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Asset Property Guide

- created by IKHAM

Asset properties are special buildings that you can buy during the course of the game. You can buy Asset Properties after you complete the mission Shakedown

Asset properties also generate money for you that must be collected by you as frequently as you wish. See each individual description to find out more about each asset properties.

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The Boatyard Cost: 10,000
Max revenue per day: 2,000
Notes: Must complete 'checkpoint charlie' mission to recieve revenue
Icecream Factory Cost: 20,000
Max revenue per day: 3,000
Notes: Unlocks Drug Distribution mission that gives small reward for every transaction
Kaufman Cabs Cost: 40,000
Max revenue per day: 5,000
Notes: Unlocks Kaufman Cab missions. Complete these and the zebra cab will appear at Kaufman cabs
Car Showroom Cost: 50,000
Max revenue per day: 9,000
Notes: Gives you a free pay n spray, a Save house, 4 garages and unlocks the Vice City racer missions
The Printworks Cost: 70,000
Max Revenue per day: 8,000
Notes: will produce max revenue once all missions from here are completed. This is required to gain access to the final mission
Film Studio Cost: 60,000
Max Revenue per day: 7,000
Notes: will produce max revenue once all missions from here are completed
The Malibu Cost: 120,000
Max Revenue per day: 10,000
Notes: will produce max revenue once all missions m here are completefrod. This is required to gain access to final mission
Pole Position Cost: 30,000
Max Revenue per day: 4,000
Notes: will produce max revenu once you spend $300 ( confirmed by Jelena ) on the dancer in the first back room

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scrupul0us Aug 12, 2005, 12:03 am
@dragon647666: you have to buy it b4 u can enter it...

This is my secodn time through the game.. i cheated the first time and decided to start over... best way to play the game is:

1-Get all hidden packages possilble on island 1 that way u get free weapons at the hotel

2-Do all the mission required to unlock the other half of the island

3-Get all the other hidden packages so now you get the full spread of free weapons and you get tank and apache helicopter privledges :)

4-Do enough missions so u build up money and are able to buy all the safe houses

5-Once you do the mall window shoot out mission start buying the rest of the assests (sunshine, print works etc...) and do ALL of those so you start collecting money

6-Do all the unique jumps

7-Finish up the rest of the missions and start with the little stuff like R3 missions (Taxi,Police,Ambulance etc...) and the dirt track and stadium events

Im at 72% complete... I still have todo all the R3 stuff and finish a bunch of missions (voodoo lady, personal missions, one more phone mission malibu club, boat yard)...

Just get the little stuff done like packages and jumps and the game is easier
Don Morte May 27, 2005, 08:10 am
Pole Position is a block north of the southmost end of the first island. it's where you drop Mercedes off after the Party "mission". the Car Showroom is on the last island, on the large open grassy area south of little havana and near the fuel tanks for the airport, just north of viceport. it's called sunshine autos, it's fairly hard to miss. PCJ Playground is at the very north end of ocean beach. from the Malibu, head south along the road towards the junction. just before the junction, look left (east) and there should be a PCJ parked on a grassy hill in the corner of a building. get on it to start the mission.
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