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The Boatyard - Vice Port

Checkpoint Charlie
Difficulty: Hard

In order to own the Boatyard you must complete a checkpoint speedboat race. This is not easy. You only have 2:25 minutes to collect 25 packages (checkpoints). A first tip: do not play this mission when it is raining/storming. There are a lot of waves then who make it very difficult to steer. A second tip is to play this mission by night, since you can then see the blue checkpoints better.

Before the mission starts you can choose one of the two boats at the Boatyard. Which one you should choose is pretty personal. Personally I like the Squalo II (the left one) better then the Cuban Jetmax on the right, since it seems to handle better and it seems to go just a little bit faster. Once you're in a boat the mission starts.

You haven't got much time, but don't rush too much. You will only make mistakes and miss checkpoints which will fail the mission. If you took the Squalo, steer before you start a little bit to the right. This will make your boat face the first checkpoint so you can pick this one easily. If you have the Jetmax just give gas and go forward to get the first checkpoint.

For the next 6 checkpoints you'll have to make a lot of turns. A few things are very important to remember: you can turn way faster when you give gas while turning, then when you don't. Also, using your handbrake will result in sharper turns. Therefore it's very usefull to use your handbrake when you go fast and have to make quick, sharp turns, since the boat makes normally wide turns when you go fast. If there's an obstacle in front of you, don't brake and steer when you're afraid that you crash into it, but just give gas, press handbrake and turn. It's very recommendable to get to know the first checkpoints, so you know where to go.

Once you've collected the first 7 packages, you will approach a ramp. Do not go full speed here, but slow down, and be sure to be in the same line as the ramp is. Don't take the ramp when you're not in line with it, since you'll have to take another ramp after the first. Take the first two ramps at once, then steer to your left to get in line with the third ramp, and take that one.

After the ramps you can go full speed again, and take the checkpoints in the canals. The hardest part is over now. Just steer carefully. It's better to go a little bit slow but you steer well, then when you go fast but crash into everything. An overall tip: when you miss a checkpoint, slow down immediately, and don't turn around but go backwards with your boat. This goes very slow indeed, but turning and trying to get that checkpoint takes more time, especially when you miss it again. When you go backwards, you go so slow that you can't miss it. You now might think that you haven't got time for this, but I've managed to miss two checkpoints, go backwards to get them, and still finish this mission within the time limit. [up]

Special thanks to Vercetti's Big Brother and Minaru for some tips on this mission.

-> Boatyard mission complete; the boatyard will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $2000

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory - Little Havana

Difficulty: Easy

To complete the Ice Cream mission, get into a Mr. Woopiee van and sell 50 'ice creams' (which is actually drugs) at one time. To get customers, you must get the music to play, by tapping your 'horn' key shortly. Now customers will come and buy your stuff, but you will also get police attention. So what you should do is the following: go to the Pay 'n Spray at the harbour, and park your car in front of it. Now start selling, but as soon as you see police coming drive into the Pay 'n Spray. This will probably not happen too many times since there isn't much police at the harbour, but you're at least safe there. Just keep selling untill you've sold 50 packages. Don't pay attention to the 'there aren't any customers in this area' message, because there áre customers. Once you've sold 50, just get out of the van and you've completed the Ice Cream asset. An overall tip: don't sell in Little Haiti or Little Havana. They don't like you selling drugs there, so they will start shooting at you when they notice you. [up]

-> Ice Cream mission complete; the factory will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $3000

Pole Position - Ocean Beach

Strip show
Difficulty: no rating

This one can actually not be called a mission. The only thing you have to do is enter the strip club, then walk to the back and go into the first red-lighted room on your left. You will now see a movie with a dancing stripper, which keeps repeating. While watching, your money will drop. The only thing you have to do here is wait till you've spended $300,- on the stripper, and then exit by pressing shift. Go get a cup of coffee in the meantime, cause it will take about 7 minutes before you're done. [up]

-> Pole Position mission complete; the strip club will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $4000

