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Welcome to our Vice City Movies section. We have a small but excellent collection of movies here available to download. Feel free to check them out. We're sorry to say that we ar no longer accepting new movie requests.

Front 2 Back Hostility
Author: Thashoka89
Notes: Bike stunt video with some crazy stunts. By the end of watching this video you will have learned how to perform a new type of stunt.

Download Windows Media - (42.23MB)
Front 2 Back Front 2 Back
Author: Roger Alvey
Notes: This movie is done in the style of a music video. The stunts won't blow you away, but we like the style. Definitley worth a watch.

Download Windows Media - (35.01MB)
propheT Does Vice City propheT Does Vice City
Author: propheT
Notes: Plenty of tricks on bikes to the sounds of Di Luna

Download Windows Media - (45.10MB)
Grand Theft Auto Annihilation Grand Theft Auto Annihilation
Author: Alex
Notes: A vast array of tricks, stunts, explosions and general public abuse. Nicely timed to the music.

Download Windows Media - (44.45MB)
Super Mario in Vice City Super Mario in Vice City
Author: thashoka89
Notes: A vice city stunt video peformed by none other than Super Mario himself.

Download Windows Media - (24.33MB)
Vice City's Greatest Hits Vice City's Greatest Hits
Author: Petri Levalahti
Notes: This greatest hit's video really is great. The choreography and use of artisic flare is the best i've seen yet and the stunts help to keep you interested in this mammoth 5 min video.

Download Windows Media - (77.05MB)
Too Much Time On Hands Too Much Time On Hands
Author: Dave
Notes: Short, but very sweet VC Movie. This one could pass for a game trailer with all sorts of great footage. Very well choreographed to the music.

Download Windows Media - (9.13MB)
Grand Theft Auto Gixer1000:VC
Author: Gixer
Notes: A VC stunt movie that is perfectly choreographed to 'Come to daddy' by Aphex Twin. The stunts are a joy to watch too.

Download Windows Media - (31.6MB)
Mean Streets Mean Streets
Author: Harry Hood
Notes: A very well choreographed stunt movie to the sounds of Van Halen. A true 80's style stunt movie.

Download Windows Media - (38.79MB)
Almighty's Vice City Stunt Movie Almighty's Vice City Stunt Movie
Author: Almighty
Notes: Great compilation of bike stunts and tricks all performed to techno dance music.

Download Windows Media - (32.40MB)
Final Destination by Yoman Final Destination
Author: Yoman
Notes: Awesome stunt video. Ever seen a PCJ-600 grind before? Jam packed full of crazy stunts. It's big, but well worth the download.

Download Windows Media - (42.08MB)
Vercetti's Stunt Career by Daniel Vercetti's Stunt Career
Author: Daniel
Notes: Very stylish stunt video, with a bit of storyline behind it.

Download Windows Media - (11.64MB)
System of a down and Vice City by Travace System of a Down and Vice City
Author: Travace
Notes: One of the best stunt videos i've seen so far. If you like bike stunts, download this one now!

Download Windows Media - (23.70MB)
Tommy the Englishman in America by Mister V Tommy the Englishman in America
Author: Mister V
Notes: One of the most original Vice City movies i've seen, with some cool bike stunts too and great music from Rammstein, Eminem and Elis

Download Windows Media - (37.57MB)
Vice City by Jimmy Vice City
Author: Jimmy
Notes: An ode to Vice City on the PS2. This movie has some really cool stunts in that are well worth the download.

Download Quicktime - (10.42MB)
Dying by Janipewter Dying
Author: Janipewter
Notes: A cool movie showing the various ways to crash and burn in VC. Movie is well choreographed to Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff"

Download Windows Media - (23.11MB)

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Thashoka89 Oct 15, 2009, 05:54 am
well this section was short lived :(
aron ston May 30, 2009, 03:50 pm
GTA M4 Aug 5, 2007, 04:55 pm
Hey guys, can you help me ?? I want to download fraps, but is it good?
I want to make movies about SA,VC and gta 3 .any response will be nice . thanks. GTA M4
mkd/mkafan Jul 22, 2007, 06:20 pm
o ok nvm dat sukk
mkd/mkafan Jul 22, 2007, 06:19 pm
how can u be super mario in vice city??? and does it works on ps 2??? plz email me guys at
Thashoka89 Jan 12, 2007, 07:59 pm
My e-mail is if you have any questions on stunting. Hostility sucks compared to my latest stunt video One of a kind but Ihkam wont let me upload it because of its size and the number of videos that is already uploaded. You might be able to find it on google but my computer sucks and I have dial up so I don't stunt anymore right now.

Super Mario in Vice City and Hostility were made on the pc version of VC. There is no cheat for the mario character you have to add a skin and change the default model in the pc files.
djdogrole Jan 2, 2007, 03:02 am
I have just started to play gta vc agen because i have compleated everything els butt the is the best game and im upto to part were you have to folo the people to there hide out if there is anyone who can help me comepleat the game and show me to tips contact me on
djdogrole Jan 2, 2007, 02:54 am
Hi agen...erm can someone please send me a email on how to make cars on gta vice city what do you have to do if you now can you send it to me by email or msn email address is you
djdogrole Jan 2, 2007, 02:52 am
Hi Erm.. Hello could the person that made the super mario in vice city could you tell me how to do it send me a email or if you have msn add me it
thank you
markos209 Nov 12, 2006, 06:14 am
Hey and if u all got information about muy last question
e-mail me at
PLease don't ignore me read my last comment thx everyone.
markos209 Nov 11, 2006, 08:48 pm
Hey neroplayer can u help me or anyone???
how do i get new cars like skiline or supra or any helicopters etc..
Well i play vice city on ps2 how do i create new cars like ive said or motor bikes pls anyone help me pls
ma3oon Sep 6, 2006, 04:51 pm
can anybody play with me vice city multiplayer
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