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- created by Jacob (AKA iamthehunter) Pictures by: @lexmae

Here's a list of all the weapons in vice city. This guide briefly goes over each weapon found in Vice City, including where to get them, how much they cost and what they are best used for.

A note should be made that if you collect over 70 hidden packages you will have a nice collection of weapons outside the hotel where you start, the vercetti mansion (once you aquire it) and the Hyman Condo

Small Arms
1. The meat cleaver
The meat cleaver can be bought at the Bunch-of-Tools in Washington Beach for $50. This can also be bought at the Screw, which is in Little Havana for $50. This meat cleaver is used to cut meat and to kill people with, you slash them until they die.
2. The hammer
The hammer can be bought at the Washington Beach Bunch-of-Tools for $20. This can also be bought at the Screw which is in little havana for $20. Beat people down with this hammer, but you have to get close, it has a short swing.
3. The golf club
The golf club can be aquired by killing a golf member in the Leaf Links golf club. Once you kill him, the weapon should float above the dead body. You can also pick this weapon up near the entrance of leaf links. Whack people with your golf club, this puppy has a nice long reach.
4. The machete
The machete can be bought at the Bunch-of-Tools in Washington Beach for $100 This can also be bought at the Screw which is in little havana for $100. Lastly it can be found by killing the guys that come after you in the trial by dirt mission. Supposedly used to cut down plants in the jungle, I use it to slice people or to chop their heads off, has a nice long reach.
5. The knife
The knife can be bought for $90 at the Tooled Up in the Morth Point Mall. This is a cheap knife you can slice and stab people with, I think its pretty cheesy.
6. The screwdriver
The screwdriver can be bought at the Washington Beach Bunch-of-Tools for 10$. It can also be bought for $10 at the Screw This in Little Havana. Stab people with your screwdriver, be careful though, very short range stab.
7. The brass knuckles
The brass knuckles can be aquired by killing a guard in the Malibu Club. You can also find these behind the Moonlight Hotel in Ocean Beach, its right next to your first save point, the Ocean View Hotel. Makes a weird dong sound when you hit people, kills them in 1-3 hits.
8. The katana
The katana can be found on Starfish Island by walking in one of the houses garages and exiting the door on the right and it should be right there. It can also be bought at the Tooled Up in the North Point Mall for $300 You use this to show tommy's crouchin tiger hidden dragon side. It has a nice long reach and can stab, slice, and cut peoples heads off.
9. The baseball bat
The baseball bat can be bought at the bunch-of-tools in washington beach for $80 This can also be found behind the Ocean View Hotel, your first save point. The basball bat has a long reach, and you beat people down with it.
10. The nightstick
The nightstick can be aquired by killing a police officer. Beat down anyone with this night stick. Short range.
11. The chainsaw
The chainsaw can be found in apartment 3c in ocean beach in the bathroom. It can also be bought at the Screw this in little havana for $500. Real heavy, can't really run with it, but this thing kills people on the first slice, then when they're dead you can go crazy and stab them in the back or the stomach splattering blood everywhere.
12. The tear gas
The tear gas can only be found behind the police station in Washington Beach. Really cloud, kills you slowly and everyone else slowly.
Sub-Machine Guns
1. The tec 9
The Tec 9 is at the little turnaround in Vice Point (its on the little island connected to Starfish Island, and Ocean/Washington Beach. And it has a hardware store). If you go to the turnaround on the left side you see a little jump pointed at the golf course. Walk onto the jump and take a right. Follow the little path and when you reach the end of the first house, there is a Tec 9 sitting there in a little niche.This is a real cheap sub-machine gun, but it works if you really really need it.
2. The ingram mac 10
The Ingram Mac 10 can be bought at the Ocean Beach Ammu-nation for $300 same thing as the tech 9 but a bit faster.
3. The uzi
The uzi can be found underneath the stairs of the Skumhole Shack in Downtown. This can also be bought at the Ammu-nation in the North Point Mall for $400 Lastly it can be found on Prawn Island, on the porch of the house covered with graffiti. Very fast uzi, kills people real quick. Second best sub-machine gun there is.
