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Robbing Shops Guide

- created by IKHAM

There are many stores in Vice city that you can walk into and 15 of them can be robbed. Robbing all 15 of them is not hard and is also a requirement for completing the game 100%.

How To Rob A Store

First of all, if you are playing the PC version, you will need to change your control system to 'Classic'. You can do this in the control options menu. This will allow you to target people using the target button.

A store that can be robbed will have a guy like this standing in it. If the store doesnt, it cannot be robbed.

Find one of the stores indicated below in the map (click a number to see a screenshot). A good thing to do before you enter the store is to know where the nearest police bribe is because you will be leaving the store with at least a two star wanted level.

Park your car at the door of the store so that you can make a quick getaway. Walk into the store and target the shopkeeper (pictured above) using your target button.

Keep targeting the storekeeper until some money appears on the front desk. Once the money appears on the front desk, the store can be classed as robbed. You do not need to take the money but you may as well, seeing as you have made this much effort.

Leave the store and make a getaway in your car, using the usual methods to rid the police wanted level.

At this point it makes sense to quickly check your stats to confirm that the robbery has been registered in your stats. Otherwise you will have to do it again.

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to sudhindra Jun 4, 2005, 10:48 pm
to rob a store get a relli good gun that kills in one hit the go to the store point the gun at him till you have all 3 starts filled the shoot him he wont even get a chance to sound the alarm
NerosNuurb May 7, 2005, 01:28 pm
You don't have to put the settings on 'classic' in the PC version, just walk into the shop with the fists only stand in front of the guy and change the weapon. You have to keep pointing at him or he will sound the alarm.
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