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User Submitted Vice City Secrets

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On this page is a collection of secrets found by players of GTA Vice City. Feel free to browse through them a try them out.

There are dozens of cool secrets in the game. Some can be called secrets, some are glitches, but they are all fun to find anyway.

If you have found a secret that has not been listed here, the let us know from the Vice City contact page

Secret 1: Easy money with races - SuperMan
If you purchace Sunshine Autos you can enter races here next to the garages. One of the races is 6.1 miles and cost 10.000 to enter. Do this then get out a rocket launcher and go to the race but dont get in position. Instead stop a little ways in front of the cars and fire the rockets at them. (note: you may have to fire a couple shots so that u destroy all the cars,I suggest saving at the auto dealers.) After all the racers are destroyed you can take this race at your own pace and you'll always be in 1st place by default. When you get to the end the payoff is 40,000 - the 10,000 =30,000 profit every time. Keep doing this and you'll be rich in no time.

Secret 2: Run faster with heavy weapon - Darrel
If you are doing a rampage with a heavy weapon like the flamethrower or the gattling gun, you can run much faster by jumping up and down. This makes it easier to chase down victims. This is also a great way to get away from cops while weilding such a weapon. Doesn't work with the Rocket Launcher, unfortunately.

Secret 3: Sharks - Unknown
Use the floating car cheat, have a sail around on the sea. If you look carefully you can see fish, dolphins and even giant sharks.

Secret 4: 100% Easy Health - Anthony Martinez
When you are being chased and shot or you just don't want to go find a heart, then use this handy secret; If you are low on health, go to your hide-out and save, when you come out, you will have 100% health.

Secret 5: Get An Apache - Kirk Rutter
You can obtain the apache helicopter from the army base much easier, if you change into the police uniform. This way the army, dont kill you if you go into the base.

Secret 6: Ball - Unknown
when you enter starfish island, to the right, there is house that a cheeta parked there is also a satellite in the back yard, go to the pool of that house then you'll see a ball (the pool is empty), run to it and it will bounce try to hit it again before it hit the ground and it will start to count see how many times you can do this.

Secret 7: Being a good citizen - Unknown
Sometimes youll see police chasing someone, go hit the criminal, each time you hit the criminal you'll make an easy 50 $ you can hit him for six times, being a good citizen payed off after all but do not kill the criminal or shoot him that give you a one star wanted level .

Secret8: Activity's in stadium - Brad
A s you know there is a stadium in downtown the door of the stadium will be open around 10:00pm to 02:00 am its about 4 hours go and enter or form 8 to 12 pm, there will be a fun activity for you but one more thing, try to enter every night and youll get different activities.

Secret 9: Get a health icon a shotgun and a m4 and a bodyarmor - Brad
When you complete the rubout mission and you'll get the diaz mansion, find the stairs and follow it down when you go down there is a room that has a health icon a shotgun and a m4 and a bodyarmor.

Secret 10: Full Garage - Martin Narusk
When garage is full, hit the garage door with your car, step out, step quick back in and ride into garage before the door closes.

Secret 11: Eastern Egg - Unknown
Go to downtown, find a building with an open door this building is near the bridge that leads u from downtown to prawn island. go through the door and you will "transport" to a helipad for the newscopter. Go to the top edge that almost touches another building, you should see a window, jump through it and u will find an easter egg. If there is more than one window, try all of them if non of them work, somthing is wrong.

Secret 12: Police Cheetah - Pedro Araujo
Police Cheetah found (open) at Downtown VCPD; found it in the rear of the building.

Secret 13: Pizza - Sippa
You can find a few pizza stores in the town and pizza scooter next to them. Jump on the scooter and deliver the pizzas ... throw the pizza to cutomers by looking to left or right and shooting (in this case throwing the pizza). Continue delivering pizzas until you get about 12 orders (number of orders increase by one and starts at 1). You will gain permanent +50 HP.

Secret 14: Cop Land - Andrew Smith
On the mission "cop land" after you get the cop car and the cop uniforms don't go to the mall to complete the mission, instead drive off around town, you can then commit any crime you want and your warning level will not be raised. Personally I started knocking of shops, getting $1000 per shop, then I would kill Lance, that would end the mission, and save. I ended up getting about $13000 and buying the Club.