4. The mp5
The mp5 can be bought at the Ammu-Nation in Downtown for $3,000 You can also kill an FBI agent or kill an army guy, but it's very very risky. The best sub-machine gun there is, kills people really quick, sounds cool.
1. The colt 45
The colt 45 can be bought at the Ocean Beach Ammu-nation for 100$ This can also be found at the docks next to the parking garage. Lastly you can find it in Washington Beach at the construction site on the first leval. Kills most people in 3 shots.
Colt 45
2. The Python
The python can be bought at the Ammu-nation in Downtown for $2,000 Kills anyone in one shot, or at least it should, really powerfull gun!
1. The Chromed shotgun
The chromed shotgun can be bought at the Ammu-nation in Ocean Beach for $500. You can also get one of these after you steal a cop car. On the east island, the furthest street east in Washington Beach, you can find the chromed shotgun across from the building labeled HOTEL, it's sitting right next to a bench. Lastly you can find it on top of the parking garage for the Ocean Beach mall (The spirally one) Its a shotgun, kills pretty much everyone in two shots.
2. The stubby shotgun
The stubby shotgun can be bought for $600 at the Ammu-nation in the Northpoint Mall. You can also find this in The Junkyard behind the little building where Lance was held, "Deathrow". Wide range, close range shotgun, good for a bunch of those damn haitians running at you.
3. The spaz 12 shotgun
The spaz 12 shotgun can be bought at the ammu-nation in downtown for $3,000 This can also be found behind the surf billboard in front of the airport terminal. Best shotgun in the game, good for close range combat in little haiti.
Spaz Shotgun
1. The grenade
The grenades can be found at the basketball courts behind the hospital in Little Haiti, and behind the Police HQ's at Washington Beach (Thanks to Chaos Energy for this location). Hand grenades that can be used for whatever you desire.
2. The remote grenade You can buy one of these remote grenades at phill's place for $1,000 Place these wherever you would like, run away, hide behind a tree, get in a bush.....and DETONATE IT!!
RC Grenades
3. The Molotov cocktails
The molotov cocktails can be found at the tacopalypse in downtown. Petrol bomb, cooks people till they die.
Molotov Cocktail
Sniper Rifles
1. The Psg1 sniper rifle
The Psg1 sniper rifle can be bought at the Ammu-nation in Downtown for $6,000 It is what it is, a sniper rifle.
2. The sniper rifle
The sniper rifle can be bought at the Ammu-nation in the north point mall for $1,500. Same thing as the other sniper rifle except this scope doesn't have a laser.
Assault Rifles
1. The rugger
The rugger can be bought at the Ammu-nation in Ocean Beach for 1000$, and its also located on a roof from the El Swanko Casa (House that u can but for $8000) (Thanks to Chaos Energy for this location). A Manual-aim machine gun...this is a nice gun.
2. The m4
The m4 can be bought at the Ammu-nation in downtown for $5,000.You can also find one of these in Little Haiti right next to Aunti Poulets house, its in the center of all the houses around here. Its also in the film studio (Thanks to Chaos Energy for this location). And lastly you can find it in Escobar International where all the billboards are, its behind the one that says "Welcome to Vice City" with a golf cart on it. Manual-aim, real fast, kills people in 2 shots.
Enormous arms
1. The flamethrower
The flamethrower can be found on the same street as the docks, just a little more south, it should be next to the garage doors. LONG reach for a flame thrower, cooks people untill there black and toasted.
2. The m60
The M60 can be found on top of the left guard tower as soon as you walk into the fort Baxter military base. The m60 can also be bought at phill's place for $8,000 once you complete his missions. Very big machine gun, takes people out in 1-2 shots, also takes out cars and heli's real real fast.
3. The mini gun
The mini gun can be bought at Phill's place after doing his missions for $10,000. You can also find the mini gun after you do the cuban missions on top of the building you blow up in the last cuban mission! Really heavy, really fast, really adds up to a lot of wanted stars.
4. The rocket launcher
The rocket launcher can be found at the Hooker Inns pool. You can also buy it at phills place for $8,000 after doing his missions. This gun is insane, you can do whatever you want with this gun, blow up cars, blow up an insane amount of people....whatever you want.
Rocket Launcher

