Vice City Mission Guide GTA: Vice City


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mission Guide

- Created by Wouter Verwijlen (AKA Daylife)

Welcome to our Vice City Mission Guide. Below we have a list of all the missions in the game with a link to how to complete the missions. Click each characters image or title to be taken to the missions for that character.

Important: this guide has been written for the PC version of Vice City. Slight differences in the missions and/or controllers might cause a little incompatibility with console versions of the game. However this guide should help you get through the game on any format.

Storyline missions:
- In The Beginning...

Ken Rosenberg
- The Party
- Back-Alley Brawl
- Jury Fury
- Riot

Colonel Cortez
- Treacherous Swine
- Mall Shootout
- Guardian Angels
- Sir, Yes Sir!
- All Hands on Deck
Ricardo Diaz
- The Chase
- Phnom Penh '86
- The Fastest Boat
- Supply & Demand
Tommy Vercetti / Kent Paul / Lance Vance
- Death Row
- Rub Out
- Shakedown
- Bar Brawl
- Cop Land
- Cap the Collector
- Keep Your Friends Close
Asset missions

The Boatyard
- Checkpoint Charlie

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
- Distribution
Pole Position
- Stripshow
Kaufman Cabs
- V.I.P.
- Friendly Rivalry
- Cabmageddon
Sunshine Car Showroom
- Car delivery
Interglobal Films, Inc
- Recruitment Drive
- Dildo Dodo
- Martha's Mug Shot
- G-Spotlight
Printing Works
- Spilling the Beans
- Hit the Courier
The Malibu Club
- No Escape?
- The Shootist
- The Driver
- The Job
Secondary missions:
Pay Phone Missions
- Road Kill
- Waste the Wife
- Autocide
- Check Out at the Check In
- Loose Ends
Avery Carrington
- Four Iron
- Demolition Man
- Two Bit Hit
Love Fist / Kent Paul
- Love Juice
- Psycho Killer
- Publicity Tour
Mitch Baker / Biker Gang
- Alloy Wheels of Steel
- Messing With the Man
- Hog-Tied
Phil Cassidy
- Gun Runner
- Boomshine Saigon
Umberto Robina / Cubans
- Stunt Boat Challenge
- Cannon Fodder
- Naval Engagement
- Trojan Voodoo

Auntie Poulet / Haitians
- Juju Scramble
- Bombs Away!
- Dirty Lickin's

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KaRei May 5, 2010, 01:47 pm
Another tip(s) for quick a pass of mission "Sir, Yes sir!"

I found out that the tank will unlock when you kill the gunner on its top.

1st variation: I parked car in front of the convoy to make it stop. With Mac prepared in hand I jumped on the tank and then on its turret. Kill the gunner and jumped down from the tank. By a sprint I ran around the soldiers and quickly entered the tank. Then only get it into the garage.

2nd variation: I parked a car along the center of the road, but that it wouldn't stop a traffic. Ran on the opposite side of street and wait for convoy. When the tank was going around my parked car, I blew the car up by a rocket launcher (or M4, I don't remember now). Explosion killed the gunner on the turret and few soldiers around. Sprint to the tank and enter it.
gta vc shooter Jan 5, 2007, 03:51 pm
If you wanna have some fun escaping from the police , grab the police cheetah near the police station in little havana now go to the ryton aide and park it near the entrance wait till you have 3 stars ( or 2 if you prefeer ) and get the aspirine take the money ( again if you want )
and get the hell out of there . Now make the jump nº and start killig cops till you have 3 stars or if you have them jump from that place by making a cool jump ( you´ ll notice that there is another aspirine well park your cheetah near it and go to a little small ramp ) you will do a flip ( very cool ) and now take either the bridge to prawn island or the one that leads to little haitino go to the bridge to leaf links i think you´d now that there is a predator down the stairs near leaf links golf course us them to get there now go to the dodo get out of the predator and in the dodo fly till you reach the hunteron ocean beachgrab it and start killing every thing even the helicopters that shoot you .
John H Mar 21, 2006, 08:16 pm
h4mza- have you completed the Pole Position Club as an asset so it earns cash? If not then go into the back room and spend cash on the dancer (not sure how much, the best bet is go into the room and let the dancer do her stuff for 10-15 mins (real time). The same thing happened to me, when the club started earning cash i got the phone call to say there was trouble at the printworks and this sets off the final 2 missions. Also make sure all the other asset properties are earning (some are needed to trigger the phone call and some aren't). The car showroom should earn $9000 max as it's earnings depend on how many of the cars to steal lists you have completed.
John H Aug 12, 2005, 12:20 am
To get to the PCG mission go out of the Malibu and head south. Just before the left turn that takes you onto Ocean View theres a grassy area with trees on it and a big hotel on the left (block E5 on the map you get with the game). The bike that starts the mission is parked at the end of the hotel on the grass. The CONE CRAZY one is on top of the parking lot where you met Lance in the GUARDIAN ANGELS mission. Its a small multi storey close to COLLARS AND CUFFS just north of the strip club. You get in the Stallion car to start it (block G5) The shooting range is inside ammunation downtown (block B3).
John H Aug 12, 2005, 12:01 am
To get to CAP THE COLLECTOR you need to buy asset properties and comlete the missions for these so they are paying businesses. You need the boatyard, print works, ice cream place, film studios, car showroom, strip club, taxi firm i think. You will get a phone call to tell you there is trouble at the print works, that is where the mission starts.
bren May 15, 2005, 10:01 pm
For the driver mission to get Hillary's indestructible car wait until the race starts then back up to about where the parking lot behind the malibu club is and wait about 2 minutes and 15 seconds until u see hillary drving then follow him until the car crashes into the wall. Then get another car and push it back down the road(towards whrere hillary came from) until you get to elswanko casa.(If you have not yet bought it push the cars over to the steps until u cant get it up them so that it is in your view from the buy icon and buy it) Now simply push the car into the garage.
Marriez May 1, 2005, 03:07 am
They should be around here somewhere... anyway here they are:

VIGILANTE: Maximum armor value raised to 150 when level 12 is completed
TAXI: Hydraulic jump added to all taxis after 100 successful fares
PIZZA BOY: Maximum health raised to 150 after level 10 is completed
PARAMEDIC: Able to sprint infinitely when level 12 is completed
FIRE TRUCK: Tommy takes no damage from fire outside of vehicles
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