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Tommy Vercetti / Kent Paul - Vice Point

Death Row
Difficulty: Medium

Ricardo Diaz has captured Lance and is holding him in the junkyard, where he tortures him. You'll have to save him before he's dead (when his health-bar runs out), and take him to a hospital. I've heard many people saying this is a very difficult mission. However, if you follow the next steps, it will become significantly easier.

First: get yourself a really fast car, or if you're not good at driving, a car that can take a lot of damage. You'll have to be prepared for a fast getaway once you've saved Lance, because four of Diaz' men will come after you in Infernusses and ram you. Good cars are the Infernus (which can be found at Diaz' mansion if you can't find one) or the Cheetah. If you're not good at driving you might want to take the Patriot, which can be found at Phil's Place (next to the junkyard). The Patriot can take a lot of damage, and is also fast enough for this mission. I would not recommend a motorbike. They might be fast, but if you crash and fall, it's very unlikely you will be able to complete the mission, since Diaz' men will run over Lance. However, if you're in for a lot of adrenaline and can handle bikes pretty well, you might take one.

Now, be sure to have some good weapons. You're gonna need a sniper-rifle, so if you haven't got one already, take the one in the maze in the garden of Diaz' mansion. Next to that you'll want to have either a Kruger or a Colt with enough ammo.

Got a fast car? Got enough weapons? Great. Now drive to the Malibu Club at Vice Point to meet Kent Paul. Do not park your car in front of the Malibu club! If you do this, it will be disappeared after the cutscene. Instead, park your car on the middle of the road. Now walk into the Malibu club and watch the cutscene. Run back to your car and drive to the junkyard. Be very careful: do not damage your car! You don't want it to blow up during your getaway. So don't drive too fast to the junkyard, you should have enough time. The best way to get there is through Starfish Island.

Once you are there, park the car on a distance from the entrance. Select your sniper-rifle, and take out the three men guarding the place (two are standing still, one is walking). If you've done that, get back in your car and drive to the entrance. Now park your car with the back to the entrance on the sidewalk, like in the screenshot below.

Park your car with the back to the entrance after killing the guards

Now run into the junkyard, and place yourself behind a low wall to the right (see the screenshot below; if you can't fire, step a little bit back). From there you can easily take the men out without being hit youself. Take your Kruger or Colt, and fire at all the men running around. Once you've taken them all out, walk ahead.

If you stand behind this wall, you will probably not be hit

Now go to the left, and walk behind the large machine. Select your pistol, uzi or fists while doing this, so you can sprint. Now take your sniper-rifle again. You will see three men guarding Lance in a hangar, and another one guarding on top of the yellow machine next to the hangar. First take out the man on the yellow machine, since he is the only one who fires at you. Then take out the three others guarding Lance. There also might be men on the green machine, check that out. Now run to Lance (again, select your pistol, uzi or fists to sprint). Once you've freed Lance, run with him out of the junkyard.

In the next part of the mission, you should be very carefull. One mistake will probably end in failing the mission. Sprint to your car and get in, then wait till Lance gets in. You will now see four cars driving at full speed towards you. Hit the gas, and drive as fast as you can over the sidewalk to your left. All four cars will miss you now, giving you enough time to get out of there and bring Lance to a hospital, before the cars have turned and catched you in. Even without a superfast car like the Patriot you will have enough time to drive to the hospital before the cars catch you in. However, drive cautious and not too fast, causing a crash can give the other drivers enough time to catch you.

This worked for me few times. However, it also happened once that my car was disappeared when I returned (probably because it was parked to close to the entrance). In that case a rocketlauncher will be very handy. Run back into the junkyard as soon as you got the message that Diaz' men are after you. Now run up the wall where Vercetti is covering behind in the picture above. The cars now drive into the wall where you first parked your car, or they will drive into the junkyard. Take your rocketlauncher, and fire at the wall the cars are behind. Probably three of them will blow up. Lead the fourth one into the junkyard, and shoot it, again with your rocketlauncher.

After bringing Lance to the hospital, the mission is completed. However, you've done this mission for yourself, and therefore you won't get any rewards. [up]

-> You can now play the last mission for Colonel Cortez

Rub Out
$50000 + Diaz' mansion (which will be called 'Vercetti Estate' after this mission)
Difficulty: Medium

Now it's time to infiltrate Diaz' mansion together with Lance, so you can kill that bastard Diaz. You don't need to take care of weapons, Lance gives you a Colt Python together with some ammo. If you are a bad shooter I suggest you start this mission with 100 health and 100 armor, since you'll have to shoot quite some men.