Kaufman Cabs- Little Haiti

Difficulty: Easy

Get in the Kaufman Cab that's parked inside the Kaufman Cabs building to start the mission. You have exactly one minute to pick up a V.I.P. on Starfish Island so you can bring him to the airport. Just drive to the place marked on your radar and take care not to crash. You should make it there within the time limit easily, as long as you don't crash. Once you are there stop the car in the purple marker and press your 'horn' key. You'll see a short cutscene in which a car from VC Cabs suddenly stops in front of the mansion and picks the V.I.P. up. You now have to destroy that cab to get the V.I.P. in your cab. It's simple, just ram the cab and do drive-by shootings with your uzi. As soon as the cab is damaged enough the V.I.P. will get out and get in your car. Now drive to the airport, stop in the purple marker and the mission is over. Be aware that the VC Cab will start to follow and ram you once the V.I.P. is in your car. He's not such a good driver, and he also doesn't go very fast, so he shouldn't be any problem. [up]

Friendly Rivalry
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

VC Cabs seems to be dominating Vice City, and you will need to prevent this by destroying three of their cabs. Before you start this mission you should have an Uzi or Mac with at least 300 bullets. As soon as the mission has started drive to one of the yellow squares on your radar. Approach it, drive next to it, and start shooting bullets using the drive-by method. As soon as you hit a cab with either your own cab or bullets, it starts to attack you. Great, since they will then be easy targets to hit. Just keep shooting till they start burning. Now here's the only tricky part of the mission: as soon as their cabs start burning, get the hell out of there! There will chase you, and if you are close to them when they explode, your own cab will catch fire and will also explode, which results in a mission failure. Repeat these steps two more times, and the mission is completed. Just remember not to damage your car too much, and destroy the VC Cabs by using the drive-by method rather then ramming them. [up]

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

You get a call that Mercedes wants you to pick her up. Drive to the docks, and find a small way that leads you into a large open area. Drive into the purple marker, and tap the horn. No sign of Mercedes. Instead, six VC Cabs enter the place, close the guard and start ramming you. You'll need to stay alive for one minute. This is easy. Just keep driving forward somewhere at the sides (so not in the middle) untill you reach the end of the area, then make a wide 180 degrees turn and drive the other way. Repeat that untill the timer runs out, the VC cabs won't hurt you that way. After the timer reaches zero the six cabs will disappear and a Zebra cab will enter the area. You'll need to destroy the driver of this Zebra cab in order to complete the mission. This is easy, just drive to the pillars, get out, and wait behind them. The Zebra cab can't hurt you there. Now find a way to either destroy the cab or kill the driver. A great way is to take your sniper-rifle and snipe the driver, another good way is to take a rocketlauncher and blow the car up. [up]

-> Taxi Firm asset complete, Kaufman Cabs will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $5000

Sunshine Auto's - Little Havana

Car showroom

In order to earn money with Sunshine Auto's you'll have to complete four lists of cars. You have to deliver the cars on these lists to the garage right behind Sunshine Auto's, next to the list. Here are the four lists and what amount of money you'll earn by completing it:

List 1:
Blista Compact

Reward: Deluxo [up]

-> The Car Showroom will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $1500

List 2:

Reward: Sabre Turbo [up]

-> The Car Showroom will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $4000

List 3:

Reward: Sandking [up]

-> The Car Showroom will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $6500

List 4:
Cuban Hermes
Baggage Handler
Mr. Whoopee
Pizza Boy

Reward: Hotring Racer [up]

-> Car Showroom asset complete, the Car Showroom will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $9000

Special thanks to Senitel for posting the lists on the forums. Note that soon pictures from all vehicles will be added to Vice City Unleashed. As soon as that happens I will create links to all the pictures.

Interglobal Films, Inc - Prawn Island

Recruitment Drive
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

The film studio needs some actresses, so you'll have to recruit Candy Suxxx and Mercedes. Be sure to have a submachine gun (Uzi/Mac) together with some bullets (at least 90) when you start this mission. Also get a sniper-rifle or rocket launcher. It's not necessary to have 100 armor and a Colt or Kruger, but it makes the mission a little bit easier. When you're equiped get a fast car or motor bike and drive to the place where Candy is. Get out, but be sure that either your submachine gun or Colt/Kruger is selected when you walk into the pink marker. Watch the cutscene, and as soon as it's finished spray bullets into the three guys in front of you that attack you. Get back into your car/onto your bike as soon as they're dead, and follow Candy's pimp (he's in a sentinel). Now be careful: when you come close to his car, three guys will get out and start shooting at you. They will keep respawning in his car, so once three guys are out, three new will appear in the pimp's car after a short while.