Secret 15: Everything-Proof car - Pedro Araujo (Vercetti's Big Brother)
Diaz's car on "Guardian Angels" Misson. Kill all the haitians, but deliberately lose the mission (i.e., let the biker run away). Diaz's Admiral will then be unlocked and you can go store it in one of your garages! That car just takes on everything!

Secret 16: Earn money with the Coach (bus) - Monk
When you are not on a mission you can steal a bus (coach) that runs in the city and do the same course as the normal coaches do (you can notice the bus stops that are indicated by the poles with red and blue) at each stop if a person gets in ... you get 5 $.

Secret 17: Free car repair - Scythe2003
Have you ever had a car, truck or motorcycle that you HATE to lose due to to much damage? You could take it to the pay-n-spray but why pay for it when you can get it fixed for free. All you have to do is go to one of your hideouts with a garage ... park the car in the garage then save your game and when you get your car it will be as good as new.

Secret 18: Increase stats - Stephan Rohan
To increase your accuracy in the stats page shoot down a passerby (preferably out of an officer's vision) and then using a manual aim weapon like an mp5 or a Ruger continue shooting at his body...Do this a few times and your shooting accuracy will go up dramatically...I finished the game with accuracy of 67%... n.b: The best place to do that is the Vercetti estate where u can shoot down vercetti's boys and use the above trick...

Secret 19: Shoot police helicopter with Rhino - Evgenij
When you drive a tank you have to have three or more police stars. Get to a long open road that lets you look back. Turn the cannon back so it points at the helicopter. I know you may think that it can't shoot so high, but you have to get a little space between the helicopter and you. Just shoot back all the time and have the helicopter after you. You will see that the helicopter is losing control.

Secret 19: Descent buildings with a bike - Pedro Araujo (Vercetti Big Brother)
Go to the end of the building, front wheel out rear wheel in the building. A little bit of gas, and hit "lean back" (PC "6"). The bike will descent and not fall or hurt you.

Secret 21: Getting the Demolision Derby Car - Monk
If you complete the Demolision Derby at the Stadium 2 Demolision Cars will spawn in front of the Stadium (ive seen more than 10 colours).

Secret 22: Hire Thugs - Brad
Well after completing the game 100% in diaz mansion go to the room that diaz shoot the beta max video heh, there will be 3 thugs you can hire.

Secret 23: Light House - Brad
Go to light house and aim with an assault rifle (use the manual aim) and see what will happen.

Secret 24: Easter Egg - Morpheous
There is a choclate Easter Egg by the VCN helipad. To find it: First go to the VCN helipad. There should be a building nearly touching the helipad. On the right side of that building, there is a window that is by a red light. That window is hollow. Run and jump through that window. I would also like to inform you that their are 101 packages in Vice City. I am not sure where though, but R* held a competition to look for it. Also, you can fly underneath the city. To do this: Get the Sparrow or Sea Sparrow. Go to the back of your mansion, by the small pool room, with the pilars. Carefully fly the heli all the way in the pool area, than slowly elevate. You will be in a weird place. Go fowrard, and hurry because you will be scraping the ceiling at this point. Fly out and under your mansion, and your under the city! You can even fly under water unharmed.

Secret 25: Fish - MrTVercetti
It aint much really but when you see fish around you throw a grenade at them and there's a bit of blood flying and of course tha fish disappear.

Secret 26: Anyone tried to be a pirate? - MrTVercetti
become Blackbeard, the terror of the seas around Vice City! there are two ways to do it: 1- requires a boat and some luck and quick reaction. take a speedy boat and mark yourself a big one like the Rio or the Tropic - it's easier with them. try to knock it a bit to make it go and bump into a corner. then you get out of your boat and jump onto the other. the guy who's at the wheel will shout "Aaaar!" and jump in tha water (but watch out - he can either jump onto your boat and take it or give you a big punch so you fly into tha water, as several did to me).Voila! 2- requires a helicopter and quite good flying. take a heli (VCN recommended cos its little) and mark yerself a big boat (again Rio or Tropic). fly after it and try to land on top of it, position it so you dont fall into tha water when you get out. get out of the heli quickly and again the guy at the wheel of the boat will go and drown himself while you take his boat!