After watching the cutscene, watch the little stairs on your left. Three men are waiting there and they will attack you if you come close. Shoot them from a distance. There are also men on the large steps in front of the mansion, but there's no need to shoot them since it will cost a lot of bullets and they won't spot you anyway.

Go up the small stairs, and you will see a swimming pool. You can shoot about two guards from a distance, you might use a sniper-rifle if you have one. If you don't see any enemies continue and walk across the swimming pool. Take care: there is at least one men waiting on your left, and there's also someone on the grassfield behind the swimming pool. Lance will tell you to follow him, and starts running. Unfortunately he's not a good shooter, so you better run in front of him, and kill everyone who stands in your way or who shoots at you or Lance. Select a submachine gun (like the Mac) so you can sprint. You have to walk to the back of the house, and then walk into the part where a half-indoor swimming pool is (see screenshot).

Walk into the back of Diaz' mansion. Also: see what happens to Lance when you let him run in font of you, he loses a lot of health

Go to the hallway on your right, and you will enter the mansion. Don't worry if Lance is not near you or got stuck somewhere: as soon as you enter the mansion he will be right behind you. Now be carefull: approach the stairs step by step, and shoot the enemies on it before they see you (just peek and shoot on whatever limbs you see). You will encounter three men on the stairs. Run upstairs, and take the second hallway that leads to your left. Walk through it carefully, and peek around the corners. You will see several enemies inside the mansion: six are on the same level as you are, and one is below you. Shoot the ones you can see, then walk into the main hall of the mansion and kill whatever is left of them (don't forget the one who is below you!). Now walk into the direction of Diaz' room and you will see a brief cutscene. The only thing you have to do now is to shoot at Diaz. If he runs into his room, just follow him and shoot him there. You will now see a short cutscene again, and you've completed the mission. [up]

-> You can now play missions for Love Fist / Kent Paul

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

You're working for yourself now, together with your partners Ken Rosenberg, Lance Vance and Avery Carrington. Not all the shops in Vice City see you as the new boss yet, so you'll need to terrify them so they will pay you protection money. You'll have to this by smashing their shop-windows within five minutes.

This mission can be done in two ways:

A. On foot, the harder way

Drive to the North Point Mall in the Infernus which is parked in front of Vercetti Estate. Once you are there (you'll probably come in through the east-entrance) go to the south. First destroy the windows of the Tarbrush Café in the corner. You can do this with a gun or a hammer. You will hear a bleep whenever you destroy a window. Tip: if you use the hammer to destroy all the windows, be sure to go inside the shop and smash the windows from the inside. This way you'll encounter less police officers who start shooting at you.

After destroying the Tarbrush Café go to the Gash store. First smash it's windows on the ground floor, after that go to the first floor and destroy the windows there. There's an escalator inside the store which can take you upstairs. You will get at least two wanted-stars, which you can lose by changing clothes (a casual outfit can be found in front of the Gash store on the first floor). Now go downstairs again and approach to the north. Walk up the stairs in the middle of the mall and destroy the windows of Vinyl Countdown music store on the first floor. It is located on your left (west). Again go down the stairs and go to the north. There are two stores left: a bookstore in the west, and a jewelry in the east. Destroy the windows of both shops, and the mission is complete.

There's an escalator in the Gash store which you can use to get to the first floor

Overall tip: do not pay attention to the police and guards who are following you and are shooting at you. When you reach the last shop you will have a four-star wanted level. If you keep zigzagging, sprinting and jumping and smashing the windows from inside the shops they will not hit you much.

B. On a motorbike, the easier way.

Be sure to have a fast motorbike (the PCJ is the best choice for this mission) parked in front of Vercetti Estate before you start the mission. Also be sure to have enough ammo for your submachine gun (Mac or Uzi). Now drive as fast as you can to the North Point Mall, but be carefull not to crash. Go inside the Mall with your bike, and destroy the windows using the drive-by shooting method. Do it on the same order as described at the 'on foot' part. However, don't go down after destroying the windows of the shop called Gash, but stay on the first floor, and drive all around to the music store. Again, do not pay attention to the police.

Trashing all the windows within the time limit will result in a successfull end of the mission. [up]

-> You can now buy property in certain areas of the map

Bar Brawl
$4000 + $1000 bonus if you destroy the police van.
Difficulty: Medium

Almost the same story as the previous mission: a bar refuses to pay protection money, and hired another company/gang to protect it. You have to kill their protection and know what other protection they hired, and then kill them. You'll get two sidekicks to do this mission.

