up]

Jury Fury
Difficulty: Very Easy

This is as simple as a mission can get. You need to make two jurors change their mind about a case. To do so, you'll have to smash their cars so they get frightened. There are two targets, and no time limit. Just after the cutscene with Ken Rosenberg, you'll see another cutscene in which a car runs over some guy. That guy leaves a hammer.

Get the hammer, then get in a car. Now drive to one of the two jurors (marked by a yellow square or triangle on your radar; an upside triangle means the target is above you, a downwards triangle means the target is belowe you). The sequence in which you trash their cars is not important. Just remember: smash their cars, not themselves!

The first juror in Ocean Beach. This one is the closest to Ken's appartment, so you might want to start with this one (it is marked by the square on your radar while being in front of Ken's appartment). Drive to him, get out of your car and smash his car (again: not himself!) which is parked there. Smash untill it starts burning, then get away from it (you don't want to blow up yourself do you?) and watch it explode.

The second juror is located in Vice Point. This one is even easier: you only have to keep smashing till the juror runs out of his appartment, not even till it blows.

Be aware that it might take a while before you reach your goal. Just keep smashing on the cars with your hammer. If you have enough ammo, you might as well shoot with your pistol or any other gun you are carrying, as long as the cars get damached. The only real advice I can give is the following: keep smashing/shooting at the same place. You might think you have to smash the cars from different sides, but this not the case: if you smash them while you keep standing on one spot, and hitting the car on the same spot, it will be no different then if you smash the cars from all different sides. [up]

-> You have now access to the first telephone mission

Difficulty: Easy

This one is a little bit harder then the previous missions, though still not very challenging. A delivery company won't sell, so you'll have to take them out of business, by destroying three vans. In order to do so, you'll have to create a riot at the company's place, so the gates where the vans are behind will open, and guards will come out. It's a good idea to buy some bullets for your pistol at the Ammu-Nation before you go to the company's place. Next to that you can get 100 armor (if you know where to find it), but this is not really nessecary.

First, visit Raphael's and get a change of clothes. Just follow the blue t-shirt on your radar. After that, visit the place where the vans are. Now you'll have to start fighting with at least four people. Just kick (or shoot, whatever you like) one, then run away and hit another, etc, till you have four people angry. Best thing is to shoot four people who are far away, so it takes them a while to run to you. The gates will open, and you will get a two-star wanted level. Don't get nervous: you shouldn't find any cops getting in there, except of the guards who already were there. Besides, after completing the mission you will lose your wanted level.

Get in the place behind the gates where the vans are. Shoot the red barrel which is positioned on your right, next to one of the vans (see the screenshot). It will explode, causing one of the vans to burn and explode, which causes again a second van to burn and explode. The guard who is shooting at you will also explode. If not, kill him. If anyone else follows you and tries to beat you, kick or shoot him. There's only one van left, located on the left side. Shoot at it, or trash it using your hammer or any other hand-weapon, untill it explodes. Shooting the red barrel on this side will also help a little, however it will not cause the van to blow up. After the three vans have been destroyed, the mission is complete. You now might want to watch the people who are still fighting, and collect all the money the dead people drop :-).

Shoot the red barrel, and both the vans and the guard will explode

After completing this mission, you've finished all your missions for Ken Rosenberg. [up]

-> You can now take secondary missions from Avery Carrington
-> You can now take storyline missions from Colonel Cortez

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