Secret 27: Block the road - Pedro Araujo (aka Vercettis Big Brother)
Block the road from the Malibu with the stretch limo or a bus in order to pass more easily the "driver" mission. You must block the road at the crossroad with the stoplights, otherwise the car will disappear.

Secret 28: Fly underneath the city - Morpheous
To fly underneath the city, do the following... Get a Sparrow or a Sea Sparrow and fly to the back of your mansion on Starfish Island. Then, carefully fly the heli into the small pool room, avoiding the pilars. When you are in, start elevating until you hit a celing (the 1st ceiling is hollow, hit the 2nd). When you hit the ceiling, fly straight "into" your mansion. Then , go down in the brown area, and you are under the city. Then, go to Ammunation downtown to see a secret pic on the back wall...

Secret 29: Easy way to get to the other island - Alex
An easy way to get to the other islands is to type in the cars float on water cheat (seaways) and just drive on the water over to the next island, simple, but don't die or you'll go back to the hopital on the first island. To disable the cheat just type it in again.

Secret 30: Rob a bank - Meateater
The bank that you do the job on when obtaining the Malibu club can be robbed repeatedly to obtain a 4 star wanted level and some cash. Just enter the bank and by trying to go to the top (second floor) will cause the alarms to go off, and on the second floor you can get some cash by the elevator too.

Secret 31: Tommy's acting crazy - Brad
On G-spotlight mission, when you are entering the elevator on the building in downtown, when you stop at the pink marker push the up arrow and see tommy's acting crazy (do not stop comletely at pink maker and then push the up arrow).

Secret 32: Take a vacation in Liberty City - MrTVercetti
There is a billboard with the words "Take a vacation in Liberty City" with a pic from GTA3 : there's a Moonbeam nearly turnin over with that guy from GTA3 in it with tha cops on his tail. Location: go to the second terminal of the airport, the one with the short landing strip. follow the edge of the tunnel roof an you should be able to see it. There are othher billboards with it.

Secret 33: Ford logo - MrTVercetti
You probably noticed that all the cars in VC have in place of the company logos just triangles or similar. well one does have a real brand - it's the police car! look at the backside of one and in the right corner or near it you will see the Ford logo, white letters on blue. Is it a secret publicity? Has Rockstar games been bought an corrupted by Ford? Stay tuned .......

Secret 34: Nuclear Sub - Drevil
If you have cruised around off the coast of vice city you will probably have seen the shark, fish and turtle. BUT... There is also a nuclear Sub sitting offshore! I took a chopper up the beach from the first hotel save point and out to sea and found it. it wasn't moving so have a look in that area. I have the PS2 version too, but I didn't find it in that so might be only in the PC game...

Secret 35: Get 150 armor - $imon
GET 150 AMOUR: If you want 150 amour, just take the "Vigalante" missions, and complete up to level 10 (im not quite sure if its level 10 but if this dont work try completing up to level 15!) You'll make quite alot of money doing this but you'll also get 150 amour! ( To make "Vigalante a litlle easyer try using the Hunter helicopter this way the cops wont be in your way!

Secret 36: Fun Activities - $imon
As you properly have read there are som "fun activities" in the Hyman Memorial Stadium, BUT after completing the dirt ring check the parkinlot to the left of the stadium entrance, ther will be a little SURPRISE for you!...

Secret 37: 100% easy health - $imon
You dont HAVE to save your game if you want 100% health, just go to one of the safe houses and enter the save menu and then just press cancel, you'll still get 100% health and dont have save your game...

Secret 38: Kill The Store Owner - Saint2003
You can kill the owner of the store after you robbed it but do it quick before he sounds the alarm. You will sometimes get one star.

Secret 39: Odd shape - Grablin
Go to the malibu around 23:00 look at the big house to the west (WKY house or somthing) and you will see the window lights takes an odd shape.