Get into a car where both sidekicks fit in. There's a sentinel waiting in front of the mansion, which will do. A better choice is the Sentinel XS, so if you encounter one on your way to the bar, steal it (be careful not to get cops attention). It's fairly easy yet. Be sure to approach the bar coming from the south, and drive slowly past it. Now look to your left, and you will see two guards with pink arrows above their heads. Just do a drive-by shooting to kill them. After that run to the bar, and talk to the owner (don't worry about your one-star wanted level, it will very likely be gone after the cutscene).

Just do an easy drive-by shooting

The owner of the bar tells you the DBP Security arranged his protection. You have 5 minutes to pay the DBP security a visit before they leave. Drive to the location marked on your radar, but be careful: they will start shooting at you as soon as they spot you. Before you get out of your car to kill them, park your car on the road not to close to the guards. Something will explode later on, so if you park your car on the sidewalk it will also explode. Also be sure your car is facing east. Now get out and kill all the guards who are waiting there, but be carefull: you will attract police attention. An easier way to kill them is by using the drive-by method again. It works for most of them, but you will probably need to get out to kill the last one. As soon as they are all dead you will see a short cutscene with an explosion where two guards get away on PCJ motors. You will also receive a one or two-star wanted level (depending on the method you used to kill them; using the drive-by method will get you only one star, by getting out and killing them with your guns you'll get two stars). Get in your car and follow them. As soon as you reach the Ocean Drive you will see a blue police van driving towards you. Try not to hit it (duh..). Now you can do two things:

A. Destroy it and you will receive $1000 bonus. To do this, go to somewhere where you are safe, where neither the police, nor the van can hit you. There are plenty of hotels and bars where you can hide just in front. Don't worry about the timer (you should have plenty of time) or the motorguys (they will wait near the beach). Get out, walk up the steps and take cover (do not park your car in front of it though, the van will ram it and will destroy it when it explodes). The police van will now try to hit you. Just shoot at it with a Kruger, Colt, Shotgun or Rocketlauncher untill it explodes. If you're done, continue after B. Note: it can happen that the van crashes into a wall and won't come to you. If that happens you can shoot it with a Colt or Rocketlauncher, or just leave it alone and continue with the mission.

B. Avoid it and focus on the two motorguys.

Get back to your car, and drive in the direction of the two guards. Be sure to drive on the grass to your left! If you have a two-star wanted level, two police cars will come from your right when you pass a sideway, and they will ram you if you just drive on the road. If you didn't destroy the police van you will probably catch up with the motordrivers. Now do not ram them off their bikes, but do a drive-by shooting again. You should be able to kill them both, and the mission is complete. If you did destroy the van the guards will be waiting near the beach and lighthouse. First take the one that's the most to the south. He won't see you, and you can either get out to shoot him, as well as doing a drive-by shooting or run him over. Be careful not to drive into the water. The other one is close to the lighthouse. He probably sees you and shoots at you when you approach. Just drive over him, and your mission will be complete. [up]

Cop Land
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

It seems that you'll want to blow up the Tarbrush Café in North Point Mall, but the guy who was supposed to do it failed. Now the place is full of cops, but the place still needs to be exploded. The solution: Lance and Tommy will dress like cops, get in, plant the bomb and get out. There's no real need to have 100 armor or a lot of bullets when you start this mission, you only want to have either a fast car or a chopper. When you have the one of your choice, park it in front of Vercetti Estate and watch the cutscene.

Go to the garage marked on your radar. You will now need to get two cops into the garage. Simply start killing people untill you have a two-star wanted level. Just wait till a police car comes, and try to get the agents into the garage. Don't let them catch you, keep running and jumping to get them into the garage. As soon as two cops are in it (doesn't matter if they're dead or alive), and Lance and you are also, the garage door will close. When it opens again Lance and Tommy will wear the police uniforms, and your wanted stars have disappeared.

You now need to get into the Mall. The game sais you need a police car, but any car will do. Actually, the worst thing you can do is taking a cop car to get in, since Pay 'n Spray's won't spray cop cars, and therefore your getaway will be very difficult if you use the cop car. So take whatever car (I do not recommend a bike, the FBI will hit you and you'll be thrown off) you want, as long as it's quite fast and strong, and as long as it's not a police car, police van, FBI car, fire truck or ambulance. Another option is to take a helicopter.