What you should do is the following: drive past him at full speed, and keep driving forward for a little while. Then get out, select your sniper-rifle or rocketlauncher, and wait till he comes (be sure that you stop somewhere where he'll drive towards to, or else he might take a turn and you miss him). Take aim, and fire. If you miss, get back into your car (or else the three men will get out and start shooting at you) and try this trick again, untill he's dead. Then drive back to Candy. Be carefull: the men that got out of the pimp's car will still be around to shoot you. Pick Candy up and drive to the Well-stacked Pizza in Downtown. Pick up Mercedes there, and drive back to the film studio's. You might want to use the sentinel that's just across the street in front of the Well-stacked Pizza, since that car has four seats. Once you're back at the film studio the mission is completed. [up]

Dildo Dodo
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

You're new movie has to be promoted, but no-one wants to do this for you since it is rather extreme. That's why you're going to distribute the movie's flyers yourself, by using a sea-plane to drop them all over Vice City. I've heard a lot of people complaining about this mission, while it's not that hard. Here are some tips:

First, be sure to have your controls configured well. You must know where your 'lean back' button is, since that key will take the plane into the air. Be sure that you use your one hand to steer the dodo and to give gas, and the other hand to press the 'lean back' button. A good idea is to bind this key to your right-mouse button (which will also come in handy while driving bikes).

Here's how to fly the dodo properly: it's almost the same as cars, except that you'll have to use the 'lean back' button to gain hight. Press your gas (forward) key to get speed. Then use your 'lean back' key to get the plane into the air, and to get the plane to gain hight. Now just steer with your 'right' and 'left' buttons. Be sure to approach each waypoint in a straight line. Do not make a sharp turn and then try to reach it when you're not in the right direction: the chance is big that you crash into a building. Always make your turns while being at a distance from the checkpoint, so you can approach it in a straight line. When you approach, get ready to be at the same height as the checkpoint.

If you are too high, simple let go of the gas to lose speed and therefore also height. If you don't lose height fast enough, press brake. This will make the plain go very slow, and also make the plane go diving. Dive down through the checkpoint, but be sure to press your 'lean back' button in time to get up again.

If you are too low, simply keep pressing your 'lean back' button. Do not try to lose speed so you have more time to rise, cause it will only make the plane go down. If you went up too much and you seem to fly over it, press brake to start diving. This way it's really easy to get all the checkpoints. Just keep going up when you're too low, and dive down if you're too high. While diving press the 'lean back' button regularly so you won't go down too fast. Just keep correcting your dive with the 'lean back' button, untill you can drive through the checkpoint. Now you can handle the dodo it's time to do some route-planning.

Once the mission is started just give gas, and keep going forwards untill you're close to the bridge to Leaf Links. Get up in time (the 'lean back' button, remember?), and make a 180 degrees turn to your right. Now fly forwards and get the checkpoint below:

You can either get this one facing north (like in the screenshot), and then fly between the buildings to the road on the right where the end checkpoint is, or you can take it more from the left, so you can fly straight forward to the road where the end checkpoint is. Once you have this one and the end checkpoint, head to the dirtbike track in the north. Pick the second checkpoint and turn to the south. The next one is a bit tricky: it is between some large buildings, so be sure to be in a straight line with it before getting close to it. If you try to come from the left and then make a sharp turn left, the chance is big that you crash (like I stated before). Once you have it fly forwards (to the south) to the next checkpoint. Once you have it keep going in the same direction where the end checkpoint is, as well as the fourth checkpoint. Go through them, and fly your way to the airport where the fourth end checkpoint is. Watch out not to hit the palmtrees. Fly over the roof of the airport-building, and make a turn to your left. Approach the next checkpoint that's located almost above the boatyard. Get it and turn into the direction of the large road. Just follow the road to find the fifth end checkpoint as well as a new checkpoint. Once you have that one fly towards Leaf Links. Then, when you're at the same line as the last checkpoint, turn about 180 degrees (left) to face west. Just fly in a straight line to final checkpoint, which is located between two buildings. If you're not approaching it entirely in a straight line correct with your left and right keys. If you don't approach it in a straight line at all, don't try to get it by making a sharp turn. This is the third time I tell this, but it is very important and I can not emphasize this enough. Once you have the last checkpoint the mission will be completed. [up]

Martha's Mug Shot
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

It seems that congresman Alex Shrub wants to forbid porn movies, which would be very bad for your film studio. That's why Candy will go and entertain Shrub, so you can take pictures of them in the meanwhile so you can intimidate him with it.