Secret 40: Tommy dissapears! - Mario
while tommy is on a motorcycle during a reply if you click both mouse buttons at the same time a couple of times then he will dissapear, the replay will keep on going only showing the bike and not tommy!!!

Secret 41: Emergency! - Ruben Wikhaug
Go in to a emergency car and priss the horn buttom light, then the lights will blink and you will hear the sirene. When you then drive in the street all cars (exept emergensy cars) will move and give you space to drive as fast as you will.

Secret 42: FBI Washington - Marshall
Start at Hyman Condo. I'm assuming that you've just loaded your game & are facing south. Turn right, get on the street, "borrow" some wheels & drive south past the VROCK building, all the way to the pizzeria. Now, the road turns left, but you want to get in the alley just in front of you (it's the alley with rampgae #22 in it), so drive straight, turn right & there it'll be just a few meters away on your left. It's always there & it's always open.

Secret 43: Second Hunter - Marshall
Well, you have to collect all 100 HP's first, of course. It's on the helipad by the building that had HP #3 by its entrance. I think you may have to get the Hunter from army base first so that one'll start spawning, but maybe it isn't so. Anyway, it's there, yours for the taking, without any hassle from the army or dressing up ;)

Secret 44: Really easy cash - Marshall
Once you have access to Hunter, start the Vigilante Missions with it. They get really easy that way :) At Vigilante Mission level 12, your max armor will go up to 150, but if you are a little persistent, you can fly & beat the sh*t out of the targets, not only having fun but earning lots of cash also :) I got bored after completing level 50, which paid over $100k, overall giving ca $2,5 mil :) You'll never need to collect revenues again ;) Requires a bit of persistence & good chopper piloting skill though.

Secret 45: Easy way to pass the "G-Spotlight" mision - Marshall
Get on the PCJ 600, drive to the office building, make the first jump & jump to the ground. Drive to the Hyman Condo, VCN building or the Downtown VCPD pct., get a chopper & just fly through all the checkpoints instead of crashing into walls, falling down to the ground & losing your nerves a million times ;) You can make the unique jumps later at your leisure, because once you finish the mission, the elevator that takes you to the top of the office building is open.

Secret 46: To drive like a cop - Tiny R(R***n W*****g)
Get in a emergency CAR and only CAR when you are in it you can press a light touch on the horn buttom only ONE touch and don't hold it just a quike step on it the lights will start blinking and you will hear sirens, thats a kind of good thing for you if the police is chasing you you can drive as fast as you wont(at the right side or else you will crash, couse they will just stop) because they will turn in to left or right, thats depend on wich they heare you. Or you can do it when on a emergency mission, or else just for fun.

Secret 47: Helicopter/boat with wheels- Josh
Get a helicopter or a boat and put it in a pay n spray. when you come out your boat/helicopter will have wheels on it.

Secret 48: Brown thunder Mission - Zak Bartlett
If you start the brown thunder mission whilst flying over the airport runway, most of the time the targets will spawn inside the airport grounds. This makes them a lot easier to kill - at one point I was finishing a brown thunder mission every 10 seconds or so. (I made 10 million in about 15 minutes of play).

Secret 49: Gain Accuracy very quickly - John Kurdi
To gain accuracy fairly quickly... first, spawn a tank or steal one from the army base. Take it somewhere out of the view of the cops. Use the weapons 3 cheat(R1 R2 L1 R2 up down left right up down left right) tons of times to get tons of minigun ammo(since it fires the fastest). Finally take the minigun and keep shooting at the tank for a while. If you hit the tank it will count toward your Bullets that hit category. After a while you will start to notice that your accuracy is going up. NOTE: When you get to about 65% it will take longer to get it toward 90%.

Secret 50: Run Forever - Icepick
While running instead of holding down x rapidly tap it and you never get puffed out!!

Secret 51: Convertable Cars - M@aster
Did you know that some cars such as Stallion or Mesa Grande can be made conviteble. It's simple just press F1 button, ignore the replay wait a second or two than press it again. If you want the car back as it was press the F1 button but hold it wait a second or two then press it again.Abracadabra you can change cars.

