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- created by Lucas

In this section you will find information about all the vehicles in the Vice City.

There are many vehicles to drive in VC as you are probably aware, but some of them you may need to find, but don't know what they look like. That is why we have included a screesnshot of all the vehicles here for you to take a look at.

** Spawn in Random areas
*Boats found at any dock
Location & Special Notes
Admiral Vice Point
Ambulance Any Hospital or injure someone and wait for one to arrive.
Angel Biker Bar
Baggage Handler Airport
Banshee Washington Beach
Barracks OL Attain 6 Wanted Stars or wait until you have access to Fort Baxter Airbase
Benson Around the Airport
BF Injection Washington Beach
Blista Compact Downtown
Bloodring Banger Once completed the bloodring ring event at the stadium, will appear outside.
Bobcat Vice Point
Boxville Docks
Burrito Prawn Island; Vice Point
Bus There is one parked near the south entrance to the airport in a carpark across the road.
Cabbie Everywhere. No longer available after you complete the Kaufman Cabs asset.
Caddy Golf Course or hidden in a bush near the lighthouse and next to the footbridge.
Cheetah Washington Beach
Coach **
Coast Guard North of the cargo ship in the docks, moored by a jetty.
Comet Starfish/Prawn Islands
Cuban Hermes Little Havana
Cuban Jetmax Boatyard
Deluxo Sunshine Autos
Dinghy *
Enforcer Attain 4 Wanted Stars
Esperanto **
Faggio Ocean Beach
FBI Rancher Attain 5 Wanted Stars
FBI Washington Attain 5 Wanted Stars
Fire Truck Any Fire Station
Flatbed Vice City Port Authority
Freeway Downtown; Little Havana
Gang Burrito Prawn Island parked outside one of the disused houses.
Glendale Vice Point
Greenwood **
Hermes Washington Beach
Hotring Racer Sunshine Autos after completing vehicle lists.
Hunter Air base or house with helipad at the south east of map. 100 packages or main story missions needed.
Idaho Vice Point; Downtown
Infernus Vice Point
Kaufman Cab Everywhere; Taxi Firm
Landstalker **
Line Runner Docks
Love Fist Limo During Love Fist Missions and available about Love Fist's studio after missions have been completed.
Manana **
Marquis *
Maverick Top of Hyman Condos
Mesa Grande **
Moonbeam **
Mr. Whoopee Cherry Popper Factory
Mule Docks
Oceanic Ocean Beach
Packer Docks
Patriot Garage at Phils Place
PCJ 600 **
Perennial **
Phoenix Starfish Island
Pizza Boy Any Pizza Restaurant
Police Car Any Police Station
Police Cheetah Attain 4 Wanted Stars or beside the police station in Little Havana.
Police Maverick Top of VCPD, Downtown
Pony Docks
Predator *
Rancher Washington Beach
RC Bandit Top Fun Van by the mini track at the north end of the beach.
RC Baron Top Fun Van on top of the carpark next to the North point mall.
RC Raider Top Fun Van just next to the south entrance to the airport.
Reefer *
Regina **
Rhino Tank Air Base; 6 Wanted Stars
Rio *
Romeros Hearse Only during "Two Bit Hit"
Rumpo Docks
Sabre Vice Point
Sabre Turbo Sunshine Autos
Sanchez Downtown
Sandking Sunshine Autos
Sea Sparrow Get 80 packages then look in the cuban mansion backyard.
Securicar Docks
Sentinel Airport
Sentinel XS Airport
Skimmer Behind Film Studio once asset is complete
Spand Express Spand Express Firm
Sparrow Chopper Checkpoints
Speeder *
Squallo *
Stallion Starfish Island
Stinger Starfish Island
Stretch Spawns in front of Mansion
Taxi Everywhere
Top Fun See RC locations
Trashmaster Junkyard
Tropic *
VCN Maverick VCN Building, Downtown
Virgo Washington Beach
Voodoo Little Haiti
Walton Airport
Washington Vice Point
Yankee **
Zebra Cab Complete Kaufman Asset

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drag Jun 5, 2005, 07:09 pm
you can also find the fbi washington in downtown near where the pizza place is and one of the rampages. Go back to the rampage near the pizza shop and keep walking through the alley. It will be back there in a cavity in the wall
Don Morte May 27, 2005, 08:24 am
a good way to get an idaho is if you go to downtown in either one of the cars from the sunshine autos list it's in (sabre, esperanto etc) or if you get in a yankee truck then they seem to spawn more often.
Elad May 11, 2005, 11:47 am
For the hunter you need to find all 100 hidden packages, then go to ocean beach & you'll find the helipad with the hunter
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