In the first part of the mission you need to follow the Stretch in which Candy drives to Shrub's apartment. If you want this mission to be easy, get a helicopter and park it on the road in front of the film studio's before you start the mission. Get in after the mission briefing, and wait until Candy gets in the limo. Now get in the air and follow the Stretch. Be sure that you have the limo always in your sight. If you get too far away from it the mission will be failed. Just keep following the limo. Fly cautious and slow. As soon as you're close to Shrub's apartment you will see a brief cutscene. Be sure to fly low above the road when this happens, since during the cutscene you have no control over your helicopter, so it will land.

keep flying behind the Stretch and don't lose it out of sight

After the cutscene, get in the air again, and park your heli on the beach, at the back of the WK Chariot Hotel (which is opposite Shrub's place). Now search at the left side of that hotel for a door-opening. Go through it, and go all the way up untill you can walk into a hallway with a window at the end. Walk to the window, and select your camera and zoom in, using the same buttons as for the sniper-rifle. Now simply take three photographs by pressing your 'fire' key. Once you've done that, Candy sais she and Shrub are being watched (which is very unlogic, - why would she betray you? - but else it wouldn't be much of a mission). The next moment you will have a five-star wanted level. Simply go down again, but watch out: there are guards waiting for you once you're getting on the lowest levels of the hotel. Just shoot them with any gun you like. There are six guards, but if you take them out carefully they shouldn't hurt you much. Now run outside the hotel, and keep running. Don't pay attention to police helicopters or police officers, just keep running to your helicopter. Get in the heli, get in the air, and fly back to the film studio's. Land somewhere in the studio's (or you could do a cool act by flying over the pink marker, and then jump out of your helicopter so you'll land right within it) and sprint to the pink marker. Mission completed. [up]

Difficulty: Medium

Tommy wants to promote the studio's new movies on a spectacular way. He wants to get on one of the roofs in Downtown, to adjust the spotlight so it will show a big advertisement on one of the large buildings. To get on the roof, you'll need to get a motorbike and make a lot of jumps. You have until 7 AM to do this, or else the sun will come up and everybody can see you. You always start at 5 PM (17.00h) after you got the mission briefing, so you have 14 hours to complete the mission. Since one minute ingame is one second in real-life, there is a 14 minute time-limit. And believe me: this is more then enough.

After watching the cutscene, you'll see a PCJ motor near the entrance of the film studio. This is the best bike to do this mission, so grab it and drive to the location marked on your radar. When you are there, drive up the stairs, go forward, drive around the corner and enter the offices. You now have to get into the elevator. Before you do this, you might as well want to pick up the hidden package behind the desks on your right.

Once you're on the next floor be ready for your first jump. To complete this jump you have to drive forward right through the window (just on the right to the window where a man watches through). You just can't do this one wrong, just drive straight forward on maximum speed. If you do this right you will also get a Unique Jump. After this one another bunch of jumps are waiting for you, including two or three Unique Jumps.

There are some things you should keep in mind when doing these jumps. First of all: don't try to do more ramps after eachother. You should have more then enough time to do all ramps, and if you hurry and try to do more at once, the chance is big that you won't take the jump right and fall off the roofs. After each jump you should try to find out where the next checkpoint is (by looking on your radar and by searching for purple markers). Then go back as far as you can, and put yourself in the right direction. Then hit the gas full and keep driving forward in the direction of the marker. For some jumps you will have too much speed. That's why you should always be prepared to use your handbrake right after you land, or else you will crash into the small edges of the rooftops. If you notice you have too much speed and you will go too far, press your handbrake + the left or right key to make a turn as soon as you land (or even already while being still in the air). This has saved me a lot of times from falling off the roofs.

This is basically it. Just finish all checkpoints, and take your time. If your bike catches fire, get off it immediately (of course), and try to find a new one. There are two jumps that need to be mentioned: the first one is the third jump you will encounter. If you look at the radar, you might think you need to turn your bike a little to your left to make that jump. In that case you probably won't make it. Be sure to have your bike in the same direction as the edges to your left and right (so there's a 90 degrees angle between your bike and the edge in front of you). Then hit full gas to make it.