Secret 52: Destroy The Police Helicopter - Rammohan
Did you know that there is an easy way to destroy the police helicopter that comes after you when you attain 3 wanted level stars. To do this just select your sniper rifle and aim at the pole of the rotator of the heli. If you hit the right spot the helicopter goes out of control and blows after hitting the ground.

Secret 53: Get on a boat quickly - Amar Agrawal
Get to the second island by boat. All you got to do is go to the bidge connecting vice city and the flim studio and then go on the edge of the bridge and look for a boat. If no,then look at the other side of the bridge. Repeat this till a boat appears.Then aim your self towards the boat and target your self to the boat and jump. You shold find yourself on the boat. Now take the boat anywhere you want.

Secret 54: Get filthy rich - Amar Agrawal
You need a lot of flying practice. Just pick up a hunter and activate the 'vilgate' mission. To kill the criminals just hover a few feets above the cars and fire the railgun, it should auto aim and make it easy to kill them. But dont launch the rockets as it increases your wanted level by one and as it is difficult to aim increasing your risk of crashing.Continue your mission as it will end only when your time runs out. In level 150 you get approximately 60000 and more. I went till level 200 and have more than 1300000$ in my account.

Secret 55: Become an ace pilot - Amar Agrawal
Just fly the dodo behind the flim studio for more than 30 hours(Game time) and you should get a well deserved name as 'ace'.

Secret 56: Get a small amount of money - Davo
If you want a small amount of money, run over the parking timers at Downtown over near the VCN Building, the road closest to the Dirtbike Track, run over them then stop and pick up all the money that is spilt. Also, you can use a bike to get (a small) amount of money as well, Wheelie: Press (and hold) "Num 6" and forward and you will do a wheelie. Stoppie: Go really fast, this works best with a PCJ 900, and press(and hold) Num 9, and then quickly Brake/Reverse, you will do a Stoppie. These Count in your stats.

Secret 57: Sunken Cargo Ship - Davo
Have you seen the sunken Cargo Ship just beyond Vice Port? Grab any boat and head straight south of the boatyard, look deep into the waters and you will see it.

Secret 58: Easy FBI Rancher or Police Cheetah - Kyle
On either island, get to a pay and spray, i suggest the one in Little Haiti., do something bad. get a high enought wanted level to get police Cheetah's OR FBI Rancher's on you. go into the pay and spray and there you go. this does not work for Rhino Barracks OL or any other emergency vehicle.

Secret 59: Transparent weapons - Ross Taras
If you do the wear any outfit cheat and you have more than 1 weapon while you do it, your next weapon should be Transparent, but if you change it it won't be transparent any more.

Secret 60: Very Easy Money - Yen Vu
Requires a bit cheating. Simply steal a police vehicle, drive it into a garage and turn on the "Vigilante Missions" Then get out of the vehicle and type in the cheat, "bigbang". Then instantly you get some cash. Then just keep on going in and out of your vehicle and typing in "bigbang". You will get 1 million in no time!

Secret 61: Complete the 4 iron missions easy - Jeff
If you want to complete the 4 iron mission without chasing the guy around in a golf cart heres what you do. those of you who play with no cheats will like this one. steal a van and drive it to the links. you will see a picket fence on the left side of the entrance. back your van up to the far left of that fence. now jump up the front of the van, onto the top of the van and over the fence. your now inside the links with all your weapons. the ruger worked nicly and i didnt need to use a cheat or chase him around needlessly. if you backed the van up in the right spot, there will be a ramp leading out of the links that will dump you out right on top of your van. now tommy can get out of those golf clothes a whole lot faster!

Secret 62: Get to the west island early - Borge
Simply jump off the stone bridge (just befoe the film studio) onto a boat. Takes a little practice but the hospital is just around the corner if unsuccesful.

Secret 63: Enter a Blown car - Shawn
Entering a blown car Find a car, not a motorcycle. Hijack it, in the middle of the process, type the code for blowing up cars ( bigbang). The car would explode, killing the driver but not Tommy! But when the hijacking process ended, the car would have flames! Immediately type the health cheat ( aspirine), you must be quick or you will be blown to bits! The next thing you know, you are driving a blown car!