Now park/land your vehicle near the entrance that is the closest to the Tarbrush Café. This is the south-entrance (see also the screenshot below). Now go inside and walk into the pink marker in the Tarbrush Café. Tommy will place the bomb, but have only five seconds to get away before it explodes! So run away towards the entrance you just came in. It actually explodes even earlier when you reach the exit of the Mall within the five seconds (however I'm not 100% sure about that one). You will get a five-star wanted level as soon as the café has exploded, so the place is full of cops, and FBI drivers will chase you in Cheetah's. As soon as you're outside don't pay attention to the cops, but run straight to your vehicle. Get in, wait till Lance got in, and get the hell out of there! If you have a helicopter, just fly back to Vercetti Estate. Don't land your chopper on the roof, since you'll have to walk to the pink marker in front of the mansion. Instead, just land it in front of the mansion, get out and run to the marker. Again, do not pay attention to the cops, just keep running and jumping untill you reach the marker (don't jump over it though ;-).

Park your vehicle in front of the entrance which is the closest to the Café so you can make a quick getaway

If you had a car, just drive away as fast as you can. There's a very big chance one of the cops shoots (one of) your tires leak, so it's not going to be an easy drive. However, the Pay 'n Spray is close, and you should make it to there if you drive carefully. When your wanted level is cleared, just head back to Vercetti Estate, and you have finished another mission. [up]

-> You have completed the Protection Ring Asset; Vercetti Estate will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $5000
-> You can now get a cop uniform at the police station in Washington Beach, which makes it possible to enter Fort Baxter Air Base
-> You cannot continue with the last two storyline missions untill you've completed most of the asset missions, and most of the assets generate money. It is unknown which assets need to be completed to continue with the storyline. It's certain however, that the Malibu Club and the Film Studio are not necessary (you should probably have finished one of them), and the Print Works and Boatyard are both required. I think Rockstar uses a system where every asset has it's own ranking points, and that you can continue whenever you have a certain amount of points (by buying assets and completing their missions). Anyway, you will get a call as soon as you own enough property to continue with the storyline. For more information about properties, view the asset properties page.

Cap the Collector
Difficulty: Easy

The Maffia has come to Vice City and starts taxing your businesses. They already robbed the Print Works, and they're heading to all your other properties. It's your job to stop them.

This mission is fairly easy. There are three groups of two men on Sanchez motorbikes, who visit all your properties and tax them. The order in which they do this is the following: Print Works - The Boatyard - Sunshine Auto's - Ice Cream Factory - Kaufman Cabs - Innerfilm Studio's. I don't know about the Malibu Club and the Pole Position, but I guess they will tax them after the Film Studio.

Before you start this mission you should have a fast car parked in front of the Print Works, and a Kruger or Colt with some ammo. An excellent choice is the Police Cheetah, which is parked at the police station not far away. Once the mission is started, get in your car and get to the Boatyard as fast as possible. It is impossible to arrive at the Boatyard before the Maffia does, but that's not such a big deal. Now get out of your car and kill the collectors. If you're quick, you can kill them before they tax the boatyard, if not, just kill them when they come back. You can just shoot them with your Kruger or Colt while they are running (use the first person function for a good aim). Just be careful: once they've spotted you they will start shooting at you.

As soon as they're dead a new pair of collectors on a Sanchez comes in. If the onces you've killed taxed the Boatyard the second group will go to Sunshine Auto's. If they didn't, then the second group will go to the Boatyard again. They come from the north, so what you can do is to drive to the north. You will encounter them after a while. Now aim well and crash into the Sanchez. Both the collectors will be thrown off, and you can either run over them with your car or get out and shoot them.

The third and last group now comes in, again from the north. You can do the same trick here: just drive towards them and ram them of their bike. If you miss them, just turn around and follow them. They go very fast, but they drive like they're drunk. So even if you can't catch up with them, you will probably encounter them somewhere on the ground when they crashed. If you have a really slow vehicle, here's what you can do: don't follow them to Sunshine Auto's, but wait for them at the Ice Cream Factory. Once they arrive, simply shoot them. Mission complete, $30000 dollards easily earned, and you can continue with the last storyline mission in the game. [up]

Keep Your Friends Close
Difficulty: Easy-Hard

Okay, so this is where it all ends. If you haven't played this mission yet, do not read further, because this mission description will spoil the end for you.