The second one that needs to be mentioned is the jump you can see on the screenshot below. When you reach that jump, you can get on the roofs again via the staircase at the lowest building, in case you fall off somewhere. Don't try to do that jump by first driving up the white staircase and then the ramp: you will most likely not reach the next roof. Instead, get up the white staircase first, then there's some room to your right. Get back, hit the gas full and you should make it.

Make the jump from here, not right after driving up the staircase to your left

One last tip: this mission is not too difficult, but if you can't seem to pass it with a motorbike, try a helicopter to reach all the checkpoints and to get to the roof where the spotlight is located. You can easily reach the VCPD helicopter by jumping off the place where you can enter the office in the beginning of the mission. [up]

-> Film studio asset complete, Interglobal Films will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $7000

Vice City Printing Works - Little Haïti

Spilling the Beans
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

The plan is to print money, but you will need some plates to do this. Kent Paul seems to know more about how and what. Get after the mission briefing into the cab that's waiting for you. The ride to the Malibu Club will cost you nine dollars. Paul will tell you that the officer on the ship in Vice Port can tell you more. So there you go, back to the other island again.

This mission can be quite simple. Just be sure to have a sniper rifle together with at least 6 bullets. Now go towards the ship, but do not enter it yet. Zoom in with your sniper-rifle and snipe all the guards you can see. There are three at the back (you can snipe two of them from outside the harbour, the third is impossible to see), about two at the side you can see from the road, plus two who are walking around. On the other side there are also two guards walking, plus one standing still. You might want to take a boat from the boatyard to snipe them too, but it's not really necessary. It ís however the only way to snipe the third guy at the back (you should be able to see him through a round hole). Once you are sure all the guards are dead, find a decent car. Park this car the way as shown in the second screenshot below. Now enter the ship. The alarm won't go off if you indeed shot all the guards.

Snipe them all, don't forget any; within the purple circle is the platform you should jump on (and off) later on

Walk to the back of the ship. Be very careful if you haven't killed the third guard at the back yet: he's walking around and is on the same level as you are. Peek around the corner, and kill him. Now take the stairs up and walk into the pink marker.

From this platform you can just jump off the boat, get in your car and drive away

The will get spotted at this point, and you will also get a two-star wanted level. No problem. Rather then walking all the way back down and running into loads of guards (who will keep respawning), go up, and jump on a lower platform to your right (see the two screenshots above). From there you can make a large jump to the ground, and you will land near your car, while only losing about 50 of your armor or health. Get in it, and simply drive to the Pay 'n Spray at the harbour (marked on your radar) or the one behind Sunshine Auto's to lose your wanted-star level. Then drive back to the Print Works to complete the mission. [up]

Hit the Courier
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Seems that a Courier with the plates will be arriving any minute in a helicopter in Vice Port. You will have to assasinate her (yes indeed, it is a women), steal the plates she drops and bring them to the Print Works.

Easy mission. Just get down the large road, and wait with a sniper-rifle until she comes. A good place is near the bridge to Starfish Island. Park a fast car pointing north in case you will miss with your sniper-rifle. Now wait until she lands. You will probably hear "kill him" out of nowhere now. This means she sends another car filled with four dangerous women to you before she comes herself. They all drive in brown Sentinels. Wait till they come, then snipe the driver to dead (the same way as described below for the courier), or blow up the car with a rocketlauncher. In case you sniped, kill the three other women that will get out of the car with any weapon you like. Once they are dead be prepared for the car driven by the courier (marked by a yellow square on your map: you will see it when she approaches).

Simply zoom in, aim, and shoot her right through the front window of her car. She will fall out, and drops the plates. Be sure to get them quickly, since there are more women in the car that will get out to collect the plates. Of course you can also assasinate them first. Now simply pick up the plates, get in your car and drive back to the Print Works.

Just wait for them to arrive, then snipe the driver through the front window; on the left you see the car of the women that came first to kill me

Note: do not try to blow up the car with the plates using your rocketlauncer. You will then also destroy the plates, which will result in a mission failure.

