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Ricardo Diaz - Starfish Island

The Chase
Difficulty: Easy

One of Diaz' men is stealing money from Diaz, and he doesn't like that. You get the assignment to find out where the thief hides his stolen money.

This is an easy mission. The only thing you need to do is follow the thief, no more, no less. First go to his appartment in Vice Point. There's only one way you can make this mission a little bit easier: park your car on the road that's parralel with the road where the entrance to his appartment is, you will see a yellow trashcan there. You are going to chase him on the roofs, but at the end he will jump down, get into a BF Injection and drive away.

He will jump down in the trash can, and drive away in a BF Injection

Now run to his appartment, and peek through the windows. You will see him, saying "ooh, shit!", and running away. Follow him onto the roofs. Don't worry about him shooting at you: he will only do this in the cutscenes, and he will not hit you. Run after him, untill you see him shooting the red barrels. Be careful now, and walk between the flames so you don't get hurt. After he jumps in his car, jump after him, get in your own car which you parked on the road and follow him.

Now keep distance to him. He has a friend in the back of his car who will be shooting at you. Now as long as the distance between you and him is big enough, he will not fire. You can follow him easily now to his mansion on Prawn Island. Don't worry when his car keeps waiting around the corner on Prawn Island: as soon as you go around the corner yourself you will see a cutscene and the mission is over. [up]

Phnom Penh '86
Difficulty: Medium

You'll now have to kill all the men in the area of the mansion you found in the previous mission, including the thief, so you can get Diaz' money back. In the first part Lance will be flying a chopper, and you'll have to shoot all the enemies. In the second part you go on foot, and have to take out the men inside the mansion, and get the briefcase.

In the first part you just need to aim well and fire. There's no need to burst (tap your fire button/key), just press your fire key and keep spraying all the bullets on the enemies. Always shoot red barrels if you see them: their explosions will kill several enemies. Just keep shooting till all men are dead. The chopper has more then enough health, so you should survive it. After you land you can take the machine gun with you, as well as 100 bullets for it. Now walk to the entrance of the mansion, but don't walk into the mansion yet. Shoot from the outside all the men you can see. Then approach step by step, and peek inside the mansion. Shoot the enemies you see. Most of the times you can shoot them without being seen yourself. Now walk in, and shoot the enemies who are left (if there are any). Walk upstairs, and go to the left, where another stair is. On top of that stair is another enemy. Shoot him, and walk to the roof. There shoudn't be any enemies left. If there are, shoot them. Now pick up the briefcase, and Lance will come in his chopper to pick you up. [up]

-> You can now continue storyline missions from Colonel Cortez
-> You have now access to the whole city

The Fastest Boat
Difficulty: Medium

Every smuggler in Vice City wants to have the fastest boat, and Ricardo Diaz was the lucky man to have it. However, some guy from Costa Rica has build a faster boat, and Diaz wants you to steal it.

First of all, get a sniper rifle. You can find one in the maze in the garden of Diaz' mansion. Also be sure to have a submachine gun (like the Mac or Uzi) and/or a rifle (like the Kruger or Colt Python). Now head for the boatyard.

Seven men are guarding the place: one on the left side of the yard, one on the right side, one behind it, two in front, and another two are guarding near the water. Do not enter the boatyard yet, but take your sniper-rifle and kill the three guards who are walking around and who you can see from the road. This will get you a one-star wanted level, but if you wait for some seconds it will disappear. Now enter carefully. There will be two men close to the boat and the water, and two in front of the entrance of the yard. You can kill the two guards near the water with your sniper rifle. Kill the two guards who are left with your rifle or submachine gun. Now enter the boatyard. About four men are in there. They only have hammers to kill you, so shoot them before they reach you. Now walk to the control panel. The boat will be lowered, and a bunch of new enemies will come in. Take cover behind the boxes, and shoot the enemies from there. This way you shoudn't be hurt at all, and you can easily kill them.

You have great cover behind these boxes

When they are all dead run to the boat and enter it. You will get a three-star wanted level, and therefore there will be a helicopter flying around, and several police boats are hunting you. Ignore them, and navigate to Diaz' mansion. Do not navigate in a straight line: the police boats will shoot and easily hit you. Just keep zigzagging (go a little bit to the left, then to the right, and then to the left again, etcetera). When you reach Diaz' mansion the mission will be over. [up]

-> You have now access to the second telephone mission

Supply & Demand
Difficulty: Medium

Every month a boat with drugs arrives in Vice City, selling the drugs to the first buyer. Diaz wants you to be the first one to get there, kill the other potential buyers, and return the cargo to his mansion.

First run to the back of Diaz mansion, where you'll meet up with Lance again. Now you see a short cutscene, in which four speedboats are on it's way to get the drugs. Two boats are taking a route that goes to the left, the other two take a route that goes straight ahead. Take the route to the left, since it is shorter and there's more room to navigate. Now be careful: do not hit the other boats! If you do this, there's a big chance that Lance will be thrown overboard which will fail the mission. Also be careful when it comes to turning: do not crash into walls or other boats.

It shoudn't be very difficult to be the first one to reach the drugboat since you have the fastest boat and the other boats are way slower. Once you've made it, Lance will take over the wheel and you'll have to shoot the incoming enemies. First of all there will be two boats with gunmen on it from behind. Then after a while a chopper will follow you and start shooting, but before it comes close you will pass four men on your right. Just shoot the two red barrels which are located behind them.

Shoot the two red barrels and shoot any survivors

Now concentrate on the chopper, which will fly quite low. Aim primarily on the gunman hanging out of it, but if you can't hit him then just keep shooting on the chopper itself untill it blows. Now you will encounter only one more target, a boat which is in front of you. Just shoot the gunman on it. When you arrive at the back of Diaz' mansion you have finished all missions for Diaz, and you will be rewared $10000. [up]

-> You can now play the Vercetti missions

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