It seems that Lance has betrayed you, and the Maffia (including Sonny Forelli) is visiting Vercetti Estate to end the whole situation by killing you. You need to kill Lance, as well as Sonny and loads of Maffia guyes. The difficulty-rating above may seem a little weird. However, the difficulty of this mission depends a lot on the weapons you are carrying. For instance, when you start this mission only with a pistol, it's very difficult, and if you start this mission with the minigun with lots of ammo, the mission is very easy. So before you start this mission you want to be equiped well. Which weapons you want to use is completely up to you. If you want this mission to be easy, take the minigun. You get this weapon if you've collected 60 hidden packages, and it can carry a lot of ammo. If you don't want to collect 60 packages or don't want this mission to be too easy, go for the Colt and Uzi/Mac together with at least 400 bullets. It is a very good idea to get the fast reload ability. For more information check this page on the forum. Note: this mission description is based on the Colt, so it can be a little different if you play it with other weapons. Next to a lot of weapons be sure to have 100 health and armor, or even more. Prostitutes and Pizza missions can both give you more health. Last of all: be sure to have some cash, since Maffia men will start stealing it, and the more money you have, the more time you have to complete the mission. About $40000 should be more then enough.

Once you are ready to start this mission head to Vercetti Estate. After watching the cutscene you will be in your room. Probably nothing will happen when you keep standing there, so walk a little bit forward so you can oversee the main hall of the mansion. If still nothing happens try to fire at the cars (stretches) you can see outside of the mansion (best way to do this is by using the rocketlauncher; watch out that you don't hit yourself with it!). The Maffia enemies will now start running up the stairs to kill you. Just get back to your room and mow them down with the gun of your choice. Few tips: use the first-person view to have a better sight, and aim exact in the middle of the door-opening. Most of the enemies will walk to the middle before they enter your room, so keep aiming in the middle of the door-opening and shoot small bursts of bullets. Usually two bullets will be enough to kill someone. Be sure to time your reload well. There's always a short pause between every two or three men that come to you. When you only have 4 bullets left in your magazin and nobody's running towards you, shoot those bullets so you can reload when it's save.

After a short while you will get the message that you have to kill Lance. Don't stay in your room: Maffia enemies will keep respawning so you will only waste bullets. Just walk outside of your room to view a short cutscene in which Lance will appear together with some guards. As soon as the cutscene is over hurry back into your room. Now look in front of you, and you will see two guards (watch the screenshot below, the guards have a purple circle around them). Kill them, they won't shoot at you. Once they are dead wait untill it's save and run outside of your room. Lance and another guard are firing at you now. First shoot at Lance - who will run away as soon as you've hit him (unless you used the minigun, he will be dead then) -, then the guard. Don't pay attention to other enemies running up the stairs, but follow Lance into the hall.You will encounter him there two more times, together with a new guard. Again, first shoot at Lance so he runs away (be careful: he has a Kruger and will also fire at you!), then the guard. You will now get a message that Maffia men are stealing money from your vault, and the amount of money you have will keep going down.Once you've reached the stairs you will encounter Lance a third time. Again, shoot at him and approach, untill you reach the roof of Vercetti Estate.

Kill these two guards before you get out to hurt Lance

About 10 enemies are waiting there to kill you, including Lance. Don't pay attention to the enemies, but run to the helipad, and keep jumping on your way. When you are on the helipad you have great cover, and you can easily take the enemies out. Lance is very close to the helipad and you can kill him easily from above. If you need you can pick up health.

Now go back to your room again. If you are low on health and armor, it's a very good idea to go all the way downstairs, and pick up the armor, health and ammo. Just watch out that when you go upstairs again, you will encounter few guards. Once you're back at your room (just run to it, don't pay attention to the enemies who are running around) you will see another short cutscene in which Sonny together with two guards appear. This is the thoughest part: you will have to shoot Sonny in order to complete the mission. The nasty thing is that he and his guards carry heavy weapons which will rip you to pieces in no-time, and that Sonny has way more health then you have. There is however an easy way to kill him. As soon as the cutscene is over run back into your room as fast as you can. They will not come to you (or at least they didn't do that when I tried). Now walk to the door-opening of the room, and you should see Sonny's head sticking out in the middle. Just fire at it with your Colt untill he is dead. Also shoot other enemies that might run up the stairs when you're shooting at Sonny's head.

Once he is dead you've completed this mission, as well as the storyline part of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Congratulations! [up]

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