100% Completion GTA: Vice City

GTA: Vice City 100% Completion Guide

Storyline Missions

Ken Rosenberg
The Party
Back Alley Brawl
Jury Fury

Colonel Cortez
Treacherous Swine
Mall Shootout
Guardian Angels
Sir, Yes Sir!
All Hands on Deck

Ricardo Diaz
The Chase
Phnom Penh '86
The Fastest Boat
Supply & Demand

Kent Paul
Death Row

Tommy Vercetti
Rub Out
Bar Brawl
Cap the Collector
Keep Your Friends Close...

Side Missions

Avery Carrington
Four Iron
Demolition Man
Two Bit Hit

Stunt Boat Challenge
Cannon Fodder
Naval Engagement
Trojan Voodoo

Love Fist
Love Juice
Psycho Killer
Publicity Tour

'Big' Mitch Baker
Alloy Wheels of Steel
Messing with the Man
Hog Tied

Phil Cassidy
Gun Runner
Boomshine Saigon

Assassination Missions (Phone Missions)
Road Kill
Waste the Wife
Check Out at the Check-In
Loose Ends

Buy All Properties/Assets and complete all missions

3321 Vice Point - $2,500
1102 Washington Street - $3,000
Links View Apartments - $6,000
Ocean Heights - $7,000
El Swanko Casa - $8,000
Skumhole Shack - $1,000
Hyman Condo - $14,000


Boatyard - $10,000
Checkpoint Charlie

Cherry Poppers - $20,000
Distribution (Sell 50 'Ice Creams' in one run)

Pole Position Club - $30,000
Spend $600 on the dancer in the back

Kaufman Cabs - $40,000
Friendly Rivalry

Sunshine Auto's - $50,000

List 1
Blista Compact

List 2

List 3

List 4
Cuban Hermes
Baggage Handler
Mr. Whoopee
Pizza Boy

Terminal Velocity
Ocean Drive
Border Run
Capital Cruise
V.C. Endurance

Film Studio - $60,000
Recruitment Drive
Dildo Dodo
Martha's Mug Shot

Print Works - $70,000
Spilling the Beans
Hit the Courier

The Malibu - $120,000
No Escape?
The Shootist
The Driver
The Job

Robbing Stores
Bunch of Tools - Washington Beach
Jewellery Shop - Vice Point
Corner Shop - Vice Point
Pharmacy - Vice Point
Jewellery - North Point Mall
Bunch of Tools - North Point Mall
Gash - North Point Mall
Music Shop - North Point Mall
Donut Shop - Little Havana
Screw This - Little Havana
Café Robina - Little Havana
Laundromat - Little Havana
Ryton Aide Pharmacy - Little Haiti
Jewellery Shop - Downtown
Pharmacy - Downtown

R3 Missions
Pizza Boy (Complete level 10)
Fire Truck (Complete level 12)
Paramedic (Complete level 12)
Vigilante (Complete level 12)
Taxi (Complete 100 Fares)

Vehicle Missions
Cone Crazy
PCJ Playground
Trial By Dirt
Test Track

Chopper Checkpoint Missions
Ocean Beach
Vice Point
Little Haiti

Top Fun
RC Baron - Top of North Point Mall
RC Bandit - Vice Point
RC Raider - Escobar International

Hyman Stadium Events

Shooting Range
45 or more points

35 Rampages
36 Unique Jumps
100 Hidden Packages

Rewards: You can recruit up to 3 bodyguards at your Estate in Starfish Island and you have unlimited ammo.
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John H Dec 7, 2005, 10:29 pm
THOMAS/C.J. The RC Bandit top fun van is at the north end of the beach just southeast of the North Point Mall. On the map you get with the game it's marked down as a dirtbike track. you must get 45 or more points on the shooting range to complete it. A good tip is shoot the targets nearer the back, they are worth more points. There are 3 different events to pass at the Hyman Stadium. I think it opens at 20.00 hrs, go there at that time 3 days in a row and a different event will be on. You will see this as you approach the stadium, the big billboard above it will be advertising the night's event.
leopoldo Jul 1, 2005, 10:23 pm
Here's a tippo to everyone: If u don't get 100% whit vice city, and u didn't use any cheats, there are 2 things that could be the problem:

-Unique Jump number 18: speed up you're PCJ, then hit the ramp, and then BEND TO THE RIGHT. Many people have this problem.