Secret 64: Another way of completing the 4Iron mission - Tommy
Another way to do 4 iron mission without cheating and without chasing that guy around golf filed. here it is: get good weapon like spaz or M4. it is best to take a motocycle with you too.get the mission and go to golf field but don`t enter. first aim FPS aim with M4 and kill the guards. you can do this part differently too. after that enter the gate.if you can then with motorcycle. you will lose you weapons that means that they will spawn in the hallway. then ride with motorcycle or walk to the place where that basterd is. park the motorcycle near stairs and leave motorcycle there. then climb up on the stairs and stand in the front of the man with black suit. start hitting him. the man wil shout something and run into golf cart.but don`t chase him yet. first kill those man who are running towards you. after you have killed them be wary of that man who is sitting on golf cart and will run you over if you will jump down from there. to avoid him be quickly and jump down near m! otorcycle and on it. then ride fast to the gates and throught them. collect your weapons and blow up a car what is in front of the gates waiting for the man. then wait there after the man comes. he will come out of the golf cart, see you and start running towards the place he came. then it isn`t hard to chase him and kill him. after that mission accomblished! I have done it many times so it is 99% certain that it will work if you do it right. good luck!

Secret 65: Let the passenger ride the bike - Keirmc Dondald
If you see a bike with 2 guys on it, then knock the guys off. Wait for the passenger to hop on the back and drive off.

Secret 66: Complete Two-Bit-Hit easy - Major Mango
Get a sniper rifle and/or PSG-1, and get a chopper too. Fly to Little Haiti and land your chopper on one of the roofs near the resturant. (Dont get too close, otherwise he will escape) Get a clean shot on his head. If you hit, capiche! And then you will have completed the mission .

Secret 67: Get faster on a motor or moped - Jordan Spivey
Many people don't know this, but if you are on any motorcycle (even the faggio) you can go extra fast. You can lean back and stand up, but if you slowly push the control stick forward, you will lean forward before standing up. This will let you go surprisingly faster, and if you can hold that position you will go really fast which is very usefull for jumps.

Secret 68: See a drowned man - Bebe
Get a boat and from the Leaf Links Golf Course, head towards the second island. Now you should see a couple of big rocks under the water. You should see a guy with cement shoes just in the bottom of the ocean. If you still can't find him, get a boat and then head to Diaz's mansion. Now facing the mansion (you should be facing North according to the radar), turn right and keep going straight and you should see him.

Secret 69: See human organs - Bebe
Go to the butcher shop in Little Havana (Next to the Pizza Place). If you look in the window, you can see a severed arm,a brain,and some other human organs.

Secret 70: Sparrow with wheels - Wookie man
For this secret you need to have access to the paint and spray behind Sunshine Autos, and acces to a sparrow. What you need to do is get in a sparrow and cafully lower the sparrow into the paint and spray behind sunshine autos and go in. When the door opens there will be tires on the sparrow. It will be tricky getting out of the paint and spray so you might have to use the health cheat. Anouther cool thing about this is that now when you land the tires serve as shocks instead of just crashing to the ground. And if you look closely you will see that the back tires are moving, this secret is really cool.

Secret 71: Easy winning with SSA steet races - Gabianno
just go stand behind the purple marker, facing the 3 cars... then hit the car that's is the most far of you... (it's the car between the two others) then all the cars will blow in 1 shot!

Secret 72: Easy finding packages and other pickups - FuSioN
For this secret you will need a motorcycle but the "PCJ 600" works the best for this, you will need to own the Pole Position Club, if you do you can use this secret. Now on to the secret go as far as you can go forward on the street of the Pole Position Club as you can till you get to the place were theres a gate like thing and you are right next to the ocean then make it so the back end of the Bike is touching the gate and then go as fast as you can twoards the enterance of the Pole Position Club before you go in hit the exit key so Tommy will jump off and the bike will fly into the Pole Position Club then enter the Pole Position Club and the bike should be in there try to make it far enough in there so u can pick the bike up and ride it out. Thus you have a way to find Hidden Packages, Rampages, and other items easily

Secret 73: Change the size of the moon - Simon King
To change the size of the moon, obtain a sniper rifle (or a psg-1, both will do) and snipe the moon to change its size

