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Pay Phone Missions - All over Vice City

Road Kill (Washington)
Difficulty: Very Easy

-> You can unlock this mission by completing the Jury Fury mission for Ken Rosenberg

You have to kill a Pizza Delivery Man called Carl Pearson, before he completes his deliveries. He has 50 pizza's to deliver, and he will deliver a pizza every 6 seconds, so you have a 5 minute time-limit, which will be more then enough. Be sure to have a car or bike before you start the mission. Park your vehicle somewhere on the road before you start the mission, because if you park it on the sidewalk it will be gone after the mission briefing. Now drive to the yellow square on your radar, and kill the delivery boy by shooting him from behind, by using the drive-by method or by ramming him off his bike and running over him. It's really that easy. [up]

Waste the Wife (Vice Point)
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

You have to kill a Mrs. Dawson, who will be leaving a Jewelry Shop in Vice Point soon in her Comet. Get a good car that can take quite some damage before you start this mission. Most cars will do, but the best choice is definetely the Patriot. After the mission briefing drive into the purple marker, and watch Mrs. Dawson drive away. Now follow her and destroy her car by ramming her. Do not use any weapons, because her dead must look like an accident. The best way to ram her is by letting her get away a little bit, then give full gas and ram her from behind. Keep repeating this until her car catches fire and explodes. If your own car 'dies' during the mission, just get out and get the first car you see to continue. [up]

Autocide (Washington)
Difficulty: Medium

-> You can unlock this mission by completing the mission The Fastest Boat for Ricardo Diaz

You have to prevent a bank robbery by killing six men within a nine minute time limit. This is not really difficult, you don't even need weapons or a vehicle when you start this mission, because both will be supplied. Also don't worry about the time limit: if you're doing fine you won't even need half of it to complete the mission. Run after the mission briefing to the white bike across the street (marked with a blue square on your radar). Next to it, in front of an apartment, are a sniper-rifle and Uzi's waiting for you. Pick them up if you need them, then get on the bike and drive towards the yellow square on your radar. There's a guy called Mike Griffin working on an advertising board above the street in Washington. Drive to him (he's very close to where you start), then simply select your sniper-rifle, zoom-in and fire (or you might as well kill him with a Colt or Kruger). Watch out for police officers/cars. The next target, called Dick Tanner, can be found in Ocean Drive. Be careful with this one: he sits in a van, and if he spots you, he will drive away. Do not drive into the same street where he is parked, but take the small indoor route parallel to the Ocean Drive. Drive towards the south when you approach him. You will see some stairs to your right when you're close to him. Get up those stairs, zoom in with your sniper-rifle, and kill him through the front windows of his car. In case he spots you follow him on your bike, and destroy his car by shooting on it.

The third and fourth victims (Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter) are both in the same car near the Jewelry shop in Vice Point. Again, don't come too close or they'll spot you and leave (in that case, do the same as described above for the second target). Walk to the place as seen in the screenshot below (on the corner of the street on the left side of the road). You can now kill them very easy if you have a rocket launcher: just blow up the car. If you don't have one, just zoom in with your sniper-rifle, and kill the driver through the side-window of his car. The other guy will get out now and tries to kill you. Either snipe him or kill him with any other gun you like. You will get a one-star wanted level, so watch out that you don't get busted.

Shoot him through his side-window

The fifth target, Nick Kong, is cruising on his boat near Washington Beach. Find him and kill him with your sniper-rifle. Sixth victim Charlie Dilson is also easy: he's waiting on his PCJ motorbike in Washington. Once again, if you come too close he will spot you and drive away. You can choose here: kill him from a distance with your sniper-rifle (though he spots you very quickly), or just let him spot you, and kill him while driving. [up]

Check Out at the Check In (Escobar International Airport)
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

There's a women standing on the balcony above the check-in desks. She will ask someone the time. You must kill that person, using the sniper-rifle you can find on your right. Then you will have to take his briefcase, and bring it to the Ammu-Nation in Downtown.

Get a helicopter somewhere, and fly to the airport. Now land it in the middle of the grassfield in front of the airport's entrance. There are a lot of palm trees there, and a large advertising board. If you park it anywhere else it will probably be disappeared after the mission briefing. You don't want to use a car in this mission (unless you like some action and want this mission to be hard). You will only get a two-star wanted level, but there are black cars with gunmen waiting for you when you leave the airport, who will pursuit you and start shooting at you. It is very hard to lose or kill them.

Get the sniper-rifle right after the mission briefing. Then wait until the women walks down the stairs. Follow her, but don't come too close. Try to get as close as possible without being seen, so you can pick up the briefcase later on as fast as possible. Watch the lady asking the time to some guy in a blue suit with grey hair. Wait until she walks away, then first kill his guard (the guy that wears sunglasses), since he carries a gun and the other does not. Then kill the man itself. Select your fists, sprint to the briefcase, take it, then run out of the airport. Avoid the blue guards who start shooting at you. Don't forget to pick up your weapons again when you leave the airport. You will have a two-star wanted level now.

Sprint to your helicopter, get in, and fly away to the Ammu-Nation. You can simply land the chopper on the roof of the Ammu-Nation, get out, and jump into the purple marker below you. Mission completed. [up]

Loose Ends (Little Havana)
Difficulty: Medium

-> You can unlock this mission by completing the asset mission The Shootist

This is the last time you can pretend to be Mr. Teal. It seems that there's a valuable exchange taking place on top of the Ice Cream Factory. You have to kill everybody involved, steal the briefcase with merchendise, and take it to the helipad at the airport.

Before you start this mission you must have a Colt Python with some bullets (let's say at least 150), and a sniper-rifle with at least 20 bullets. Walk inside the place that leads to the roof of the Ice Cream Factory. You will find a Colt on your right. You will see two men and a black car at first. You can kill them with your Colt. Now approach. You will see several more men guarding on stairs. Take them out with your sniper-rifle. Go on, but don't walk around the corner yet. First peek, and kill everyone you can see. Do not forget about the men on the stairs and roofs. There are a lot of enemies all over the place, so check out everything. When you walk around the corner to your right, you will notice a black van with several guards in it. Shoot as fast as you can the red barrel next to it, and watch the van and another van explode. Explore the area carefully, and kill everyone by either using your sniper-rifle or the first-person view of your Colt. Go on carefully, and do not forget to check the back of the boxes you see, since some men will be waiting there for you to pass by. Again, also watch out for the guards on the roofs. Continue, and walk to the back, where you can enter the roofs. Just keep walking, and shoot everyone you see. Keep exploring the area for enemies, because a lot of them are hidden quite well. If you are sure everyone's dead, continue, and walk to the roof where you will see a helicopter, two ventilators and the briefcase (in between the two fans). Do not pick it up yet! Behind the fans are about 5 enemies. Walk up one of the ventilators to see where they are standing, then kill them. Also watch out: there are also two men standing almost inside the fans. You can only notice them when you pass them. Once they are all dead, grab the briefcase and get into the helicopter.

Now just fly to the airport, and land on the helipad marked purple. The mission is complete now, and you can take off again. [up]

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