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Below, you can find many Vice City screenshots, click the thumbnails to get a maximized version.
Thanks to Art, Vin and Derct13 for the currently available screenshots.
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Brunnera Apr 20, 2006, 08:06 pm
Hey dude, I edited the carcols file.

There is only one colour set for the Voodoo in carcols.dat but you can edit that, you can find the file in your <VC install dir>data. Back it up first

open it look and at the colours at the top, until you're satisfied with one (or more..).

The first number in the combination is the primairy colour, the second the secondary. so, if you want a black one, change the values after "Voodoo" to the number that belongs to black, let's say 1. so, the combination makes 1,1 (not sure about the number but you'll get a basic idea)

Look here for an big tutorial: Clique ici
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