In case you weren't able to snipe the courier through her window (which is not likely, since you can see her coming from a distance, so you can try to kill her multiple times), get in your car, but don't chase the courier. She has a gunner, that will start shooting at you when you come close. Instead, try to predict where the car drives to, and then drive as fast as you can somewhere where they will also drive to. Then get out, grab your submachine gun or (sniper)rifle, wait until the courier comes to you and then try again to shoot the lady through the window. [up]

-> Print Works asset complete, The Print Works will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $8000

The Malibu Club - Washington Beach

No Escape?
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

You want to rob a bank (see mission: The Job), and to do that, you need some good men to help you. The first man you're going to look for is someone who can break the bank's vault open. Rosenberg sais he knows a guy called Cam Jones, but that guy's is being held for prisoner in the police station at Washington Beach. Your mission is to free him, lose the cops and bring him back home in Vice Port.

Like some other missions, you can complete this mission by car or helicopter. The easiest way is by using a helicopter. Get one somewhere (like on top of Vercetti Estate), and fly to the Malibu Club. Park it somewhere on the road. After the mission briefing get back in, and fly to the police station. Park it there, again somewhere on the road (or else it might be disappeared when you come out of the station). Before you get into the station, be sure to have your fists selected and not a gun, since guns aren't allowed in there. Now find the locker room to your left, and walk into the pink marker to get a police suit. Now go back, and walk to the end of the hallway and go to your right. At the end of the room you wil find a card to open the cells. If you have it, go back, and go to the cells (next to the locker room). Again, walk into the purple marker, and watch a short cutscene.

You will now get a four-star wanted level, and there are lots of police men waiting outside the police station. In your way out, do not sprint, or Cam is probably not able to follow you. Just walk, and as soon as you are outside, you can sprint to your helicopter. Get in, wait for Cam to get in, and take the heli into the air. Don't worry about cops shooting at your heli: it shouldn't take too much damage. Once you are in the air you will have to find a way to lose the cops. The easiest thing is by landing somewhere in front of a Pay 'n Spray, steal the first car you see and drive into it. There is a chance you are busted though. Of course you can also head for Sunshine Auto's, grab a car from the showroom and drive into the Pay 'n Spray behind it. Note: you don't necessarily have to drive into the Pay 'n Spray marked on your map by a purple square: any Pay 'n Spray will do. Once your wanted level is gone, you only have to bring Cam back to his home.

If you want to do this mission by car, be sure to park your car next to the small stairs at the entrance of the police station. Get away very quickly, or else you will get busted. Then drive towards the Pay 'n Spray in Vice Point. It's very handy to pick up the police bribe next to Gonzalez' and Shrub's appartment (see also the mission Treacherous Swine for Cortez) so you will lose one wanted star. [up]

The Shootist
Difficulty: Medium

The next man you're after is called Phil Cassidy, someone who seems to be very good with guns. You can find him at the Ammu-Nation story in Downtown, and he'll join you if you get a score of 60 or higher at the shooting range inside the Ammu-Nation.

There's really not much I can say about this mission. You just need to have fairly good aiming skills in order to beat this mission. There are three rounds. In the first round, try to hit the targets in the back most, since they will earn you three points. About 20 points in the first round should be okay. Try to get a lot of points in the second round (every target is one point there). About 30 will do. The third round is the thougest, you could try to get about 10 points there. One thing to remember is to relax. Don't rush too much because this will result in missing much. Just relax, and take your time to aim well (of course not too long..). Another warning: after the first round, watch where you are going. I once wasn't really paying attention, so I walked through the wrong doorway, which resulted in a mission failure... [up]

-> You have now access to the fifth telephone mission

The Driver
Difficulty: Medium

The third man to join your crew is the wheelman Hillary, or at least if you are able to beat him in a race through Vice City. I've heard a lot of ways to cheat with this mission, like shooting Hillary's tyres leak right after the start, or parking a car somewhere in Hillary's driving line before you start the mission so he will crash into it, but these didn't really work for me. Best is just to race him, which isn't that difficult. Here are a few tips: don't do this mission when it's raining, since it's then harder to handle your car, while it doesn't really affect Hillary (thanks to Ikham for this tip). You could try to hit Hillary in the side. If you're lucky, he will spin or crash into a wall or other car, giving you enough space to complete the race. Be careful when doing this: it might turn out bad for you. The best tip is just to steer well. When making turns, just let go of the gas and press the handbrake-key moderately. If you do this, you can make nice clean turns. If you press the handbrake for too long, your car will spin and turn too far.You should never need to brake. If you steer this way, you have a big advantage over Hillary, since he makes very wide turns. Also, your car goes faster then Hillary's, so if he's in front of you (which he will always be at the beginning of the mission since he accelerates faster) you should be able to drive past him.