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vesko Mar 15, 2006, 10:56 am
here are some places in which u can find weapons
meat cleaver-just behind the pizza boy mottor in vice point
hammer -(buy it from bunch of tools)
golf club-kill golf man and it is also in front of leaf links
knife-in the second floor of malibu when u asset it
machete-atleft side of the bridge which connect washington beach with starfish island, also in the end of the path of PCJ playground and the last it is in the baramans in the pole position club
screwdriver - (from bunch of tools)
brass knuckles-just behind ocean beach hotel
katane-in one of the houses in starfish island, in tarbush cafe before you burn it
baseball bat- guards of pole position club, just left of the brass knucles behind ocean view hotel
nightstick-in lockers room in the police station
chainsaw-20 hidden packeges, from bunch of tools
tec-9-from ammunation
mac-10-in front of the boatyard behind one fence(there are next to it one microbus)
uzi-under skummole snack,under unique jump 3,in front of the house in prawn island
mp-5-from ammonation
pistol-on the first level of construction side,in front of collonels place
python-it is between phils place and junk yard i forgot where it is
near the last bench in front of the washington beach, over washington mall near the rampage
stubby shotgun-behind the place where lance was kidnaped
spas shotgun-near the SURF icon in the airport
granades-basketball courts in little havana and behind VCPD in vice point
remote granade- from phils place
molotov coctail-in the cafe MARS near hyman condo
psj-1-in 1 roof in little havanna near caffe robina
sniper rifle-in the diazs labirint in right of his manshon and also in the bridge which connect little havanna with st. island
rugger-in the roof of el swanko casa
m4-near aunty poulet house, in the film studio and near the bilboard whuch sais welcome to vice city
flame thrower-in the R# pool in starfish island,and in the docks, left of the enter of the mission cabmagedon
m-60-in top of the left tower in army base
mini gun-in the top of the haitian drug factory when you burn it
rocket launcher-in the hookers inns poolnear sunshine autos
callofduty511 Jan 12, 2006, 03:13 pm
download teargas for PC at
scroll down to Projectiles, and then to teargas and click the link!
callofduty511 Jan 12, 2006, 03:03 pm
The TearGas can be found behind the Washington Beach police station, wasn't put in PC version smoke slow down the computer, but can be found for download for PC at http://www.planetgrandtheftauto.com/gtavc/weapons/
just scoll down the weapon list until you get to Projectiles, then go to teargas, then click on the mod link!

(Warning: Need a fileplanet subscription)
Don Morte May 27, 2005, 08:16 am
That hunter appears on the helipad beside the southernmost house once you have completed the missions and have 100 hidden packages.
Tommy Vercceti May 26, 2005, 01:34 pm
The spaz 12 shotgun you can buy in ammu-nation in downtown for $3,000 it is easy for find.You can also find the spaz 12 shotgun behind the surf billboard in front of the airport terminal.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Lucas May 2, 2005, 09:31 am
Tear Gas is only available in the Playstation 2 version...
leprechuan May 2, 2005, 06:16 am
The mac 10 can also be found behind the pay n' spray near conel cortez's yacht
Uggla Apr 30, 2005, 04:15 am
The flamethrower can be found next to a building by the boatyard and 8-balls bomb shop
NerosNuurb Apr 29, 2005, 05:26 am
The remote grenade can be found behind a big building in Vice point, on the other side of the road from Malibu club, third house north.
NerosNuurb Apr 29, 2005, 04:45 am
The sniper rifle can be found in the maze at the mansion, Starfish Island
NerosNuurb Apr 29, 2005, 04:41 am
The meatcleaver can be found behind the Pizza Resturant in vice point
NerosNuurb Apr 29, 2005, 04:39 am
The flamethrower can also be found in the pool next to hidden package #53 Starfish Island
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