Secret 74: Apartment 3c - Monkey Trousers

There is an apartment in Washington beach, which appears to be a homage to Scar Face. To find the apartment go to the underground shopping mall situated between Collar and Cuffs and Pole Position. Walk through the mall and out to the street on the other side. On the south side of the building opposite the mall there are two sets of stairs. (There are stairs on the side facing the mall too, but ignore those). Go up the stairs on the right and enter the doorway. Inside you will find a case, half-filled with bags of white powder! If you go through the room and enter the bathroom you will find a chainsaw and bloody hand-prints and splatters on the walls! I found the chainsaw really useful for the early missions!

Secret 74: Bullet, rocket and flame proof car - Alex

On The Driver, if you start the race but don't actually go and wait at the finish line, when he finishes, get out and his sabre turbo will still be there. You cannot get in so i pushed it back to my garage (sad I know). Once the garage door opens, you can access the car. The best bit is that it is bullet, rocket and flame proof and so is perfect for small forrages into Little Haitiaccompanied by and MP5!

Secret 75: Blow up Banner Plane - Whitey

Occasionally you will find a plane in the air with a banner behind it, you can blow this up. You will need the hunter, when you have one, fly up right behind the plane and fire your rockets at it, if you aim good enough it will only take one shot. When it blows up there is a much larger explosion than other vehicles and you gain 3 wanted stars.

Secret 76: Get an indistructable car - Menno van Beek

If you fail the Guardian Angels mission because Diaz got killed but you stay alive yourself, you can steel the grey car (The car is Diaz').
This car is indistructable, so park it in one of your garages!!!

Secret 77: Jumping Zebra - fscommand

After completing the Taxi company asset, you'll get the Zebra taxi - very fast one If you haven't completed the taxi missions (100) now is your time. Try to complete all 100 missions in a row: on every mission ending on five for ex.45,55 etc you'll get a bonus.Also some speed bonuses are possible. hen you complete all 100 missions comes the fun part -- your taxi gets the option to jump.With pressing the right shift button while driving, you can jump over any car of fense :-) After you exit the car and save you can still jump if you are driving the Zebra.
Enjoy the show :-P

Secret 78: Get lots of Sanchez's - Petter Fredriksson

If you want a black sanchez (or several), do the "trial by dirt" mission in Downtown. After a while, some haitians (I think) will hunt you on their sanchezes. Get of your bike, kill the haitians and get one of the bikes. Go to the nearest saving spot (where there is a garage, I recommend the Hyman Condo, cos it's really close) and put the sanchez in there. Now save, if you don't feel totally sure, then do the process again. Soon your garage will be full of black sanchez's.
Enjoy the show :-P

Secret 79: Hollow Ceiling - Petter Fredriksson

As well as the ceiling of the pool house at the mansion at starfish island, there is a roof that is hollow. At Vice point, in the little yard where you can get a sparrow, there is a skyscraper, it's not very high, but we call it a skyscraper anyway. The roof on the highest floor are hollow, so fly with a heli (why not a sparrow?) and land on the hollowed top. You can now get out of your heli and walk around in the furniture-less apartment. Theres nothing inside, but it's kinda cool anyway.
Enjoy the show :-P

Secret 80: Steal Hunter unnoticed - VoLPe

This secret requires some James Bond type of skills, eheh.. What you do is you get a helicopter and you go to the Army base (dont fly right over it or they'll bring you down). Now you can either park right next to the Hunter making sure there's noone too close, which is very delicate, or on the rooftop of the building not far west of the hunter). If you managed to park next to the hunter unnoticed, get out of your helico, get in the hunter real quick and fly away, no wanted stars, no one knows what happened!! hihi If you're on the top of the building, get out of your copter, and check out what's happenin down there.. If you're lucky, there's not too much activity goin on, a few groups of armyguys just chillin it out.. (i recommend you go at nighttime for more privacy) anyways, if you see that you can make a run for it, jump down the roof (you'll loose just a lil armor), run to the hunter and fly baby fly!!! It's not easy but its not hard, and the "parking next to the hunter" move works fine if you make sure noone's too close before you land..
Part 2 of the move: you go straight back with the hunter to the Hyman Condo ( i think thats the name, the one with the copter on top and the 3 garages). This is also pretty tricky: what you gotta do is park the hunter in front of the condo, u'll probably touch a lil bit with the copter, so watch out not to blow up.. Once u're parked in front of the big garage, get out and push the hunter in the garage (run on it and it shall move). Then save and you got your own little hunter. to get it out you'll just need to push it out each time, which is not so hard if you park it facing out and u push it from the rocket launcher thang... Enjoy people!!!!