-u didn't have 45 or more points at the shooting range (THE MISSION WHIT PHIL DOESN'T COUNT!!!)

leopoldo Jul 1, 2005, 06:03 pm
btw, hidden package 59 is behind that stadium
leopoldo Jul 1, 2005, 06:02 pm
The hyman condo stadium is the big building in the northwest of vice city. You can do races, which you need to complete all in 1 place to get 100%. (It's only opened between 20:00 and 00:00)
there are 3 races:
-dirtring (get under 5 minutes)
-hotring (get 1 place)
-bloodring (get enough checpoints to pass 1 minute)
MrMillennium Jun 19, 2005, 08:48 pm
Yes, you DO have to get 1st place in Hotring as well as all the races in Sunshine Autos to get a 100%. Also, you have to score 45 points in a SINGLE ROUND at Ammu-nation shooting range. And NO, the mission with Phil DOES NOT count for shooting range completion; you have to come back on your own and do it.
Mister V Jun 16, 2005, 11:36 pm
99% can be caused by 2 reasons:
1.You used cheats.
2.You did not complete something, forgot to do it.

The main thing people miss are the Unique Jumps! Do them all again and make sure that after each and every one of them it registers as a Unique stunt, not Insane stunt or whatever,
Thief Jun 10, 2005, 05:00 pm
PCJ playground is locacted south of the malibu club
The last building on your left if you go south from the malibu has some corners, so There you can find the at the first corner, just get on it and the mission should be start.

Cone crazy is located at the parking building where you've met lance once, for the guardian angels mission. But now go 2 floors higher, at the top there should be a stallion, just get in to start the mission.

And HotShot, I have all 15 properties but still thanks, if you have another tip, you're welcome. but I have a problem with trial by dirt: my time on trial by dirt is the same as my time on Test Track (2:07). Last I finished the last checkpoint at 1:47 but it said "You've failed to set a new record" :s

One more thing, All friends I know have ALL there weapons at Hyman condo, but I only have an armor (I have 100 hidden packages)

Ian May 31, 2005, 01:12 am
If you are having trouble with the unique jumps try using an infernus on jumps 7 and 18. They didnt work for me until I used that car for some reason.
thief May 29, 2005, 02:14 pm
guys do you know that if you used codes AND saved them, 1package will disappear and that the one on escobar's helipad. I have all 100, and I'm just 14. shame on you.
Lost May 22, 2005, 10:41 am
Angie - First of all thanks for helping me out. I now almost finished the game. To get a two wheels bonus you must steal ( or borrow ) a car. Drive until you get to a hill next to a road. Get some speed and drive up the hill with you're left or right side. Drive further and when the hill stops you should drive on two wheels. After a few seconds steer to the ground. You should now be driving normally and get a two wheels bonus!
Angie May 22, 2005, 12:32 am
tsmegain - look at the Rampage map on this website - it's number 4.

PIF MIK CE3 - I found it easy to do the ambulance mission from the Vice Point Hospital, but know your short cuts to and from the beach real well. I found a sweet one across the Malibu Club.

Ivan - PCJ Playground is located at the hotel across the Malibu Club - the one with the bocy armor in front the hotel sign. There's a PCJ 600 located right around the corner against the building.

hoehander - Do 15 vigilant missions and you'll improve your body armor from 100 to 150. I found it easy and fun to do the vigilante missions with the Cheetah parked in the back of the police station in Little Havana, because the Spray and Paint will take this police vehicle when you have wanted stars ;-o

nicromancer21 - Congratulations. I guess you've completed the game 100 percent. The body guards are located at the Vercetti mansion.
Angie May 22, 2005, 12:03 am
Lost - As you look at the Downtown map, "Trial By Dirt" is at the North end of the island.

Lost - The vehicle missions are located at the Sunshine Auto's underground parking area. Just step into the pink area and press your arrow keys to select the race you want.

Sahasrahla - If it's package number 100 on the hidden package map, it's behind the military base sign. If it's not number 100, go take a look at the hidden package map on this web site. By the way, it would help if you have a policeman's uniform on when you get number 100.
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