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Colonel Cortez - Ocean Beach

Treacherous Swine
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Gonzalez, Cortez' right hand man, seems to be unreliable, so you'll have to kill him. He will be in his penthouse in Vice Point. You get a chainsaw to kill him.

Get in a car and drive to his penthouse, and park your car on the road (if you park it right in front of the penthouse, it will be disappeared when you come out). Be aware of the fact that Gonzalez runs in the direction of the Malibu Club if he escapes.

As soon as you enter the penthouse, your chainsaw will automatically be selected, and you will see a short cutscene. After this, he starts running away. If you're quick, you can select your pistol and shoot him before he lieves his penthouse. Do not worry about the two men running after you, just concentrate on Gonzalez. If he escapes, find some way to kill him. Easiest way is to shoot him, but a better idea is to get into your car, and run over him (take care not to be thrown out of your car by Gonzalez' men). You'll get a two-star wanted level as soon as he's dead. Get into a car if you were not in one already, you now have two options. The easiest is to drive over the police bribe near the penthouse (see the screenshot). Second is to drive to the Pay 'n Spray in Vice Point (drive to the north, it is not far away, you should make it to there easily). A spray-image will appear on your radar, so you know where to drive to. Don't worry if you haven't got a lot of money: your car will be sprayed for free this time. Once you've lost all your wanted-stars, the mission is complete.


Mall Shootout
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

You have to close a deal for Cortez. You have to meet a French courier in the mall, who has some valuable technology for you. Get a fast car, and drive to the mall. If you damage your car, take a new one. Now park your car with the nose to the north in the mall, and go talk to the courier.

Park your car in the mall facing north

It woudn't be much of a mission if everything went right, so of course some French swat members who want the chips back appear. Now jump to the ground, get in your car, and follow the courier. He gets on a motorbike and drives away with the briefcase. Follow him, and ram him off his bike. Now you can either drive over him or get out of your car and shoot him. As soon as he's dead you will get a two-star wanted level. Grab the briefcase he drops, and get back into your car. Now drive back to Cortez' boat, which shouldn't be very difficult since you only have two stars. The only Pay 'n Spray is not far away from Cortez' boat, so there's no need to get your car sprayed.

If you want to do this mission the cool way, be sure to get a motorbike yourself. Nothing's cooler then a hot pursuit on a motorbike. [up]

Guardian Angels
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

A minor business transaction is taking place, and Cortez wants you to protect Ricardo Diaz if anything goes wrong. A Kruger is waiting for you in a parking lot, so you will be well armed.

Before you do anything, you can go to the Ammu-Nation and buy yourself a Mac. You're gonna need this one for a drive-by shooting later on, however it's not necessary, since the Haitians will also drop Uzi's. Now drive to the parking lot, and on the first floor you will find the Kruger. You will meet Lance here, who will assist you on your mission. Get in his car and drive to the alley where Diaz and his man are waiting for you. Watch a short cutscene, and get upstairs on the building to your right. Now select your Kruger, duck, and wait while the deal is taking place. Of course it goes wrong again, and you'll have to shoot all the incoming enemies.

First of all there will come a Voodoo-car from the south. Shoot all the men that come out of that car. Don't worry about yourself, they won't shoot at you (there's one exception, see below for more information). Also be careful not to shoot Diaz or his men. Again, a Voodoo will come from the south. Kill them again. Now a Burrito van will come, again from the south. No need to tell you what to do now :-). After that there will come another Burrito from the north, and again a Voodoo from the south. Sometimes enemies will run up the stairs where Lance is: shoot them. Also, one of the enemies coming out of the Burrito from the north will run upstairs where you are, and start to shoot at you. After shooting the enemies you will see a short cutscene, in which two guyes on beach bikes steal the briefcase. One of them gets killed..

You now have to run to the dead guy's bike, jump on it and chase the other bike. He won't go very fast, so it's quite easy to catch up with him. Now you can either shoot him from behind or drive next to him, and do a drive-by shooting with your Mac or Uzi. He will drop the briefcase. Pick it up, and bring it back to Diaz. [up]

-> You can now take storyline missions from Ricardo Diaz
-> You can continue playing missions for Cortez after finishing the Phnom Penh '86 mission for Diaz

Sir, Yes Sir!
Difficulty: Hard

Cortez has found a buyer who is interested in a piece of militairy hardware, or let's just call it a tank. The tank is being taken through town, and you have to capture it and drive it to a garage in Little Havana. This is not easy, since the tank is well guarded by a patriot, two barracks, and about 10 soldiers. The tank itself also has gunmen on it.