Secret 81: Get on the other island without doing the missions - Tobias

Get an Ambulance car and head for the docks where Colonel's yacht is. You will see a couple of boats by the shore. There are two gates which are locked and it seemes impossible to get to the boats. Go to the southern gate "PIER 2" and on its right side you will see a tree. Simply, crush it with your Ambulance car to free this space. Now park the Ambulace backwards in that space with the back wheels on the edge. Get out of the car. Go to its front and push the car into the water. The vehicle will float on the water and you will be able to jump on its roof. Do so. Jump on the roof and then make another jump onto the ground behind the locked gate "PIER 2". Now all you have to do is to select a boat you wish and drive yourself to the other coast. You can even save your game there, if you buy the Skumole Shack for example, and all the helicopters will be there, so you can go from island to island. You could earn some cash by driving a taxi or robbing the stors. All this and much more without even checking in at the Ocean View Hotel.

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Raghavendra.R.S May 18, 2014, 07:11 pm
HOW TO EAT IN VICE CITY. We can eat in GTA Vice City like in San Andreas but its not on the radar. Go to the Pizza Restaurant, there is a red marker in front of the worker.Go and stand there and Tommy will eat!! You'll also get full health if you're low on health.
fris1chr May 10, 2014, 01:17 am
The shootist thing is easy if you concentrate on the targets farthest away first. They are three points each and add up nicely. You will have time to get the middle and front targets but make sure your spending most of your time with the far targets.
After the second section I only needed to hit one target to get a passing grade.
Use the booooring cheat to slow the targets down that helps too.
fris1chr May 10, 2014, 01:13 am
To complete the assassination mission at Funera Romero, just got one block over from the Funeral home and there is a fence. Pull the car up against the fence, jump on the hood, use your sniper rifle you got from cheats and shoot the guy. Then jump in the car and get the heck out of there. If your quick no hassle at all.
fris1chr May 10, 2014, 01:08 am
Watched the video and read how you can use the hunter helicopter to do the vigilante missions using the words super easy. NOT! First you have to find the target. The target drives under bridges and tunnels, in palm trees, around tanks, hides under airplane wings etc.
The only time I got a good shot at it my missiles consistently went to the left and right and the vehicle was in the middle. Then of course you hit a light pole and or you time runs out so this easy thing is total bs. That copter is horrible to handle. It speeds up when you want to hover and its very unmanageable. You almost cannot point down at the target with the guns and most of the time the vehicle is absolutely below you and that is impossible.
helpme123 Apr 5, 2014, 01:26 am
taranee13 Feb 26, 2014, 06:12 pm
i dont thin this is cheat page!!!

to get millions of cash without cheats , its easy , just do the " Vigilante Mission " , and use any police car
you will get about 50k in lvl 30 , and it's so easy by heavy guns :PP
johney1010 Nov 19, 2013, 02:56 am
to get umlimted amo do a rampage of the gun you want then during the rampage turn ur device off then back on then you will have unlimted amo
Ankitkabra Jun 14, 2013, 06:26 pm
If You Want Money And 150 Armor,Follow this

1.Put On A Cheat Panzer (Rhino)
2.Get In It (Rhino)
3.Start The Mission(VIGILINATE)
4.Then Get Out
5.Go Away From Tank
6.Use The Cheat BigBang

Do It Again & Again

Thank You
Y.K.TEJA Apr 17, 2013, 07:37 am
Y.K.TEJA Apr 16, 2013, 08:18 pm
Y.K.TEJA Apr 16, 2013, 07:34 pm
Y.K.TEJA Apr 16, 2013, 07:29 pm
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