Some other tips: keep pressing your gas button when the countdown begins, so you have a quick start. Also: be very careful not to hit street lamps! These things can ruin the race for you. Drive as much as possible on the right side of the road so you minimise the risk of crashing into other cars. Last but not least: there's a small shortcut near the end of the race (see the screenshot below), which can give you a little bit of advantage if you two are close to eachother.

A small shortcut; don't hit the tree :-)

Do not pay attention to your two-star wanted level: the police won't hurt you, except at one place: right after you pass the hospital on your left two police cars will suddenly appear and if you don't look out you will crash into them. If Hillary's driving in front of you at that part of the race, the police cars won't show up. [up]

The Job
Difficulty: Hard

This might be the hardest mission in the game. Together with the crew you've gathered, you're going to rob Vice City's bank - El Banco Corrupto Grande - which is not easy since SWAT teams will storm the place and wait for you when you want to get out.

Before you start the mission, be sure to have a good weapon with enough bullets, like the Kruger, Colt or ideally the Minigun. If you don't have the Minigun be also sure to get the Rocketlauncher (from the pool at the pink Hooker Express Inc house between the harbour and the airport). 100 health and 100 armor are not really necessary since you will find these also in the bank.

After the mission briefing you'll have to drive to the bank in a cab. Drive carefully, do not damage the cab, since you will need it later on to escape from the bank. Now drive into the pink marker near the bank, and walk towards the bank. Chance clothes by walking again in a purple marker, and then enter the bank. After a brief cutscene you will have to get upstairs to the vault. Just walk upstairs until you reach the balcony. You will encounter a guard that starts shooting on you, just kill him. Don't worry about your health or armor. then walk over the balcony until you see an elevator, which will take you upstairs. There you will run into another guard. Again, just kill him the way you like. The vault seems to be a Flange 9000, and you can only open it with the help of the bank's manager. So there you go, back down again to the first floor where you see some offices. Walk to the office at the end of the hall. Two guards will come out and start shooting at you. After they're dead, walk into the office, and aim your gun at the manager, who hides behind his desk. He will come after you. You can find health here, and some armor in the next room. Then go back to the vault.

After delivering the manager you must go back again to see how Phil's doing. The alarm goes off and it seems that the bank is surrounded by SWAT members. Great. Go all the way back down, but do not walk into the purple marker yet. First kill all your hostages (especially the blue guards). This might seem cruel, but else they start attacking you as soon as the SWAT storms the bank. Also, when they're dead Phil will stand behind you instead of on his normal position. This is good, since his normal position will get him killed quite easy.

Now walk into the purple marker, and watch the SWAT coming in through the roof. They throw in some smoke grenades, which makes the sight blurry, but it also caused a huge framerate drop at my PC, so be prepared. Now kill all the SWAT members that enter the place. Don't forget to kill the ones on the balcony in front and behind you. You will get a message when all SWAT members on the ground are dead. Even after this message there still might be SWAT members on the balcony! Once they are all dead leave the bank. Now comes the thoughest part...

You will see a shortcut now in which Hillary gets killed, the bastard. Seems that you have to drive yourself. First kill all the police officers and SWAT member you see in front of you. Some will be running towards you. Also destroy the police vans you see. If you look down the road, you might see one or two other vans with SWAT members in the middle of the road, near the Pay 'n Spray. Try to destroy them (with your Minigun or Rocketlauncher). Now don't enter the taxi cab yet: there's still one nasty SWAT member waiting for you behind the wall you are standing on, plus there might still be some other members that you can't see from the place you stand on. Kill them all, be sure there's no SWAT member left near the taxi cab, or else they will bust you. Now enter the taxi. Wait until Phil and Cam have entered, then drive away to the north. Lots of police and FBI cars will now start chasing and ramming you. The Pay 'n Spray is very close however, and you should make it. Try to drive on the left side of the road, and watch out for SWAT members that might be still on the middle of the road. Just drive into the Pay 'n Spray, and wait until your wanted level is gone. Now don't celibrate yet: there still might be some SWAT members alive that, even though you don't have a wanted level anymore, will still shoot at you. Avoid them, and drive to Cam's place where this mission will end. [up]

-> Bank Heist asset complete, The Malibu Club will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $10000


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