Get a rocketlauncher before you start this mission. You can find one in the pool of the orange-pink Hooker Inn Express building, which is located between the harbour and the airport. After you got the mission briefing from Cortez, get into a fast car (the Cheetah near Cortez' boat is a great choice) and drive to Little Havana, using the bridge to Vice Port or the one through Starfish Island. It's not that easy as just walking to the tank, get in, and drive away. The doors are locked, so somehow you have to persuade the driver to come out, and there is exactly one way to do this: by shooting him through the front window.

Don't do this yet: all the soldiers start shooting at you, and you will be dead within seconds. What you should do is the following: drive past the whole convoy, and park your car somewhere close to the Pay 'n Spray while still being able to see the convoy. Now take your rocketlauncher, and aim for the barracks. Shoot, and watch it explode.

Take your rocketlauncher, aim on the last barracks, and fire

You'll probably have a two-star wanted level now, and the patriot and other barracks will chase you. Now first drive into the Pay 'n Spray so you'll lose your wanted level. Then drive up north quickly. As soon as you are out of the sight of the patriot and the barracks, they will not follow you. Now make a 180 degrees turn, and drive back to the south. You'll encounter the running soldiers: drive them all over at once. Now drive all to the left, untill this point:

Park your car and hide there. You will probably see the patriot and barracks driving around. Destroy them by either using a Kruger/Colt/Machine gun or by using your rocketlauncher. You will get a two-star wanted level again, but the tank is now almost unprotected. You only have to kill the guy in the tank, and get in. Once you're in the hardest part is over, just drive to the garage with the tank. Yes, you have a three-star wanted level, and yes, you will get a time limit, after which the tank will self destuct, but both shoudn't be a problem. First of all the police won't harm you much, since the tank is very strong and destroys every verhicle that drives against it. Second, you should have more then enough time to get there, so don't worry and just drive. You might want to turn the turret of your tank to behind so you can shoot incoming police cars. Park the tank in the garage, get out, and you've completed the mission. [up]

Here's also another way to complete the mission fairly easy:

When you get to the tank convoy just follow it. After a few blocks it will pass a bakery and the commander of the convoy will ask the soldiers to get doughnuts. While they are getting doughnuts the tank doors are open and you can steal the tank as any other car. You can then drive it to the garage with ease.

Thanks to Fahad Wajid for this tip.

-> You can continue with the last mission for Cortez after finishing the Death Row mission

All Hands on Deck
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

-> Note: while this is a mission for Cortez, it is a secondary mission, and therefore it is not nessecary to complete the mission in order to complete the storyline part of Vice City

The French people want their technologie back you gained for Cortez in the Mall Shootout mission. They've discovered Cortez, so he wants to get of Vice City before they get him. If he goes away in his boat - which is the only option since French people are guarding the airport - he'll probably get a lot of resistance from the French, and therefore he wants you to protect his ship together with some other people, so he can make his way out of Vice City safe. Before you start this mission be sure to have a Kruger or Colt together with some ammo (about 200 bullets will be fine). Armor is not really necessary, unless you are a bad shooter.

First of all the boat is being attacked from behind by about 3 boats. Aim and shoot the French people with your rifle. Next you will encounter a blockade. Walk to the front and shoot all the people on the boats that cause the blockade. Now there will be boats sailing next to you, and enemies enter the ship from the front. Just mow them down with your rifle.

If you are low on health or ammo: on the deck appears extra health as well as extra bullets for your Kruger from time to time. In the next part, two helicopters will fly over and enemies will land on the ship. Aim for the cockpit of the choppers and keep firing with your rifle. You'll probably get the helicopter down even before it reaches the boat. After the two helicopters are down, a Hunter will appear. Yes, it fires at you, but most of the bullets will miss. Again shoot at the cockpit to get the Hunter down with ease, and the mission will be complete. You will not only reward $5000, you also get Cortez' speedboat. You've now finished all the missions for Cortez. [up]

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